5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


64. Forgot

“You okay, babe?” A voice next to Y/N asks and it makes her startle slightly in surprise because it’s not Calum so who is this person and why is he calling her babe?   


She turns, raising an eyebrow at the dark haired, bright eyed male already looking at her, also with a raised eyebrow. “Yeah?” She meant for it to come out as a statement. But, like, her throat and brain and whatever the fuck else decides how something comes out decides to go against her, so. Okay. Whatever.    


The stranger raises a brow, smiling at her in amusement, “You don’t sound sure.”   


She breathes a chuckle, “S'nothing important,” then she raises a brow right back at him, “What about you? You okay?”   


“Just came back from this overseas attachment. Spent two weeks there. Came back to find my girlfriend in bed with another dude,” he says, not even answering her question (though who the fuck would be okay after having something like that happen to them?) and he says in a tone that sounds so dejected she can’t help but wince.   


“Shit, mate,” Y/N sighs, “Sorry.”   


He shrugs his shoulders, “Shit happens. Back to you,” he raises a brow again at her.   


“Nothing as bad as you,” she laughs lightly, and it probably sounds way too forced but this is a stranger and he doesn’t even notice. He just continues looking at her, silently gesturing for her to go on. Y/N sighs, “So I’m home, yeah? And, like, I was texting one of my best mates and he just casually slipped in a ‘happy anniversary’, and like, I was happy. Because I thought I was being stupid for trying to make a big deal out of one year, because one year compared to what Cal and I have been through is almost nothing, to be honest. Then Cal comes home, and asks me to wear something nice, said he’s gonna take me out. So I thought, hey, maybe he didn’t completely forget about me, y'know?”   


The stranger nods, taking a swig from his beer bottle.    


“And, well. He takes me here. Turns out it was one of his friends from high school random gathering, or whatever. She just texted him and invited him and he just said yes, and, yeah. I dunno. S'dumb,” she shrugs.   


“S'not,” is all he says and Y/N looks up. He shrugs, “S'not dumb. One year’s an accomplishment, and since it seems like nothing to you then you must’ve had a hell of a year. Your man’s stupid for not acknowledging it, not acknowledging you. I mean, come on – ” he gestures to her with a little grin. “– look at you! You're gorgeous, and he’s a bloomin' idiot for leaving you here by yourself on you guys’ anniversary.”   


Y/N breathes a shy chuckle, cheeks flushing but gonna unnoticed because of the terrible lighting in the club. “Thanks,” she mumbles. “And hey,” she looks up, smiling at him as he smiles back at her. “She was an idiot for taking you for granted.”   


He laughs lightly, “Life happens, my friend. Gotta just, move on, yeah?” He grins. Then his eyes dart over to something over her shoulder, a laugh almost filled with disbelief escaping his lips.    


“True,” she allows, “But she’s still – ”   


“Y/N, hey,” Calum’s smooth voice interrupts whatever she’s about to say, muscled arm going to wrap around her waist. “Who’s this?” He asks, glaring at the stranger who only smiles back at him.    


“Oh, s'just – ” she starts, only to be cut off again, this time by the stranger.   


“Just a guy,” he interrupts smoothly, smiling at her, winking at her. Calum’s arm tenses around her, pulling her body closer to his even though she’s still seated and he’s standing. The stranger pulls out a couple of bills, placing them on the bar, waving over the bartender, “Mate, her drink’s on me,” turns to Calum then, “You, my friend, have a beautiful lady right here. Don’t go gallivanting with other birds while you’ve got her. And maybe mark down your anniversaries on your calendar, or something, yeah?”   


The stranger slides his gaze over to Y/N, who’s just smiling in an amused manner at him. “Hurts me to see a pretty girl upset,” is the last thing he says before he’s patting Calum’s shoulder lightly (and completely ignoring how Calum practically stepped away just so that he wouldn’t touch his shoulder), and is out the club’s entrance.    


Calum turns so that he’s facing her then. She's swivelled on the stool so that her back’s to the bar and Calum’s right in front of her, blinking at him. Calum gulps, brows furrowed lightly, “Please tell me that dude was just being a dick and making a joke about our anniversary.”   


“Why would he?"    


Fuck,“ Calum groans, dropping his forehead down onto hers and lacing their fingers together. "I swear to God I had something planned. Some huge shindig because it’s been one year, and then I – fuck. I fucked up.”   


Y/N laughs lightly, letting go of his one hand to run her fingers through his hair. Calum shuts his eyes in content, though he groans in frustration. “I really fucked it up this time. Didn’t I, my dear?”   


Y/N laughs again, pulling back to shake her head in amusement. “One: nice song reference, I like it, – ”   


“I like you,” Calum interrupts, pecking her on the lips quickly, earning a little giggle from her.    


“And two: you didn’t fuck things up. It’s just one year, yeah? There’ll always be next year,” she teases light-heartedly.    


“But… one year, Y/N,” he almost whines. “And, like. I’m gone all the time, and you’re still here for some reason, and I just fucking love you so much, and I wanted to prove that to you by, I don’t know, doing something grand and shit. And, like, I always mess things up. I always get jealous too easily, and I get so paranoid and insecure and, ugh – ”   


Y/N breathes a chuckle. “Hey, you can still make it up to me,” she suggests. Calum hums, raising a dubious brow at her. “Call us a taxi. And when we get back, proceed to strip down to our underwear and then cuddle on the lounge for the rest of our anniversary. Movies, cuddles, and making out. Lots and lots of making out.”   


Calum blinks at her. Then he’s breaking out into a huge grin, “I knew I picked the right girl,” is all he says before he’s tugging her out of the stool and practically pulling her out of the club. And really, all that runs through Y/N’s mind is that, yeah, I knew I picked the right boy, too.

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