5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


19. Another Argument??

It’s just a rough patch, Y/N tells herself. We’ll get through it and everything will be okay again. 


That’s what she’s been telling herself time and time again. No relationship is perfect. No friendship is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist except in make believe novels and unrealistic films. Even then, not everything is perfect. They never show what happens after the characters get their happy ending. They never show what happens after that scene where the new couple are wrapped up in each other’s embrace. They never show that the honeymoon phase eventually ends and that you will fight, and some will be worse than others, and you’ll say things that you don’t mean before realising what you’ve done and come crawling back to the other begging for their forgiveness because despite all that, you’re still desperately in love with the them.  


The honeymoon phase lasted quite a while with Y/N and Ashton. Perhaps it’s because Ashton Irwin is literally made up of sunshine and giggles and probably shits rainbows. Perhaps it’s because Ashton had actually tried to get her to break up with him before they went on tour because he didn’t want to do it but he still wanted her to find someone who would be good enough for her (because she's her and he's him and no one will ever be good enough for her, in his opinion, so why should she settle for him when he’s barely a six on a good day and she’s a fuckin’ ten when she wakes up in the morning?).   


All good things have to come to end, though. And they started having arguments over Skype while he’s somewhere across the world and she’s at home at some ungodly hour. It started with the expected ones, the “I had a shit day and all I want is you here but you’re not” and “well sor-ry I’m doing what I love and actually making a living out of it," which then escalated to ”who is that? Are you cheating on me? Am I not fucking good enough for you?“ and then it became all they could do.   


Gone was the loving late night talks. Gone was the story exchanging. Gone was everything that made their relationship great. They were all replaced with argument after argument after argument. 


And, like. The calls would start off normal, asking each other about how their days were going or something, then it’s like a routine that they’ll find something else to fight about, no matter how petty or major. Sometimes there weren’t even greetings – the calls would just start with an accusation from one of them.    


But now Ashton’s back home and they’ve decided that they need to go out and let loose. They’ve missed each other but they’re both too prideful to apologise for fighting over dumb things and they’re too afraid to let go of each other.    And because they want to be in each other’s presence but at the same time, don't want to be in each other's presence, they choose to go to a club. With a couple of other friends from their high school days.   

It’s probably one of the worst decisions that they’ve ever made. Well, to Y/N it is. Because instead of maybe mending things with Ashton (which would probably lead to sex in the bathroom because lord knows how horny the both of them are from the lack of sex and all), Y/N’s left sitting in the booth with a clenched jaw and a clear glass filled with some drink (fuck knows what it is, she just knows it’s got lots of alcohol in it), and left staring at Ashton being straddled by this girl whilst he’s sat on the stools and his back is to the countertop of the bar.    


Y/N watches him silently. He doesn’t even notice her. Of course he doesn’t. So with a mumbled ”fuck this“ under her breath, she’s downing the rest of her drink and then stalking towards the exit of the club. She’s done putting up with his shit. Especially after he’s pulled something like that with her. If Ashton or the girl had leaned forward just a little bit more, they’d probably be kissing, so Y/N really just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.    


(Or, well. That’s what she tells herself even though it’s so painful to admit to it and it feels like her lungs are being crushed and her heart’s being shattered to pieces.) Ten minutes later, she’s pushing open the front door and Ashton’s following not long after. Because he’d actually notice her leave (huh, what a surprise) and had followed her out, into the same cab that’d she’d flagged down.    


"Out with it,” Ashton says the moment he steps through the doorway, shutting the door behind him. “Why’d you leave?”   


“Because I didn’t want to be there anymore,” she replies shortly, dropping her purse onto the lounge.   


“Why couldn’t you just have told me that?” Ashton groans. “I could've stayed. Fuck. I was having a good time,” he mumbles under his breath and Y/N's sure that she wasn’t supposed to hear it but she does and she’s spinning to face him faster than she ever thought possible. She’s even surprised she didn’t fall because she’s in this pair of fucking high heels that she thought would get Ashton’s attention for longer and she’s also pretty damn clumsy.    


“Then by all means, go back,” Y/N says, pointing to the door theatrically. “You were clearly having a good time, yeah? With that girl?”   


“That was nothing! She was barely touching me!”   


Barely touching you?” Y/N mocks incredulously. “She was straddling youShe was sat on your lap and you did nothing to get her to piss off! Clearly you don’t care that I actually exist so hey, be my guest and go back into the club and go fuck her while you’re at it,” she spits.    


Ashton’s gaze hardens, “How dare you,” he seethes. “I'm not a cheater, and you goddamn know that. So don’t fuckin’ say things like that to me.”   


“Why not?” She almost laughs. “It’s what you want, ‘innit? To be able to hook up with whoever you want?"    


"For fuck’s sake, Y/N! Stop being such a fucking bitch!” He yells then, startling her slightly. “I’m not going to stand here and take all this shit you’re giving me! That girl was nothing. I didn’t even do anything with her so why the fuck are you being such a goddamn insecure and clingy fuck about it?!”   


Y/N almost growls, letting out the most exasperated sound that’s ever left her lips. Y/N wants to say something, wants to yell back at him, then she realises that it’s really not worth it at all. So then she’s huffing in annoyance as she turns on her heel, ready to walk out the door, only to be stopped by a hand curling around her bicep. She spins back around, ready to be yelled at some more, to yell back at him, but whatever insult that she assumed was coming her way never gets voiced because of how Ashton's demeanour has changed almost completely.    


As compared to how he was red-face with lips set in a tight line and eyes blazing as he glared at her, this was a complete 180 turn. Because now he’s biting on his bottom lip and his brows are furrowed and his eyes are glassy.    


“What?” She spits out anyway, yanking her arm out of his grip.    


“Don’t,” he warns lowly.   


“Don't what?”   


“Don't leave. Don’t you  dare,” Ashton hisses and his words completely contradict his venomous tone.   


“Why not?” Y/N lets out a mirthless laugh. “I leave and you get to go sleep around. Isn’t that what you want to do?”   


“Y/N,” Ashton warns lowly again, practically growling. “Don’t you fucking dare leave.”   


Y/N gulps, then she’s shutting her eyes as she shakes her head slightly. She breathes out a tired sigh, “All we ever do is fight, Ashton. We barely even talk anymore. So why aren’t you letting me leave?” Her voice softens considerably as she asks the question. Her eyes dart all across Ashton’s face and she feels a lump forming in her throat. “Why are you making me go through this when I can damn well walk out right now and try my goddamn hardest to get over you?”   


“Because I don’t want you to get over me,” Ashton whispers. “I don’t want you to leave because I don’t want you to get over me and be happy with someone else. don’t want to find someone else. I don’t want anyone if it’s not you because I’m so fucking in love with you and even when I know I should let you go and maybe we should break up, I can't because it hurts to even think about you being with anyone else. I’m selfish, okay? I’m the most selfish person alive when it comes to you because I want you all to myself, and I don’t want to share you, and I want you for the rest of my life.”   


Ashton takes in a deep breath then, taking a step forward and almost hesitantly lifting a hand up to gently cup the side of her face and tilt her head up so that she’s looking at him. He cocks his head to the side a little, eyes darting over her face and drinking in every curve, every dent, every flaw and every imperfection – she’s so perfectly imperfect. His thumb brushes softly across her skin and he takes another step forward so that they’re chest-to-chest, toe-to-toe.    


“I love you. And I know I can’t stop you from leaving if you really want to, but I’ll try my fucking hardest to make sure it doesn’t happen because of some dumb fights. Look, you're it for me and I don’t know if it’s the same for you but I’m willing to wait until you realise that I'm it for you, too." 

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