5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


65. Fights??

Calum chokes out a laugh that’s so void of happiness – void of any kind of emotion – that it’s almost got her flinching back just from the sound of it. “Trust? You want to talk about trust? Well, have at it, then! Come on. Tell me. Why the fuck have you been on your phone so much, huh? Who’re you texting? Some new fuck on the side?” He practically hisses and Y/N’s eyes narrow into a glare.   


“What does me being on my phone have anything to do with this?!” She exclaims, basically throwing her hands up in exasperation.    


But, really. What does anything have to do with what’s happening between them? Because in all honesty, neither of them can pinpoint when it started to be this bad. When this argument turned into a full-blown fight, and how they’re suddenly yelling at each other whilst red in the face and clenching their fists by their sides. It started with something small, something petty. Then it just… went from there. And now they’re yelling at each other and they’re tired as fuck and they both want to stop fighting, but.    


But – they’ve got fuck-like egos and pride. Neither will admit defeat first. Neither will leave until every single hateful thought that they have (and apparently have had for a long time) towards each other is expelled unto the other.    


Y/N takes in a deep breath, trying to calm herself. It doesn’t help. Calum’s eyes just narrow further and his jaw clenches so tightly that she can see his veins pulsating. “I’m on my phone so much – " she mocks what he’s said earlier, “– because you’re too busy to even give me the time of day. Christ, Calum. If you’re not out or with your family, you’re practically glued to your phone – texting, like, ten different girls. And now you’re pinning that shit on me?”   


"Texting – ?” He quotes, then he barks out another mirthless laugh. “What are you tryin t’ say, huh? That I’ve – what? That ‘m cheating on you? You’re really gonna accuse me of that?” He asks, his voice dangerously low.   


"If the shoe fucking fits,” she doesn’t end her sentence properly, just lets it hang there, chin tilted up in defiance with a clenched jaw and narrowed eyes.    


"You are such a fucking bitch,” Calum practically hisses out, taking slow, deliberate steps towards her. She doesn’t move back, she stands her ground because she’s not the type of person to back down when she’s being challenged as such – especially when Calum’s basically accusing her of cheating, though he hasn’t actually said it out loud yet.    


“You’re being a fucking hypocrite right now, Y/N,” he mutters softly – his voice not calm or soothing, it’s the complete opposite. His clenched fists are almost shaking with rage as he continues to advance towards her. “What – you think I don’t notice when you’re texting someone? I wouldn’t give a shit if it’s your girl friends or your family but no. It’s not. You say that I’m the one contacting different girls when you’re the one – the one that’s fuckin’ flirting with these other – fuckheads.”   


Y/N takes in a deep breath. She wants to scream at him, but she’s got to get her temper in check first. She’s supposed to be the calmer of the two. Calum’s still practically shaking with rage as he stands a mere one, maybe two, steps away from her. “Those fucking texts were all school-related, you fucking dick. What’s your excuse, huh? Work-related flirting?” She drawls out.    


And she doesn’t expect it, but it happens. Calum raises a fist, and she’s immediately shutting her eyes and flinching back – waits for the blow to come. It doesn’t, though. There’s only the sound of something hitting wall, and when she gingerly opens her eyes, she sees that Calum’s punched the wall. He’s got his eyes clenched shut in frustration, chest heaving up and down rapidly, fist still connected to the wall.    


Calum pulls his hand back, then he’s finally opening his eyes and he makes a move to bring his hand to her face or summat, but Y/N flinches back again. She shrinks into herself as close as possible because an angry, yelling Calum whose only weapon is words, she can handle. A Calum who seems like he’s going to beat the shit out of her because she’s pissing him off, she cannot handle.    


So she shrinks into herself, as close to the wall as she possible can go and at the same time, as far away from Calum as possible. She shuts her eyes involuntarily and then she flinching before she can help herself.    


The blow never comes.    


Y/N opens her eyes gingerly, and she feels something wet trickle down her cheek and – fuck. She’s crying, of course she is. Y/N’s quick to bring a hand up, wipe at her eyes, wiping away any evidence of that one tear racing down her cheek, but Calum’s already seen it and – and he looks heartbroken.

"I didn’t –” he starts to say but Y/N flinches back at the sound breaking through the silence and his eyes grow wider, “I – you – I would never – I – you’re a– you’re afraid of – of me?” Calum chokes out, eyes wide and cheeks flushed, chest heaving up and down rapidly. His tone of voice a complete contrast as to what it was whilst he was yelling and hissing at her in the most venomous tone. “I – I – ” he shakes his head, “’m sorry. I’m sorry. I never – I wouldn’t.”

He can’t choke a full sentence out. It’s all broken phrases, broken words – occasionally just sounds and whines coming out from his mouth. He looks so confused, so hurt and so angry – but not at her. He looks angry at himself, and.   


And Y/N wants to open her mouth, say it’s okay, that it didn’t matter anymore, but she can’t because it’s not okay and it did matter because she’s never once been as terrified as she was just now. Never has she ever thought that, for a moment, Calum might hit her, just because he’s angry, and that is not okay. She shouldn’t even think that he’d hit her, no matter how angry he might’ve been. And she can see it in Calum’s eyes – she sees the way he’s angry at himself because he lost his temper and he exploded too much, and.    


Calum expels a shaky breath, shoulders shuddering as his eyes focus on his shoes. When he looks up, it’s just in time for a single tear drop to fall out of the corner of his eye and leave a wet trail down his cheek. “I’m sorry,” he mouths and then he’s turning on his heel and briskly walking out the front door.   


Y/N wants to ask him to wait, to not go, to stay but she can’t. Because she has never seen Calum this angry and no matter how much the stupidly weak part of her wants to call out and ask him to stay, she can’t because something’s happened – something that she thought would never happen. She’s scared. She’s scared of her boyfriend. Y/N is scared of Calum and, fuck – that’s not right at all, is it?

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