5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


82. Benefits Pt 2

Y/N doesn’t know what really happened between them. Like. She’s still kind of trying to process what had just happened – only it hadn't just happened and it had already been quite a number of days and things have changed, even if it’s just by the slightest.    


Because okay, so apparently Calum’s in love with her, and like. Y/N doesn’t know how she never noticed it? She doesn’t know how she’s only noticing it now, that maybe yeah, Calum is in love with her and if only she'd noticed sooner then maybe she could’ve stopped their deal.


(But then there’s that little part of her that’s saying maybe she likes the “after-sex” part, the part where they’re just cuddling and maybe talking, more than the sex itself and that little annoying part of her is saying that maybe she kinda likes him like that, too.)   


It’s already been, like, five days since he’d told her upfront that he was in love with her and he was completely alright with being just friends, so as long as they don’t have sex anymore. And, like. Y/N’s okay with it. She’s not a sex addict. She’s just a teenager and everyone knows that even the quietest of teenagers are horny, like, 90% of the time. Some choose to ignore said horniness while others come up with different solutions, i.e. Y/N gaining a friend with hella good benefits in Calum.    


So it’s been five days since Calum’s been a bit off with her. Understandable, really, since Y/N reckons she’d probably get a paper McDonald’s bag and put it over her head so that she’ll never have to be seen by him ever again, had the roles been reversed. But like, Calum’s one of her best mates. It was never just sex. They were friends before, and the whole “please-fuck-me-because-I’m-horny” thing had actually made them closer. (No sexual pun intended, since, you know. Sex. Closer. Hah.) And because of the whole confession thing going down, they’ve barely even been in the same room, at the same time, whilst it’s just the two of them.   


And now Y/N’s not just missing someone that she’d been super close to (quite literally), but she’s missing the bloke who has become one of her close mates.    


What sucks the most is that maybe Y/N’s finally allowing herself to think of him as more than just a casual fuck, and she's actually liking that idea. But, of course, that would probably never happen because Calum’s going to move on and she’ll never have a chance with him ever again. Calum’s a proper determined kid. When he sets his mind to something, he’ll do anything in his power to get to what he wants. And if Y/N recalls correctly, he'd basically indirectly said that he was going to move on and fall in love with someone else because what he wanted with her wasn’t what she wanted (at the time).    


She blows out a sigh, letting her body fall back down onto the hotel room bed. They’ve got no show tomorrow night so they’ve booked a hotel room for the night. Touring with One Direction has its perks, really, since those boys tend to book hotel rooms far more often than the 5SOS boys would if they were touring alone, or with some other band. She’s in a room alone, as always, and she’s so lonely – literally lonely, because the boys are out and she’d decline joining them in favour of spending some quality time with her laptop.   


A knock on the room door makes her glance up from where she was staring intently at her laptop screen as it booted up. Y/N whines to herself, heaving herself out of her comfortable position of being under the sheets to answer the door. Probably some hotel staff, or some other crew member.    


But when she opens the door the slightest bit, Y/N’s met with the sight of Calum Hood staring down at the ground with his hands in his pockets and furrowed brows. He looks up when she pulls open the door wider, eyes trailing down her barely clad figure (she was in a pair of underwear and a big t-shirt because she’d had intentions on watching some TV shows and then going straight to bed okay) and then the Kiwi’s shaking his head lightly as he steps into her room, pushing past her gently.    


“Um,” Y/N blinks. “Come in, I guess?” She mumbles to herself, shutting the door and then turning around to face him. She crosses her arms across her chest, raising a brow at him as he looks at her, still with that frown on his face. “Hi?”   


Calum looks up, “I have a problem with you.”   


She blinks again. “… Okay,” she nods once. “And?”   


And,” Calum emphasises, pulling his hands out of his pockets to run his fingers through his hair. He does that a lot. “And that problem is that you’re so… unaffected? Like, what the fuck? Was I really just a casual fuck? I mean, fuck. I get it. I was the one who, like, um, preposed the idea? But – ”   


“Proposed,” Y/N interrupts.    


“Huh?” Calum blinks.    


“Proposed. Not preposed,” Y/N clarifies with a little half-smile.    


His brows knot together in the middle of his forehead. “I said prepose? What the fuck is prepose? Is that even a word?”   


“I think so. It’s to, like, um. No. It’s a, uh, a place or something in front of something else? I think. I don’t know.”   


“Huh,” Calum blinks. Then he shakes his head, “Wait no, fuck you, I’m trying to talk. Stop talking – shut up,” he warns when she opens her mouth to say something, but there’s traces of a smile forming on his lips. “Right, okay. Back to my point. You are literally one of my best friends, okay, like besides the boys and I don’t get how you’re so… I don’t know. So okay? Like I, legit, meant nothing to you other than an occasional fuck and shit, Y/N, it hurts.”   


“Cal…” she trails off, sighing and uncrossing her arms in favour of stepping towards him.   


“No, no,” he shakes his head, taking a step back and the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed. “I’m not done. Listen to me for a minute, okay? I get that you don’t… feel the same way, but like: why are you avoiding me?” He asks and Y/N swears that she hears his voice crack the slightest bit. Calum sighs, shaking his head and dropping down onto the bed so that he’s sat on the edge of it.   


You're avoiding me, Cal,” Y/N sighs quietly, walking towards him again. He doesn’t look up from where he’s got his head in his hands. “I’m not avoiding you. I just…” she gulps, shaking her head to herself as she gently sits herself beside him, though not too close.   


Calum doesn’t look up, “You just…?” He prompts.    


I’m scared,” she says quietly, under her breath – a part of her wishing that Calum hadn’t heard her at all because fuck, it took so much just to admit that she was scared, how the fuck was she going to explain why she was scared?   


Calum looks up at her, then. Kind of. His elbows are still propped up in his lap and his thumbs are supporting his chin, but his face is turned to her direction. She can see that his eyebrows are still knotted together in the middle of his forehead from the corner of her eyes. “Of what?” He asks softly, frowning a little deeper.    


Y/N shrugs her shoulders. Calum sighs, dropping his hands and scooting closer towards her and then using one of his hands to tilt her chin towards him. “Why are you scared?” He repeats his unspoken question, and there’s almost a sense of urgency to his tone.    


She gulps, eyes darting across his face. He’s really good-looking. And she’s always known this, just never gave herself enough time to fully appreciate his seemingly perfect face. Y/N pulls her bottom lip into her mouth, “Because.” She says, and Calum gives her a flat stare. Y/N sighs (again, for the thousandth time), “Because… I don’t want to like you, but I do, and I know that you’re going to move on and never give me a second glance again. And I'm terrified because you’re one of my best friends and I don’t want to lose you.”   


Calum’s eyes widen and Y/N looks away. And since she’s looked away, she doesn’t see the gleam of excitement and pure fucking happiness that appears in his eyes as his lips upturn at the corners. “Did you… Did you say that you like me? Like, proper like me?”   


Y/N shrugs a shoulder, “What does it matter?”   


“Fuck,” Calum laughs as he lets go of her chin. Laughs. Y/N looks up, only to see that he’s positively beaming. “I was never going to be able to move on from you that easily anyway. And hey, you liking me is better than not feeling anything at all, so thank fuck for that.”   


“You mean…?”   


“It’s been five days since I told you I fell in love with you. Did you really think that I already moved on?” Calum raises a brow.    


“Maybe,” she shrugs.    


Calum scoffs, “Firstly: rude. I am fucking in love with you. I’m not going to move on that easily.”


“Sorry,” she laughs lightly, offering him a sheepish look and shrug of the shoulders.


“Secondly: I’m going to kiss you, and then you’re going to kiss back, and then we’re going to cuddle and be sickeningly sweet with each other till someone pukes rainbows because of how fucking cute we are,” he says and then Calum barely gives her anytime to say anything before he’s doing as he said he would and practically clambering on top of her to kiss her.   


And it's different, this kiss. The ones that they used to share were kind of sloppy, full of tongue, and they were only kissing because they liked kissing and to the both of them, kissing was vital to sex, no matter with who. This kiss, even though Y/N’s on her back now and Calum’s hovering over her with his forearms supporting his weight on either side of her head, it's sweet. It’s soft and slow and sweet and loving, and Y/N wants to just carry on kissing him like this for as long as her lungs permit her to.


"So…“ Calum breathes out against her lips. He pulls back properly, resting his forehead against his and both of them still have their eyes shut.   




“… Does this mean we’re not going to have sex till, like, we’ve been together-together for a while, or…?”  

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