5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


81. Benefits

“So what’s up with you?” Calum finally asks after they’ve just cuddled in silence, on his bed on the rainy Saturday evening. Calum likes cuddling. Even more so when it’s Y/N that he gets to cuddle because Y/N likes cuddling, too.    




“Like, you just came over without telling me. You don’t usually do that. And you’re quiet. So what’s up? Whose face do I need to deform?"    


Y/N breathes a laugh. "It’s nothing, really. It’s just… I don’t really know how to say it. Well, I mean. Ido. But. It’s weird.”   


“Hey,” he nudges her lightly. She looks up at him and his lips curve up at the corners in a smile. “It's me. You can trust me. So out with it, come on.”   


“Okay,” Y/N nods. “I’m, in the simplest of terms, horny as fuck.”   


Calum’s eyes widen and he stares at her for a full second. Then he’s pulling away from her because he’s laughing so hard that tears are almost falling out of his eyes. “Oh my God,” he splutters out. “Okay, I did not expect that.”   


“I’m serious,” Y/N sighs. “It’s like. We went to the club a couple nights ago, yeah? And I really wanted to have a casual, um, casual hook up with some bloke but then there was, like, no one approaching me? And well. There was also no other single, young, hot guys which sucked because well, yeah.”   


Calum just looks at her, then. He doesn’t say anything, and neither does she. Y/N’s got her hands behind her head and she’s laying on her back, eyes shut lightly. And Calum just looks at her (and maybe he stares at her lips more than he stares at anything else, but no one has to ever know that). His tongue run across his thick lips. People say that sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery and something great will come of it.   


Maybe what he’s got running through his mind would be as great he hoped it’d be. He silently takes in a deep breath. “You know…” he starts after they’re silent for a solid minute. Maybe it was only thirty seconds. Who the fuck knows. “I could help you with that.”   


“With what?” Y/N mumbles distractedly, eyes still shut.   


“The sex thing.”   


“What?” Her eyes pop open and she’s snapping her head to look at him with wide eyes.    


He shrugs nonchalantly, “Hey, I’m horny all the time. You know that. I mean, why not, right? Other than having a casual fuck with some ass whose probably not even half as good as I am in bed." Y/N snorts out a laugh, and Calum has to smile. He can’t help it. Then he’s pulling his lips into a smirk, raising a brow. "So? You game?”  


Y/N props herself up on her elbow, raising an eyebrow right back at him. "You’re sure?”   


“Yeah,” Calum shrugs again.   


“Things will change,” Y/N warns and there’s an underlying tone of worry to it. She’s worried about their friendship. He is, too. But they’re good enough friends. Nothing could go that wrong.   


“I know,” he mumbles. In a swift movement, he’s rolled over so that he’s hovering above her and then he’s leaning in closer and closer till his lips are hovering above hers. “No strings?”   


“No strings,” she echoes, nodding once. “Just sex."


"Just sex,” Calum nods in agreement.   


And then he’s kissing her and her fingers are immediately running through his hair whilst his hands go straight to grip at her hips as he presses his body down onto hers. They’re good enough friends, right? What could possibly go wrong?   


- - -    


Y/N steps out of the lift, eyes fixed on the screen of her phone. She only glances up to make sure that she’s getting off the right floor, then her eyes are going back down to her phone. She takes a few steps before she’s finally pocketing her phone in favour of looking at the room numbers to make sure that she’s not going to walk straight past Calum’s room or whatever.    


She knows that the room number’s coming soon, like four doors away. Then she sees the movement. Y/N thought it was just Calum opening the door, or maybe one of the boys coming out of his room after getting something, or whatever. But it’s not. It’s a girl, clad in a short skirt and an extremely cropped top, with hair that was clearly messed up by someone else’s doing and make-up semi-gone.    


She looks up, smiling warmly at Y/N. Y/N smiles back. Then the girl’s walking over to the lifts, eyes glued to her phone, just like Y/N was before. Y/N watches her go before gulping slightly and walking to Calum’s door, knocking a couple of times. Calum opens not long after, and he’s only in a pair of jeans with sex hair.


Y/N would know. Of course she would.    


“Hey!” He greets her, face breaking out into a grin – a complete contrast as to the slight frown that he had on his face before. "Come in. I just gotta go… pee,“ Calum eventually says, smiling almost nervously in her direction before going into the bathroom.    


Y/N walks in, eyes scanning the bed that’s clearly been used. And – oh look. There’s a pair of lacy underwear on the floor. Unless Calum had a secret thing for wearing lacy panties then, well, that didn’t belong there.  


"What’s up?” Calum asks once he’s out of the bathroom, wiping his wet hands on his jeans.    


Y/N’s lips curl up at the corners from the action. Her tongue darts out to dampen her lips then. “S'nothing,” she says with a soft sigh, shaking her head slightly.    


Calum frowns. “Hey. Come on. No need to lie to me,” he says, tone gentle.    


“I just – I thought we had a deal, Cal,” Y/N says softly and her brows are furrowed together. Because it’s not like they're together-together but she would’ve appreciated it if he had at least told her that they were entitled to sleep with other people, too. Especially since whenever they’re out at wherever and Y/N manages to catch the eyes of other males. She’s been tempted to hook up with a couple of them before but she never did – because she assumed that they were just… not sleeping with other people. That was their deal, their arrangement. It was an unspoken rule between them.   


“What deal?” Calum asks then and his tone isn’t angry or condescending. It’s actually rather monotonous. If anything, he sounds confused and… hurt.


“I thought…” she trails off, gulping and then clearing her throat. Her eyes dart to the ground before looking back at him. “I mean. I just, I thought this was a ’I don’t sleep with anyone else and you don’t sleep with anyone else, either’ kind of thing. Till either of us found someone that we actually wanted to proper be with, anyway,” Y/N says quietly again, shrugging one shoulder lightly, unsurely.     


Calum scoffs then, tugging at his hair with one hand. “Well we also agreed that it’d be no strings attached and it's just sex but yet, here you are.”   


Y/N frowns, “What are you talking about? I’m here because I'm working, I’m not here because of you.”   


“And that's what pisses me off.”   


She was offended, earlier. But now she’s just confused. Just really fucking confused, honestly. She probably heard him wrong. “Sorry?”   


“Did you ever stop to think that maybe I broke our ‘deal' – ” he makes air quotations at that. “– a really fucking long time ago?"    


Y/N’s brows knot together lightly in the middle of her forehead. What is he talking about? Y/N has no bloody clue what he’s going on about, and it must show on her face, because Calum’s letting out a mirthless laugh, turning away to look at anywhere else as he cards his fingers through his hair. Then Calum’s looking back at her, gulping – his Adam’s apple bobbing with the action.   


"Did you ever stop to think that maybe I fucked up and realised that I was falling for you?” Calum starts with the rhetorical question and Y/N feels the breath catch in her lungs. “Maybe I realised this early on, like ’the first time we slept together' early, but decided to keep at this deal because I thought that was just me being clingy and getting emotionally attached. Maybe, even after I realised that it wasn’t just a phase, I still kept at it because I thought you’d never like me back – not the way I want you to. Or maybe I did think that you’d like me back. Eventually. And yeah, maybe I slept with other people –” Calum pauses. “She wasn’t the first, sorry,” he apologises and it sounds casual and half-assed and like he doesn’t mean it but Y/N can see the sincerity in his warm brown eyes, even from where she stands.  


“– because I wanted to convince myself that you’re just my friend and you’re Y/N, and you're way out of my league and you're not mine and that I should move on from you, and let you go, and try to fall in love with someone else. Someone who isn’t you. But then maybe I realise…” he trails off, eyes darting to the ground as his tongue darts out to dampen his lips. “I realise that I’m too busy being fully yours to fall for somebody new and that I can’t even sleep with anyone else without imagining it being you, and not whoever it is that I’m having a mindless fuck with."    


"Calum…” Y/N breathes out, her throat suddenly so dry. She opens her mouth to say something else, but then Calum’s shaking his head.    


“The deal’s off,” Calum says firmly, looking right at her. “Because I am in love with you, and you just want to be friends who fuck sometimes. And I’m totally cool with living with that pain – the pain of you not being mine – I can deal with that. But I can't deal with this – ” he uses his hand to gesture between them. “– I can’t deal with the pretending that I feel nothing when we have sex because all I really want is you.”   


And then Calum’s walking out of the hotel room, shutting the room door gently behind him, leaving a still standing and rather shell-shocked Y/N in the middle of the hotel room. And he’s not coming back.   

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