5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


54. Get Even Pt 2

Luke’s not sure how long he stays there — in the hallway in nothing but his jeans — back to the wall and face cradled in his hands. He wants to say that it’s good luck because no one actually steps off the lift or walks out of their hotel room within that time period, but if he did have good luck — he wouldn’t have had to go through the shit-show he just did.


He also really doesn’t want to go back into the hotel room, face the inevitable confrontation with the girl that he’d apparently slept with the night prior but. It’s his hotel room, and his stuff is in that room, and he’s also half naked.


So with a sigh and a face set in forced neutrality, he almost literally stomps back to his hotel room — throwing open the door and then slamming it shut, making the girl still in his bed jump into an upright sitting position, blinking blearily.


Luke raises a finger, ready to tell her to get the fuck out of his hotel room and to not tell anyone about what had happened when — “You’re not naked.” He says dumbly, blinking slowly.


She arches a brow, looks down at herself. “I should fuckin’ hope not.” She scoffs, rubbing at her eyes, and then groaning, throwing the sheets off of her body. “Why? D’you expect me to be naked?”


“I — um. Yes?”


An eyebrow raises again and Luke’s quick to backtrack. “No? I mean. Fuck. I don’t even care anymore, okay, just. Leave, please. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression last night or whatever, I just — fucking. Ugh.


The girl doesn’t move, though. She stays seated on the bed, eyeing him dubiously with her head cocked to the side. Then something like resemblance dawns onto her face and Luke just really wants to yell at her now — tell her that yes, he’s Luke Hemmings, yes, she probably had sex with a “rock star”, and if she could so kindly get the fuck out of his hotel room before he calls security on her, it would be great.


Only, she doesn’t start to squeal, or start to try to flirt with him, or whatever the fuck else. She just chokes out a single laugh — disbelieving, almost. “Oh my God. You think we slept together?”


Luke blinks. “Um.” Can’t he get a fucking break?


She laughs again. “Right, well. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m — not into that. Kissing I can do — which we did, for like a minute, before you started whining about your girlfriend. Which — dick move, by the way. Fuck you for making a move on a girl whilst you’ve got a girlfriend.” Her tone changes at that, her voice low and actually angry for a girl that she doesn’t even know.


“Yeah, well.” Luke scoffs, running his fingers through his hair. “She broke up with me, so.”


“Good for her.” The girl smiles. Honest to god, smiles. “No one deserves to be with a prick who’d cheat on them as easily as you seemed to be able to.”


Luke’s never wanted to ever hit a girl before, but he kind of really wants to throw something at this nameless girl right now. He knows he’s fucked up — he doesn’t need a stranger he apparently made out with the night before to shove the fact that he’s a fucking prick in his face, too.


“You know what — fuck you.” Luke hisses out, eyes narrowing. “I don’t need a fucking random stranger telling me shit I already know. I was a prick, I get it. I did a stupid thing. I didn’t think before I acted, and I get it. But you don’t get to fucking mock me or — what-fucking-ever. This is your fault—”


Excuse me?” The girl cuts him off with a laugh, getting to her feet and eyeing him incredulously. “If you didn’t pick me to hit on or whatever last night, you would’ve probably done worse shit than you did with me. All we did was kiss. I dragged you back to this place when you started saying — what’s her name? Y/N?” Luke looks away at her name, biting on his bottom lip. “Yeah, Y/N, then. You kept saying her name and shite, and if I didn’t bring you back here, you would’ve actually went and fucked some random slut just because you were, I don’t know, having a bad day or something. So — you’re welcome, by the way.”


She lets out this scoff, shaking her head as she goes to pick up her purse. “Good for her, honestly. I’m glad Y/N broke up with you. She deserves better.”


What Luke wants to say is fuck off, before storming into the bathroom for a shower with too hot water that he’ll stay in for far too long. What comes out instead is a horribly soft and pathetically weak, “I know.”


The girl pauses in her step, hand on the handle as she looks over her shoulder. Luke shrugs, perching himself on the edge of the bed. “I — I fucked up. She’s —the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to me. And that’s saying a lot, with the whole band thing and all but — fuck. I’d trade it all for her. She’s smart and she makes me laugh and she’s so beautiful. She’s kind and patient and she puts up with so much shit from me and some of the more extreme fans and —” he shakes his head. “I don’t deserve her but fucking hell, I want her. I need her.”


The girl sighs lightly, “Look.” Luke drags a hand over his face. “I’m not going to apologise for what I said because, honestly, cheating on someone is the one thing that’s unforgivable in my book. But — maybe, I don’t know. Maybe, if you explain it to her — maybe she’ll forgive you.” She crosses her arms over her chest, leaning against the wall. “From what you were saying about her last night — man. You talk about her like… like she hung the moon and the stars and other sappy shit like that.” Luke cracks a small smile at that.


But. What you did last night… It was pretty fuckin’ shitty. I can’t speak for her, but maybe if you apologise and explain — maybe she’ll give you another chance. Word of advice though?” Luke peers up at her, raising a brow slightly. She smiles weakly, “Don’t assume shit and then, like, retaliate to said assumption. If she trusts you, then you should trust her. A relationship’s nothing without trust.”


Luke offers her a weak smile. “Thanks. And uh — sorry. About, y’know.”


The girl breathes a laugh, waving him off before turning back to the door. She’s out of the hotel room before Luke can get up to properly say goodbye. He pauses, hands going to tug at his hair tiredly, before he’s blowing out a breath and reaching for his phone.


Hey, you’ve reached Y/N, I’m not able to come to the phone right now so leave a message and I’ll probably call you back.” Beep.


“I fucked up,” he starts as a greeting. “I know I fucked up and — I. I didn’t mean to, I swear, and I know it doesn’t validate jack shit but. I just — I’m sorry. The, uh. The girl. That was — um. She says that we didn’t — sleep together. She told me that all we — all I did was kiss her, then I started talking about you, so she dragged me back to the hotel before I could… do anything else. And, uh. I know ‘s still bad, but. I just. I love you, so much, and I know — I know — that I don’t deserve you, that you could do so much better than some dumb kid who’s on tour for three-fourths of the year. But. I — ‘m selfish, and I don’t want to let you go because I am so fucking in love with you that it actually hurts my head to think about us not being us anymore. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll — you don’t have to call me back, or text me back. I just want you to know that — I’m sorry and I love you, and I will wait. Because I — I’m pretty sure you’re it for me. And I’m kinda hoping I’m it for you, too.”

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