5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)



”Are you fucking kidding me?” Luke seethes, jaw clenched as he spins on his heel to glare at Y/N.    


She narrows her eyes back at him, “What did I do now?” She asks, drawls it out almost sarcastically. Because honestly, she didn’t do anything wrong. Why the fuck was Luke getting mad?   


What did you do?” He mocks, rolling his eyes. Then he lifts a hand, pointing towards the front door they’d just stepped through. “Is fucking flirting with the fucking bartender not ringing any bells?”   


Y/N frowns, “I wasn’t flirting with him!” She defends herself because really, she wasn’t. Maybe he’d tried to flirt with her but she’d turned him down. Didn’t even bother doing that stupid fake giggle she sometimes did when guys were flirting with her and she didn’t know how to turn them down without being worried about getting attacked later on, or whatever. Fuck knows the world’s utterly messed up now.    


“We were just fucking talking, Luke! Hell, we weren’t even having a proper conversation. All he’d asked was what I wanted to drink and I told him and then he was asking about my night! What’s so wrong with that?” Y/N almost yells.    


What’s so wrong with that is that you are my girlfriend. You already have someone so why the fuck are you fucking flirting with other dudes when I’m right here?!”    


"You’re being a goddamn hypocrite right now, Luke,” she practically hisses, glaring at him.    


Luke glares back at her. Lips upturn at the corners in a humourless smile. “Yeah? Enlighten me, Y/N. Please do.”   


“You were flirting with all those girls around you!” She finally exclaims, throwing her hands up in exasperation and then pointing at him in an accusing manner.    


Luke scoffs, rolling his eyes, “They were fans – ”   


“– yeah, but you didn’t have to flirt with every single one of them! I didn’t even flirt with the bartender and you’re getting mad at me. You, on the other hand, were all over those girls and I didn’t say a word!”   


“So exactly what are you saying right now, huh?” He drawls out.    


"That you’re a goddamn hypocrite. You go out on tour for three-fourths of the year, and you’re surrounded by all these beautiful girls and who knows what you get up to then. When I’m around, you still go around bloody flirting with them. Who’s to say you haven’t done anything more than that, especially since I’m not there?”    


There it is. There’s what’s been running through her mind for the past lord knows how long. And she knows that by finally saying this she could damn well be proper fucking things up for them. But she has to get this of her chest.    


Luke looks at her with this look on his face. Then he’s scoffing, shaking his head and mumbling things under his breath like, “I don’t fucking believe this,” and “fuck this,” and then he’s stalking out the door and slamming it hard behind him, without another word directly uttered to her.   




“Hey guys, sorry to come, like, unannounced but – ” Ashton halts suddenly, eyes widening as he takes in the sight of the girl on the lounge, elbows leaning on her knees and her face buried in her hands. “– Y/N? You okay?”   


She lifts her head up, taking a deep breath. Pulls on a fake smile and nods. “Yeah. Yeah, m’fine. Sorry, what was it you wanted?”   


Ashton frowns. He doesn’t like the smile on her face. It’s too fake,too forced. He walks over to the lounge, shaking his head slowly. “Nothing important. What’s wrong?” He asks, sitting next to her and mirroring her position, head turned to look at her. Y/N looks away, doesn’t say anything. “Where’s Luke?” The older asks again, glancing around mindlessly.    


"Dunno,” she shrugs. “Haven’t seen him since last night.”   


Ashton’s frown deepens, “What happened? Did you two get into a fight?”   


Y/N looks over at him, offering him a weak smile. “Kind of.”   


“What happened?” He asks again, concern dripping in his tone.    


She shakes her head slightly, tongue darting out to run across her lips. “S’just… s’dumb. ‘S really dumb.”   


“Tell me about it,” Ashton encourages with a little smile.    


Y/N groans, leaning back and letting her head fall to rest along the back of the lounge. “He said I was flirting with the bartender, and I wasn’t, and then, like, I called him out on how he was flirting with the girls we’d bumped into. And he got mad. I got mad. We said some shit, this and that, bla bla bla,“ she flashes him a weak, half-assed smile.    


Ashton breathes a laugh, probably just to relieve the bit of tension that’s enveloped them. “You’ll get past this,” he says, nudging her lightly. “You always do, yeah?”   


"S’different this time, Ash,” she sighs. “Kind of said stuff about how he could be cheating on me and I wouldn’t know because I’m not there, you know? And, like. I dunno. Just got really insecure. More than normal.”   


Ashton frowns again. “Why would you say that?” He asks quietly. “You know how much he loves you. Everyone knows how much he loves you. He would never cheat on you.”   


“I know,” she sighs tiredly and pulls her body upright again, no longer slouched. Y/N shuts her eyes lightly, bringing a hand to her temple. “Thing is… I’m not good enough for him, Ash. A part of me knows that he really does love me and of course,of course, I love him, too, but there’s also this really huge part of me that’s being an asshole and telling me that I’m not good enough for him and that I never will be. And that he’s going to leave me the moment he realises that he could get any other girl that he wants.”   




Y/N opens her eyes slowly, expecting to see Ashton looking at her, with his mouth open about to say something. But she doesn’t see that. Instead, he’s looking somewhere behind the lounge. Then she realises that the person who’d said her name had a voice far too deep to belong to Ashton and an accent too much lighter than the probable-undercover-kangaroo that was currently sat next to her.   


She turns, eyes widening as she takes in the sight of Luke looking sadly at her. Y/N slowly gets to her feet, eyes still locked onto his. She barely registers Ashton mumbling some excuse about using the bathroom and then it’s just Luke and Y/N in the room.    


"Why…” he trails off, voice cracking. He shakes his head, runs his fingers through his quiff. “Why wouldn’t you tell me that?”   


Y/N offers him a weak smile, “What? That I’m literally waiting for the day you leave me? That you could do so much better than me? Don’t know,” she shrugs. “Never came up.”    


“Y/N…” Luke sighs. “Look. I love you. Okay? Do you understand that? Because I need you to understand that. I don’t care if you think you’re not good enough for me, or if you think that there are other girls prettier than you or better than you, because you are the one that I fell in love with. And yeah, so what, you’re not the prettiest girl around? You are to me. You are so goddamn beautiful to me and anyone who can’t see it is stupid and should remain stupid because then they’ll see how amazing you are and I don’t want them to take you away from me.”   


"Baby…” he takes a couple steps forward, reaching for her hand and then twining their fingers together. “I know you’re going to have days where you think you’re not good enough, or that you get scared that I’m going to cheat you, but I’m telling you right now, I’m swearing on my life, that I will never cheat on you and that you are good enough for me. At the end of the day, even if I’m surrounded by these beautiful girls and okay, maybe I flirt with them, I still want you. At the end of the day, when I go to bed at night, it’s you who’s on my mind. Not those faceless, nameless girls. You. Just you. Always you. Okay?”   


Y/N’s silent for a while, then she’s gulping, dropping her forehead down onto his collarbone. “Okay,” she says quietly, nodding.    


"Are you guys trying to re-enact The Fault In Our Stars or what?” Ashton’s voice snaps them apart, both wide eyed and looking at him – seemingly forgotten that he was even in there.    


“What are you even doing here, Ash?” Luke asks, raising an eyebrow and pulling Y/N back into his chest, back to their previous position. She smiles, wrapping her arm tighter around his waist.    


Ashton raises a hand, shaking it about. “Came to get these, you fucking underwear thief.”   


Luke snorts, “There’s no way all of those are yours.”   


"Um. Yes, they are. The only ones that aren’t mine or Mikey’s or Cal’s are your dumb burger and Ninja Turtles ones.”   


"Not true. And get out.”   


“I haven’t found the shirts that you stole yet!"    


"Get out!

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