5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


56. Insecure Men

Ashton sighs, bringing a hand to the back of his head as he props himself up against the headboard. His eyes follow Y/N as she pulls on her clothes, completely uncaring about the fact that he’s just looking at her.


“I’m gonna miss this,” Ashton says quietly, and when she turns to look at him— he’s got a little grin on his face. She smiles back at him, pulling on her jeans. He stretches a hand out toward her, and she forgoes her shirt for awhile to place her hand in his, letting him pull her to him on the bed.


“You’re not gonna tell me that you’re in love with me or something, are you?” She jokes light-heartedly, resting her head on his bare chest.


His chest rumbles as he chuckles, shaking his head— ducking down to place a kiss in her hair. His hand rubs idle circles on her back, and she shuts her eyes contentedly, leaning into him more. “Nah. You’re great, and the sex is great, but— you and I were never, like. Compatible to date, you know?”


“Yeah,” she breathes a laugh.


“But you and Luke? I think you two could be something great.”


Y/N lifts her head, eyeing him with an arched brow. “We’re just gonna go on a date and see how things go. Something great,” she mocks. “Alright, calm down, we’re not about to become superheroes or something.”


“Smartass.” Ashton grumbles and Y/N snorts, propping her chin on his chest, looking at him. He smiles, though. “I’m happy for you. I’m happy for Luke. You know—” he laughs suddenly, shaking his head. “— I actually wanted to, like, set you guys up. But then we started this, so I didn’t. Figured it’d be weird.”


“Sorta is, but hey— I’m not complaining. I get two hot guys at my disposal,” she waggles her eyebrows over at him.


Ashton snorts, then he levels her with a look. “Now would be the time that I tell you that if you hurt him, I’m going to— well. Not hit you. Just— something. So don’t hurt him.”


Y/N bites on her bottom lip, eyes darting away from his. “I know,” she says quietly. “I really like him, Ash. I don’t wanna fuck this up. He’s— he’s somehow become one of the most important people in my life and we haven’t even gone on one date, but I’m pretty sure I could fall in love with him.”


“Good.” Ashton says evenly. “Because I’m pretty sure he’s falling in love with you right now.”





Luke’s not jealous. Really. He’s not.


It’s just— he’s just observing his best friend and his girlfriend interact. That’s all to it. People do that all the time. People-watch. That’s definitely what he’s doing.


He’s not jealous. He knows that Ashton and Y/N are old, old news— a thing that was a hundred and twenty percent over by the time Luke and Y/N went on their first date. But—




It’s just— they’re so close. And they’re laughing and smiling and— holding onto each other’s arms as they laugh and.


Luke makes his way back to his hotel room.





Y/N pushes open the door to their hotel room after a couple hours, a small smile still on her face like she’s remembering a thing, or reminiscing or something. She looks so beautiful, but knowing who put that smile on her face is hurting him.


“Hey,” she calls over to the bed, where Luke’s curled up on his side. He’s way too tall for it, with legs far too long, but he’s managed to make himself as small as possible— taking up about as much space as a pillow would.


“You okay?” She asks again, rounding his side of the bed. Her tone’s coloured with concern and when she comes into view, her brows are furrowed and she looks worried. “Are you sick or something? ‘cause if you are then—”


“’m not,” Luke mumbles, shaking his head. “’m fine.”


She shoots him a dubious look. “You’re not.” She says in a matter-of-fact tone. “So, come on. Out with it.”


“’s nothing,” he grumbles petulantly. He’s aware that he’s acting like a child. He’s going to keep acting as such. Because— fuck you, that’s why.


“Luke,” she sighs. “C’mon. I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong.”


“I don’t want your help,” he mumbles again, turning on his other side so that she’s looking at his back now.


“What’d I do?” She asks, confused.




“Then… why are you mad at me…”


Luke doesn’t say anything. What he does do is pull himself off the bed, heading straight into the bathroom. He slams the door shut behind him, before he can stop himself because suddenly he’s angry. There’s nothing to be angry about, not really, but he is.


Ashton’s everything Luke isn’t. Ashton’s attractive, and smart, and multi-talented, and outgoing, and funny, and older, and more experienced, and he’s had Y/N before, so he knows exactly how to pleasure her. Luke’s just— Luke. He’s not much. He’s a stupid kid who’s still shy around new people, and he’s quiet and he’s— he’s just Luke.


The bathroom door’s pushed open and Luke startles, turning wide-eyed to face a frowning Y/N. “What is wrong with you?” She asks— demands, almost.


Nothing.” Luke says again, turning back to look at himself in the mirror, splashing his face with water. But he can’t seem to bite his tongue, stop himself, because— “Just go back to Ashton.”


That’s what you’re mad at me about?” She asks incredulously. “What— am I not allowed to talk to other people now?”


“Just Ashton,” Luke mumbles before he can stop himself. And fuck— he knows he’s being petty and stupid and insanely possessive, but— he can’t stop himself.


What is your problem with Ashton?” She throws her hands up in exasperation. “He’s supposed to be your best friend. Why on earth are getting pissy over me talking to him?”


“Because he had you when I didn’t!” Luke finally yells— effectively startling the both of them. Now that it’s out, he can’t find any reason to not continue. So—”You were his before you were mine. He had you before I did. And I saw how fucking happy he was—you both were—when you were together. When you were just fucking, or whatever, but I saw it. In both your faces. You were happy. And you— you had that smile on your face.”


She blinks at him, lips parted. “Let me get this straight,” she pauses. “You’re mad at me for… smiling. With Ashton. During our conversation.”


Luke clenches his jaw, turns away again.


“You do realise how fucking idiotic that sounds, right?” Her voice is laced with disbelief, so Luke just continues to grip at the granite counter in the bathroom. “I’m not a piece of property, Luke. I’m not—” she shakes her head. “The fact that I was with Ashton for awhile before I got with you should mean nothing. I’m not a toy that you can whine over for someone else having first. I’m not a fucking second-hand thing that you can claim ownership over like an animal.


“Stop putting words into my mouth,” Luke shoots back, turning to look at her. “I didn’t say that. I said that you— you looked like how you did when you were with him.”


“You did say that,” she smiles humourlessly. “And I wasn’t aware that it was such a crime to continue being friends with someone you once cared about— still care about.” She seethes.


“Look— I love you, okay?” She says, eyes narrowed. “I love you. But you’re being stupid, and downright fuckin’ rude. You have no control over what I do. If you’re uncomfortable for god knows what reason about certain people I talk to, then fine. Tell me. But you don’t get to get mad at me, and refer to me like I’m not a human being, just because I was talking to Ashton. You sound like a bloody idiot because Ashton and I were never together— it was just sex. But you? You and I are an actual couple.


She shakes her head. “And if you’re trying t’ hint that I’m going to spontaneously sleep with your best friend just because we used to, then maybe I’m in over my head. Maybe getting involved with you was a mistake. Because you’re acting like a child.


Luke flinches, but his glare doesn’t waver. He wants to say so many things. Wants to say that Ashton’s better in every conceivable way, that he’s never seen that smile that lighted up Y/N’s face before, until just now, that maybe it was a mistake— especially since that smile was a beautiful smile and the first time he gets to see it is when she’s talking to Ashton, of all people.


She huffs, running her fingers through her hair. “’m going for a walk,” she mumbles, then she’s darting out the bathroom and subsequently: he hears the hotel room door fall shut behind her.


He stays glaring at himself in the mirror for awhile. Thinking. A part of him’s telling him that he should break up with her, let her get together with Ashton, especially since she looked so happy with him, and he knew how happy Y/N made Ashton. Another part of him is—


Luke startles. He replays her one-sided rant again. Then his mind registers the words she’d said, and— oh. Oh God. She loves him. She loves him. She loves him.


And he never said it back, because he was too busy wallowing in his own self-loathing, drowning in his insecurity. Luke groans. Well. He’s fucked up quite spectacularly now, hasn’t he?

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