5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


46. Jet Lag

What time is it where you are?”   


Y/N chuckles at the other end of the line, “I love how you’re asking ‘where you are’, as if I'm the one touring around every day.”   


Luke breathes a laugh, pushing open the door to his hotel room. It’s a decent room, quite nice, really, but. It’s too big. He launches himself onto the bed, groaning slightly when the bed’s a little firmer than he expected, “Hey, maybe you decided to go for a last minute holiday that you never told me about. How would I know?” He scoffs.   


Because we’re talking at the exact same time that we always do? As if I’d bother to figure out the timezones just to be able to call you at the exact time that I usually do. I mean, like. It sounds horrible, but I reckon I’d probably only make sure that you’re off stage and it’s not too late, and I’d call you. Wouldn’t wait till it’s exactly this time to call, you know?”   


Luke snickers, rolling his eyes (with utmost fondness, really). He understands, though, because like. He was the one to make Y/N promise to call him every night – at ten p.m. her time, uncaring of what time it was where he was. If she was out with mates or family or whatever, she’d text him and he’d be all pouty, but then the next day she’d be calling him again at ten p.m. her time, just like she promised.  "Yeah,“ he breathes another laugh. "Yeah, I know. So. What’re you up to?”   


Nothing, really,” comes her reply, and he can almost hear her shrugging her shoulders. “You?”   


“Just got into my hotel,” he says, eyes darting around the room. “’s nice. Would be nicer if it wasn’t so big, and I wasn’t alone, you know?”   


You could room with one of the boys?” She suggests and it’s not sarcastic or patronising in any way. It’s just her – just Y/N – wanting to make sure that he’s alright even when they’re not in the same country.    


“’s different,” Luke sighs softly. “Like. I don’t want – I mean, I love them, yeah? Really. I do. But. I don’t want them. I want you. I miss you more than anything, and you're back at home, you feel so far. I don’t like it – being so far away from you. I just. I don’t want to do this on my own, y'know? Like. I love this – I do. I do. But I’d love it so much more if you were right here, beside me. And some days it’s like. Like, I dunno. I feel like – it's getting lonely livin’ upside down, y'know?”   


You're you’re out living your dream, Lukey. I know it’s, like. It’s not, um, ideal with us always being away from each other but, like. I’m okay with it, honest, because you’re out living your absolute dream and I’m so bloody proud of you. I miss you all the time you’re gone and yeah, sometimes I get scared that you’re going to leave me, but then we talk and you tell me that you love me – ”   


“– and I do,” Luke interrupts swiftly.   


Y/N laughs lightly, “Yeah, I know. I love you, too. But, like. You know what I mean? That no matter how far apart we are, no matter how long, I'll always love you, and I'll always miss you. I can’t be angry at you for living your dream I’d have to be a complete twat to be angry about that. Not saying I’m a 100% not a twat, though, but.”   


Luke snickers in amusement, shaking his head slightly, though he’s sighing afterwards. “’s just. Like. I dunno. I just wanna come home, see you, see my family, see my dog. I don’t even wanna be in this town. I just want to come home.”   


- - -   


Luke yawns unattractively, too tired to even bother to try and cover his mouth. Y/N giggles lightly at the sight of his scrunched up face, probably, making the corners of his lips curve up at the sound of her tinny giggle through the shit laptop speakers.  


Babe,” comes her voice, coloured with amusement. “If you’re tired, just go to bed, yeah? It’s probably some ungodly time or summat, yeah? Told you we didn’t have to talk today. Could’ve just texted.”   


“Well, yeah, but then I realised something,” he says, in a faux pondering tone that’s got Y/N raising an eyebrow. “I really don’t care about sleep if it means I get to talk to you for even ten minutes.”   


Y/N laughs again, head ducking down for a moment before she’s looking back at him – or, on-screen him. “Nice. Well. Good morning, baby. You alright?"

Luke snorts, ”You say good morning when it’s midnight.“  

She rolls her eyes, ”I knew it was late. Just go to bed, Luke. You’ve had a long day, and you’re gonna have a long day tomorrow. I know you are. So you need all the rest you can get.“   


"But I don’t want to stop talking to you,” he whines. “I’ve literally only just got you on the line. Indulge me for a few more minutes, yeah? Please, baby?” Y/N just fixes him with an unamused look – but he knows that she wants to talk to him, too. He can see her unamused armour dropping. So he pulls out the Bambi-eyes, “What’re you up to? You doing alright? Anything interesting happen?”   


Y/N eventually sighs, smiling slightly, “Idiot,” she mumbles softly and Luke knows that he’s won.    


Luke grins, “Love you, too.” She grins back, shaking her head slightly. His face falls the slightest bit, blowing out a heavy sigh, “I hate the thought of you alone.” He says softly, and she looks back at him, almost silently asking him to not say anymore about it, so he obliges, “So how’s everything? How’re you?”   


I’ve been… good, yeah. Doing stuff.”   


“Doing what?”   


She shrugs, “Been keepin’ busy all the time, just to try to keep you off my mind.”   


Luke lets his face fall. He just – fuck. Hearing her say stuff like that, it’s. It’s fucking heartbreaking, is what it is. His heart’s already split in two because he’s not physically with Y/N, but not it's just been smashed like someone’s brought a sledgehammer to one of his most vital organs and. And he kind of feels like he’s going to collapse unless he’s got her in his arms, until he’s holding her so tightly – like he’s a man adrift in the middle of the Pacific and she’s a buoy that’s keeping him afloat.    


“I’m so – ” he starts, voice cracking. He’s pretty sure he can feel his eyes start to water but he does not care. It’s Y/N. She’s seen him at his weakest, at his most vulnerable, at his most pathetic, and she still stayed. So crying because he misses her is nothing, really, compared to anything else. “I fucking miss you. Like. So much. It’s almost starting to hurt, y'know? Well, I mean,” he snorts a little, “It always hurts, but it’s almost starting to make me feel like – like not getting out of bed. Like I should just sleep all day until I get to see you again, and ’m not saying it to make you feel bad or summat, God no, ’s just. I miss you so bad. I wanna share your horizon. I wanna see the same sun rising. I just – I want you.”   


We're – ” Y/N starts, voice cracking. She shakes her head, swallowing, then looking back at him with a smile that he knows is only there because she wants him to feel okay again. (But he’ll never be okay until he has her in his arms.) “I miss you, too, baby. So fucking much. But. You know we’re, like, never that far apart, y'know? I mean. At the end of the day, we’re still under the same sky, the same stars, the same moon, the same sun. And, like, at the end of the day, I’m still yours and you’re still mine, and. And nothing’s going to change that, yeah? Not the distance put between us, not the time zones that we’ve gone mental trying to work out, not the jet lag that’s in our hearts. At the end of the day, it’s only you and I, and I think. I think that’s what matters most, you know?”   


“Yeah,” Luke breathes out. “You and I. That’s what matters most. Yeah. I like that. You and I, baby.” He says and Y/N smiles a little wider, and Luke feels his heart mend itself just a little bit faster. “You and I against the world.”  

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