5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


59. Calum: Ass

Hey, it’s Calum. Um, leave a message after the beep?”   


Y/N sighs. She doesn’t even bother with leaving a message. It’d be the third one she left and he’s obviously avoiding any contact with her, so why should she try and try again? True, there’s that whole “if you fail the first time, try and try again” but like. This isn’t some sport, or a game, or an art. This is a human being that she’s in a relationship with.   


Sort of. Not really? Fuck knows if their relationship even is a relationship anymore.    


The thing is, Y/N understands that he’s busy and sometimes there are other things far more important than her – like playing acoustic shows and then going to signing and things. She's completely okay with that because this is his dream and he’s literally taking over the world which is great, it's so great, but then… Y/N’s just there with no plan for what she wants in life. She’s in school, yeah, and she’s kinda smart, but like, she doesn’t have something that she wants.


Even before things with the band got serious, Calum had football going on in his life. He was offered a contract to sign with West Ham. He was going to sign it, then he decided that music meant more to him than football and music was something that he definitely wanted to do for the rest of his life – and he’s doing it. And Y/N’s really, really proud of him.    


It just… It hurts when he ignores her. Or, like, when he calls her back just to say that he couldn’t answer because he was hanging out with these Hollywood and generally well-known socialites – a.k.a. girls who are so much better than her in every sense and Y/N doesn’t even have the heart to tell him how much it hurts when he’s hanging up on her because said socialite had told him to “do some shots with [us]”.   


But it hurts even more now because he's home and Calum is still acting as though their relationship’s just this thing that exists. It exists, but he’s not going to acknowledge it, and it hurts.


And maybe the fact that it’s her birthday and he hasn’t even took notice of the date is what piles onto the hurt she’s already feeling.


The door’s pushed open then and Calum’s coming in, carding his fingers through his dark (and part blond) hair. Y/N’s in the lounge room, phone in hand and playing some game whilst the tele plays a film that she’s watched plenty of times before. She glances up at the sound of the door opening and tilts her head back so that she can see him whilst still sat down.   


“Hey,” Y/N smiles and Calum glances up from where he’s unlacing his shoes and shoots her a little grin, “How was your day?” She asks kindly.   


“Great. Day’s not done yet, though,” he grins and Y/N allows herself to think that hey, maybe he hasn't completely forgotten about her and the day she was fucking born. “Josh, you know Josh, yeah? You probably don’t, but whatever. He’s throwing this party and inviting all of the people in our year when we were in secondary school. It’s going to be sick,” Calum beams.   


Y/N paints a smile onto her face, “Yeah?”   


“Yeah,” Calum nods. “Speaking of which, I just came for a nicer shirt,” he says and then he’s pulling off his holey t-shirt off whilst making his way to the bedroom. He comes out barely a minute later and Y/N’s hastily inhaling sharply, to make sure that she’s not going to let out some choked sob or something. “Might be back late. Bye,” and then he’s out the door, hopping on one foot to get his shoe on properly.    


She rolls her bottom lip into her mouth. Maybe he’ll come back and say that he’s kidding. Maybe he’ll come back and say that he was just messing with her. Or maybe he’d say that he was kidding about going without even bothering to invite her. She tells herself all sorts of things that she wants to happen and a half hour later, none of it has happened because Calum’s really just forgotten her birthday and didn’t care enough to even ask if she wanted to come because he clearly didn’t want her there.   


There’s a knock on the door a couple hours later, though. She’d just ordered pizza and said pizza had just arrived, and it was way too early for Calum to be back. Bit sad, ‘innit? How a knock on the door while her boyfriend was out made her worried that something had happened to said boyfriend because he was never home that early.    


Y/N pulls open the door, coming face-to-face with a grinning Michael Clifford (though not the big red dog even though he’s got the same hair colour as said cartoon dog’s). She raises an eyebrow, “Cal’s not here.”   


“I know,” he shrugs, then he’s taking a step into the house and pulling her into a hug, spinning her around and easily earning a sprout of laughter from the girl in his arms. “Came for you since it's someone's birthday and all,” he sing-songs, pulling out a plastic bag from behind his back.    


Y/N smiles, “Thank you, Mike.” Then she’s pulling out whatever’s in the bag and laughing, shooting the grinning boy a look. “Are you serious?”   


“It's gold!” He protests, snatching the t-shirt out of her hands. “Look!” He exclaims, unfolding it and holding it up. “The print’s gold!”   


“It’s your own band’s t-shirt! I have, like, five!” She laughs even harder and Michael just grins even more.    


“But not one with gold print, right? Right? Right? Right?” Michael practically bounces on his feet, still grinning.    


“Right,” she laughs, nodding anyway.    


And that’s all to it, really. They spent the rest of the night eating the pizza she’d ordered, watching those terrible cheap production horror movies and making fun of the actors and actresses in said movie. It still sucked – that Calum didn’t even notice it was her birthday, but she had his best friend (and it sounded a bit weird like that but whatever) and everything felt more okay than it ever had in months.  


Michael and Y/N fall into a routine then. Michael’s normally one to stay home and play video games, anyway, this time he just had company. He’d call Y/N up and she’d say that she had plans with Calum, only to have Calum forget about said plans and go out with his mates all day and night, and Y/N would just end up showing at Michael’s with a sad smile on her lips.    


And, like. Y/N’s got other friends that she spends time with, too, but Michael seems to be the only one not oblivious to how Calum’s just being a downright ass, as opposed to everyone else thinking that Calum and Y/N were still the golden couple.


(And it breaks her heart every time they refer to her and Calum as perfect because they’re not and she's honestly not even sure if they’re even still together at this point. And it breaks her heart so much more every time she finds herself thinking that when Calum bails out on their plans for his mates (and probably some other girls) that she deserves so much more, because she never thought she’d ever be saying that – even to herself – but she is, and it breaks her heart to know that she’s still willingly putting herself through this pain in hopes that he’ll be the Calum that she fell in love with once more.)   


Y/N tilts her head up from where her head’s rested on Michael’s shoulder and she’s cuddled into his side, “Hey, Mikey?”   




“Thank you,” Y/N says softly, letting her lips curl up at the corners in the smallest of smiles. “Just… Thank you.”   


Michael smiles back at her, arm around her shoulder tightening. “What for?”   


“For being a better boyfriend than my actual boyfriend,” Y/N jokes lightly, still smiling weakly. “No, no,” she trails off with a sigh. “Just… I dunno. For caring. Thank you.”   


Michael laughs, shaking his head in amusement, “You’re thanking me for caring about you?” She shrugs her shoulders, looking back at the tele. “Y/N…” Michael trails off softly, using his fingers to tilt her chin so that she’s looking back at him.    


“Calum’s my best mate,” he starts with a little, humourless smile. “But he’s a dick. There’s no beating around the bush, because he is being a dick. He’s the only one of us lucky enough to have a girlfriend who puts up with how much we’re never home and with us boys in general, and like, just always being there for him. He's so fucking lucky but he doesn’t even know it because he’s so used to having you here. And I know it’s fucking shitty of me to say but god dammit, Y/N, Calum doesn’t fucking deserve you. You’re smart and beautiful and funny and bright and just so bloody great, and if Calum doesn’t notice it then you should be with someone who is. Someone who’ll appreciate you, and tell you everyday how amazing you are, and love you unconditionally because we both know that Calum isn’t doing that. He doesn’t deserve you.“   


And as the red-haired boy speaks, his eyes seem to dart down to her lips. And maybe he’s leaning closer and Y/N’s leaning closer, too, till she snaps out of it, shaking her head and pulling back.    


"I can’t do that to him, Mike,” she mumbles softly. “He’s been a dick, yeah, but I’m still so bloody in love with him and I hate it, if I’m honest,” Y/N admits, dragging a palm down her face.    


Michael smiles at her. Sadly, almost, and it’s actually painful to look at, because Michael’s got one of the most beautiful smiles that she’s ever seen. Seeing that sad smile was heartbreaking, almost. “S'okay,” he mumbles, nodding. “I get it. Let’s just… watch the film, yeah?” He says and without waiting for a response, he pulls her into the side of his body so that they’re cuddling again. Y/N just lets it happen.    


“He still doesn’t deserve you,” Michael mumbles as he places a kiss in her hair.    


And with a sigh, Y/N finds herself mumblings the words, “I know,” and feeling her heart break just a little more as she does so.  

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