5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


42. Annoyances

Everything is annoying. The sound of the birds chirping is annoying, the sounds coming from the game that they’re playing is annoying, Ashton’s ridiculously long hair is annoying, Michael’s accidental elbowing him in the knee is annoying, Calum’s sassiness is annoying, and also life. Life is annoying.    


Everything around him is just pissing him the fuck off and he doesn’t even know why. Because really, Luke’s home and he should be happy. He’s finally home after fuck knows how long and he’s so happy to be home but now he’s just so angry at everything and he’s wondering if this is what PMS feels like – to be angry and upset and annoyed at everything and nothing at the same goddamn time.    


But, like. Luke’s good at hiding his annoyance. Sure, his smiles are a bit tighter and more forced but the boys don’t seem to notice. One would assume that after being around each other 24/7 for basically twelve months, they would get sick of each other. One would be wrong. They still had their normal friends from school, yeah, but most of them were currently busy with school and whatever and really, the only people they could hang out with were each other, thus why a week after they’d separated, they were back together.    


Luke’s finally gotten tired of holding in his annoyance when Y/N comes into the picture, though. He loves her, really, he does. She’s the most amazing human being for putting up with him (and his mates) and him being gone for a majority of their relationship and not giving up even though she had a million reasons to.    


Now she’s just pissing him off. And she’s not even doing anything. She just sat down on the lounge next to him, then Ashton came up and sat on her other side because Michael and Calum put on Fifa (and the dude still doesn’t like Fifa) so Y/N’s literally bouncing closer to Luke and bumping into his side since Ashton hadn’t just sat down like a normal human being, he’d plopped his bum down onto the lounge and bounced a bit to get comfortable (further confirming everyone’s theory about him really being a kangaroo in disguise).    


“Ugh,” Luke wrinkles his nose up, earning Y/N’s and Ashton’s side glance attention. “What’s that smell?”   


Y/N frowns, bringing the collar of her top up to her nose, “I reckon it’s me,” she shrugs lightly. “S’my perfume.”   


“Why does it smell?”   


“Because it’s supposed to smell?”   


“No. Like. Why does it smell disgusting?” Luke frowns deeper. “Fuck, it smells like someone fucking took a piss on you. Why’d you use so much? Do you not have any other perfumes?”   


Y/N blinks at him, “Um. I didn’t use much? Just used the normal amount and it’s the same one I’ve used for god knows how long?”   


Luke’s frown deepens even more. He pulls back a bit, giving her a once over. “Why do you look sick? I don’t want to get sick, you’d better not infect me with whatever you’re down with,” he warns, raising a brow and in his mind, it’s playful, but to the others, it’s not. At all.    


Wow,“ Y/N finally deadpans, dragging out the single syllable word. It’s practically silent now, since they’ve earned the other three’s attention too and the game’s paused. "Okay, firstly, I’m not sick. I just didn’t bother to put make up on because I figured if my boyfriend’s best mates don’t seem to give a shit that I don’t have make up on then my boyfriend shouldn’t give a shit, either. And secondly, if I really was sick, you basically told me to piss off because you don’t want to get sick. So. Wow. I just. Okay,” she nods, then she’s getting to her feet and walking away, mumbling things under her breath.    


Luke’s eyes just follow her, then he’s rolling them and turning back to look at the tele – completely disregarding the three incredulous faces looking at him. “What a fucking drama queen,” he mumbles and that’s when they lose it.    


"Are you fucking serious, Luke?” Michael is the first to ask, and Luke turns to look at him with a raised brow. The older scoffs, “Don’t fucking give me that look. What the fuck is wrong with you?”   


"What?” He raises his brow, genuine curiosity in his tone.   


Calum scoffs, “Seriously? You seriously don’t know what the fuck you just did?”   


What?” He asks again, exasperation in his tone now. “Why are you guys mad at me?”   


Why are we mad at you?” Ashton laughs mirthlessly. “Are you really fucking asking that? Luke, what is wrong with you?! Why were you such a fucking asshole to your girlfriend?”   


Luke rolls his eyes, “She’s my girlfriend. You lot don’t really have the right to lecture me, do you?” He sneers.    


Three incredulous faces blink back at him. “Do you even hear yourself right now, Luke?” Ashton asks in the most disbelieving tone. “You basically said she smelled bad when she, in fact, did not, and then you said she looked sick because she was comfortable enough to not wear any make up around us.”   


“For fuck’s sake, Luke, I didn’t even fuckin’ notice she had no make up on until you pointed it out. She’s so fucking pretty without make up and you still call her out on the dumbest thing ever,” Michael chimes in, eyes narrowed on the younger.    


“Well she’s my girlfr – ”   


"And she’s our friend,” Calum interjects harshly. “Y/N’s your girlfriend, yeah, but she’s still our friend. She’s so amazing and pretty and she puts up with so much shit – and then you go and treat her like that after she’s been waiting for you and not giving up on you for months. And somehow, even though you’re gone for so fucking long, she still stayed. She stayed. She could probably get any other guy she wanted and she stayed because you are her boyfriend,”  


“– And you treat her like shit,” Michael adds with a scoff. “Amazing.”   


“I do not treat her like shit,” Luke fumes, breathing a little harder. He’ll take them basically telling him that he’s not good enough for her, but he will not stand for them saying he treats Y/N like shit.    


“From what we just saw?” Ashton asks rhetorically, “Yeah, you do.”   


“I’m having a bad day, okay?!” Luke finally exclaims. “Just. Shut the fuck up and leave me alone.” 


"You having a bad day doesn’t validate shit, Luke,” Michael mutters, then he’s getting to his feet and going towards the front door, the other two following suit right behind him. He turns, though, before he walks out the front door; lets Calum and Ashton walk through first. Luke keeps his gaze on the paused screen. “Treat her right, or someone else will.” 

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