5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


44. Anniversary


“Miss? Would you like more wine?"    


Y/N glances up, pulling on a smile, shaking her head at the waiter who’s come by the third time whilst she’s been sat there, alone. He’s smiling at her in an almost sympathetic manner and Y/N kind of wants to tell him to stop because she doesn’t want him to be sympathetic – she doesn’t want any of the sympathy of the other patrons who’ve noticed her sitting alone. But. She doesn’t.   


"I, uh,” she clears her throat, blinking slowly. “I reckon I can just get the check now.”   


The waiter nods, another sympathetic smile on his face. Don’t give me that look, she wants to say, but she bites her tongue because at least he’s not being a dick about her clearly being stood up.   

It’s not like her being stood up is a regular thing or summat. She’s never actually been stood up by Luke before. He’s busy with the band, and writing, and doing other band related things but he’s always had time for her – never once stood her up to go to work or summat. And, in all honesty, if he’d stood her up before, she would understand. Really – she would. She’s not just saying it. Because she gets how busy he is and how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are and how they’ve got to keep working and working to stay at the top, maybe climb up higher. But tonight – it’s different.    


It’s their anniversary. It’s their bloody one year anniversary and it’s basically a giant fuck you to anyone, to everyone, who’s ever doubted that Luke and Y/N would be able to last longer than a month. They lasted twelve. And Y/N isn’t exactly someone who cares much for anniversaries and stuff – like, they never really made a big deal about their one month, or six months together. But this is one year and Luke had promised – and he made sure that she knew that he never broke his promises – that he would meet her at the restaurant and he’d put on a top that wasn’t cut up or a flannel button-up and they would have dinner and then go back and cuddle and make out (and do other things) throughout the rest of the night.    


“If it’s any consolation, miss,” the waiter speaks again and he’s holding the check in his hands as he places it gently on the table. “You look absolutely stunning tonight and whoever’s stood you up is a right idiot.”   


Y/N manages a smile – can’t help the light blush that comes unto her cheeks. She ducks her head, murmuring a shy thank you to the waiter before focusing her eyes onto the piece of paper and – it says that she’s due to pay exactly zero dollars and zero cents. Her brows furrow, “Um. I think there’s been a mistake?” She asks, handing it back to him.   He shakes his head, “’s just two glasses of wine. ’s on the house.”   


“But – ”   


“If you ever meet the guy or girl that you were supposed to meet tonight, you can get them to pay, yeah?” He grins cheekily and Y/N can’t help the laugh that passes her lips.    


“Guess that’s fair. Thank you, though,” she smiles at him, getting to her feet. He nods, shrugging his shoulders slightly, offering her another charming grin before heading back to the kitchen or summat, leaving Y/N to just walk out with her head ducked down because of how she’s still a bit embarrassed about how people were not-so-subtly watching her go.    


She makes it back safe and she’s immediately stripping off her tight dress and pulling her hair into a messy ponytail, not bothering with taking off her make up yet because she’s so tired and, though she understands, she’s still so sad because Luke forgot and. She just wants to sit awhile – pretend everything’s okay.   

Luke joins her on the lounge three hours later, immediately cuddling up to her and smelling like Michael. She blinks, “You smell like Michael.”   


“Yeah,” he mumbles, yawning. “Fucking dick kept spraying his cologne at us because he wants to finish the bottle and use the new one that he’s got.”   


“He could just, like. Keep it. Use it another time.”   


“That’s what we said but he said he doesn’t wanna smell like that again. Said it gives him some weird memories – the smell. He's weird.” Y/N hums in agreement, shrugging slightly. Luke smiles sleepily at her then, “So what’d you do today?”   


He doesn’t remember. He really doesn’t. She gulps, painting a smile onto her lips, because she signed up for this. She knew what she was getting herself into when she said she wanted to be his girlfriend. He gave her an out, to leave before either of them felt more than just like for each other, before either of them could get their hearts smashed into a million different pieces. It’s just an anniversary. It’s just an anniversary. So she smiles a little wider, a little faker – but he’s not noticing it – and says, "Nothing. Nothing at all.“   


Luke smiles and nods and there’s that. He says something about going to have a shower, then he’s placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking away, leaving Y/N alone again. She takes in a deep breath, bringing her knees up to her chest. It’s just an anniversary, she tells herself, forehead resting on her arms that were on her knees. Nothing’s wrong with you, nothing’s wrong with your relationship. He’s busy. People forget things.


And she’s so busy telling herself that it’s not Luke deliberately standing her up, that it’s not Luke’s subtle way of saying that he's completely not interested in her anymore, – that she doesn’t hear him until she’s feeling him wrapping his arms around her, pulling her onto his lap and then he’s kissing her with a fierceness that feels like he’s got something to prove.   


"I’m sorry, baby,” he says the moment he’s pulled back. “I didn't – ’m an idiot, yeah? I didn’t mean to forget today, like. Fucking hell – I had stuff planned, I swear, but then I just – I’m stupid,” Luke sighs. “And I know what you’re thinking, yeah, and I need you to stop that because you’re still what I want. You were what I wanted a year ago and you’re still what I want now and will probably keep wanting. I love you.”   


Y/N shakes her head, “Was being dumb. It’s just an anniversary, yeah? Nothing special.”   


“Wrong,” he shakes his head. “It’s one year, baby. Like. You’ve been with me for one year. I don’t know how I even managed to, like, get you but I did and – we’ve lasted one year. I’m barely ever home and you put with that and we're still together and I’m still as in love with you as before, falling harder and harder every day. It’s not nothing. It’s… ’s definitely something.”   


Y/N manages to breathe out a laugh, leaning forward to press her forehead onto his collarbone.

“’m really sorry,” Luke mumbles into her hair, tone dripping with guilt. “Didn’t mean to forget. Been waiting for this day for ages, honestly, but. I just. Things with the band’s been hectic and, like, we’re writing a new record and we wanna get things perfect and. ’m sorry, baby. We’ll go back to the restaurant this weekend or something, yeah?” Luke pulls back to look at her straight in the eye. “Promise I’ll be there this time,” he smiles at her weakly.   


“Maybe we can go somewhere else, yeah? Like, Macca’s or summat,” she smiles as weakly back at him.   


“But, like. One year, babe. I wanna take you out, treat you the way you deserve to be treated, like a princess ‘cos you’re my princess, y'know?”   


“And I appreciate it, really,” she replies earnestly. “’s just, you know. Pride. Ego. Dignity. And I’d be, like. Content with a Happy Meal, honestly.”   


Luke shrugs, “If it’s Macca’s you want, –” he trails off, getting to his feet suddenly with Y/N still on his lap. He repositions her in his arms so that he’s got an arm behind her back and one under her knees, “It’s Macca’s my princess shall get, right now. After which, we shall come back here and make out for the rest of the night.”   


“Did you actually use after which in a sentence?”   


“The princess shall not question the phrases her prince charming decides to use because he is carrying her and can drop her at any moment he sees fit.”   


“You are an idiot.”   


Luke grins down at her, pecking her quickly on the lips. “Just means that you’re in love with one, yeah?” He’s still grinning as he continues to walk, her safely in his arms because he’s sure as hell not planning on letting her go anytime soon.   


“Yeah,” Y/N says softly, more to herself than anything. “Yeah. Completely and stupidly in love with one.”

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