5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


40. Jealous

It’s simple, really. It’s not all too complicated. It’s just, quite plainly, Y/N having this massive crush on Luke and Luke also having a crush on Y/N and neither of them being able to see it although everyone else can tell about how they feel about each other. And, like, really, Luke should’ve made a move by now, taken a chance or something, but he hasn’t because he’s afraid and although he’s in a world famous band now, he’s still that awkward and shy and socially handicapped kid that he’d always been since he was young.   


(Sometimes people wonder how he even got his first girlfriend and really, it took so much more attempts than anyone would ever know before he’d even hinted at the idea of taking her out on a date.)   


The people who are most frustrated, though, are two of Luke’s friends by the names of Michael and Calum. Ashton says he’s getting too old for trying to devise some cheeky plan to get Luke to admit to Y/N that he likes her even though he’s as annoyed as the other two are because of how all Luke’s ever able to talk about recently is Y/N. But, like, he says he’s too old for it but Michael and Calum see him lurking around whenever they’re discussing their plans. (He’s fuckin’ twenty and he’s acting like he’s fifty, or something. Like. John Feldmann would probably be all up for joining them in their plans and he’s forty-seven.)   


The plan’s simple, really. And they’re hoping it’ll work or Michael might just try to wring Luke’s neck till he admits to Y/N that he’s practically in love with her.    




Luke and Y/N have this thing. It’s not necessarily the thing that he also wants to have with her (you know, where they’re a thing) but it’s a thing and he likes it. They’re so comfortable with each other and they can both literally just show up at each other’s places at any time to chill without calling prior and they’d probably be free to hang. Though there are days when Y/N comes over just as he’s about to leave the house and vice versa, they still hang out with each other for the few minutes before they go to wherever they have to be (even though they’d both really, really like to just stay in each other’s company all day and night).    


So when Luke goes over to her house, he’s expecting to see her open the door in a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, maybe shorts instead of joggers. But, like, he’s greeted with her looking like a fucking goddess and his mouth hangs open and his eyes near budge out of his head as they trail down her figure. She’s always been gorgeous. Always has been, always will be. Looks good in anything, in his opinion. And he’s never actually seen her proper dressed up like how she is now so he’s kind of wondering what did he ever do to deserve this because she’s so beautiful and standing right there in front of him and he wants to just up and grab her and pull her in for a kiss but he can’t because he doesn’t believe that she actually likes him back the way that he wants her to.    


“Uh…” Luke ends up getting out, eyes still trailing up and down her body.   


“Luke?” Y/N laughs a little. “You alright?”   


“What?” He blinks, snapping his eyes up to her face. Goddamn, that’s a beautiful face. “Oh, uh. Yeah. I’m – ” clears his throat, bringing a hand to the back of his neck, “– m’good. Yeah. M’good.”   


"Good,” she smiles, nodding once, clearly amused.    


“So, um. Where are you, uh. Where are you going? Did I catch you at the wrong time?” He asks with a little grin, stepping into the house since she’d stepped aside to let him in.    


“Yeah, actually,” Y/N looks at him with an apologetic grin (and he swears he sees her do that thing that she does when she’s nervous but she can’t possibly be nervous, right? What would she be nervous about?).    


“Hot date?” He jokes, and he’s hoping that he’ll never have to admit it to anyone ever but his insides are clenching so tightly because he doesn’t want her to say yes. She’s supposed to be with him. She’s not supposed to be going on a date. Luke watches her shut the door and then she turns back to look at him, a sheepish, unsure smile on her lips as she nods.    


Luke’s eyes widen slightly, “Seriously? With who? When did he ask you? Do I know him?” He fires off, unable to help himself.    


There’s a door knock then, at the same time that Y/N takes a small step towards him. She turns her head to look at the door, probably to open it, but it swings open before she can even reach it and Luke’s gaze goes from the very pretty girl in front of him to the orangey-red-haired bloke standing in the doorway. Luke’s eyes widen even more and he’s sure he looks really comical right now. “Michael?” He asks incredulously, looking back at Y/N. “You’re going on a date with Michael?”   


The aforementioned male has the audacity to gasp and Luke has never hated him as much as he does now, apart from when they were in Year Nine. “Why’re you saying it like that, mate?” Michael asks with a feigned hurt look on his face. Then he breathes out a chuckle, shaking his head, “Nah, m’only joking,” turns his attention to Y/N then. “You ready?” He asks with a genuine smile, taking a hand out of his pocket and offering it to her.    


“Gimme a sec. Let me get my bag first, yeah?” Y/N smiles back at Michael before she walks away to retrieve said bag, leaving the two bandmates alone with each other – which wouldn’t have ever been a problem since they’re best mates but the tension’s a bit too much right now.    


“Y/N? Seriously, Mike? Fuckin’ Y/N?” Luke seethes the moment she’s out of earshot.    


"What?” Michael shrugs nonchalantly. “She’s hot and funny and just bloody great so why shouldn’t I?”  

“You know I like her,” the younger accuses then.    


Michael nods, “True,” he allows. “But I don’t see you making a move anytime soon. And come on, you’ve got to admit that it’s better that she’s going out with me instead of some random douche out there who would probably only want sex from her.”   


"I’m not going to admit to that being better because it’s not – ” he says, only to abruptly stop when he catches sight of Y/N approaching them again.    


Michael turns to smile at her. “You look amazing, by the way,” he compliments, taking her hand again. “I’ll see you later, Luke.”   


“Yeah,” Y/N mumbles and she kind of looks guilty for some reason? Luke must be seeing things.    


“Wait,” Luke calls out, reaching out to wrap his long fingers around her wrist. Practically tugs her back like she’s a rope and he’s having a tug of war with Michael, just that he’s being way more gentle because this is a human being – this is Y/N. He can’t ever hurt her. “Can I talk to you for a sec?” He finally manages to ask, gulping as he does so.    


“Go ahead,” Michael says, nodding towards the blond and he’s got this little smirk on his face that goes unnoticed by Luke but is way too obvious to Y/N.    


Luke just pulls her aside then, going to the kitchen so that Michael won’t be able to eavesdrop. “So…”   


“So…” she repeats, fiddling with her fingers.    


Luke rocks on his heels, “Michael, huh?”   


She shrugs slightly, “Why not, you know? He’s nice and stuff,” she mumbles.    


“Do you, um. Do you like him?”    


"Uh,” Y/N’s tongue darts out to run across her lips. “I guess?” (It’s meant to come out as a statement but it’s come out as a question and she feels bad for ever agreeing to go through with their stupid plan.) (It’s really not that stupid, honestly, but like, it’s clearly making Luke upset and the last thing she’s ever wanted to do was hurt him.)   


“Don’t go on a date with him,” Luke says suddenly, looking straight at her. She blinks, brows furrowing slightly, taken aback at how he’d gone from this stuttering mess to confidently blurting out that she shouldn’t go out on a date with his best mate. “I know what Mikey’s like, okay? He’s a great guy, really. Awesome friend. Fun to be with. But, like. He won’t treat you properly. He’s a dick. He drinks too much, parties too much. He’s not good enough for you." 

Y/N’s eyes widen then. Then Luke’s sighing, shaking his head. “No, no,” he mumbles. “Those are lies. He’s probably going to be the best damn boyfriend ever but, like. I, um. I don’t. Um.”   


"Spit it out, Luke,” she smiles, bringing a hand to his upper arm gently.    


“I don’t want you to date him,” he mumbles eventually, cheeks filling with colour as he does so. “I want you to date me. Not him. Not my best mate. want you. And, like, Mikey knows I like you, so I don’t know why he’s doing this to me. Just, like. You belong with me, you know? Not him. So, um. Yeah. Guess I made things weird. Sorry,” he mumbles again, about to make a move to get out of the kitchen and leave the house with his head down and preferably staying in bed for the rest of forever afterwards.   


"You’re serious?” She asks from behind him, quietly.    


Luke turns though he’s still staring at the ground, “Hmm?”   


“You’re not… taking the piss? Like, just saying that you like me because I’m going on a date with Mikey?”   


Luke snaps his head up then, brows furrowed tightly together, “Why would I do that?” He asks, and Y/N shrugs in response. He steps closer towards her, “I like you, a lot. have liked you for a long ass time but, like, I never thought I’d have a chance, and I guess I was right in some sense – since, you know, you’re going out with Michael and stuff. But, um. Yeah. I do. I really like you.”   


“My work here is done,” Michael’s voice chimes in then and they both turn to look at him with that smug smirk on his face. He salutes them, then he’s walking out the front door without another word.    


“What…?” Luke trails off.    


“He and Cal, they, uh,” Y/N starts. “They wanted to make you jealous, or something. Because they know I, um, like you, and they said you liked me back but, like, I didn’t believe them? Because, you know. You’re you, and I’m me, and I couldn’t comprehend you ever liking me so they came up with this dumb plan and really, I was alright with trying to move on, but then they insisted that you liked me and that by making you think I was dating someone else then you’d, you know, – ” she gestures to him, then. “– do that. So, like, um, sorry for making you think that I was going on a date with Mikey and uh – ”   


Y/N’s cut off then. Not because Luke’s angry that they’d kind of manipulated him (although he did look a little frustrated), it’s because Y/N blinked and then Luke’s right there and he’s kissing her. And well. She’s kissing him back as hard as he’s kissing her with her arms wrapped around his body while either of his hands are cupping her face and his thumb’s stroking small circles on the skin of her cheeks.    


He pulls back then, a magnificent grin lighting up his handsome face and his eyes twinkling brighter than she’s ever seen them before. “You have no idea,– ” he leans in to kiss her again, “– how long I’ve wanted to do that.”   


"Trust me,– ” she mumbles back, kissing him quickly once more. “– I do.”   


"So,” he finally pulls back properly, resting his forehead unto hers and intertwining their fingers together at the sides of their bodies. “You look stunning, by the way. And, like, it’d be a waste to just not make full use of you looking so goddamn beautiful, you know?”   


Y/N smiles, raising an eyebrow, “Luke Hemmings, are you asking me out on a date?”   


He shakes his head, “M’telling, love,” he grins cheekily. “But, like. Let’s just, you know. Kiss a little first. I’ve got months to make up for.”  

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