5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


49. All Gone Pt 2

“Rough night?”


“You could say that,” Y/N finally peers up at the bartender through her eyelashes, smiling the slightest bit. She’d been focused on keeping her gaze onto the counter, never once proper looking up at the bloke’s who’s already poured her two shots and then slid over a bottle of beer. The bartender’s a blond-haired, blue-eyed bloke, and his name tag reads “Lucas” and Y/N thinks that life’s actually taking the piss now.


He smiles slightly, sliding a beer bottle over to someone sat a few stools away though still side-glancing her. “Drinking to cope, then, yeah?”


She shrugs a shoulder, fingers wrapping around her own bottle. “To forget.”


The bartender – Lucas – doesn’t say anything at that. Then there’s another shot glass coming her way and she catches it, arching a brow over at him. He shrugs. “Figured you could use it.”


“I could,” she mumbles, far too quietly for him to hear, but she nods her thanks and then she’s kicking back the shot. It tastes like shit, honestly, but. It’s numbing the pain.


One month. It’s been a month and a half, to be exact, since he left, and she thought it would’ve been easier, but it’s not. Because she genuinely believed that her and Luke were going to last. Maybe it was naïve of her to think that but god dammit, Luke probably thought it, too.


She tried calling him again, after that first time. And again, and again, and again. And she was about to call his mates, about ready to fucking yell at them to tell her if it was some stupid prank because it wasn’t bloody funny. But then another text came in – from his mum’s number. He used his mum’s phone to text her, so he wouldn’t have to use his own. Three words. Three fucking words.


Let me go.


So she did. She stopped trying to call him, and she – left. Went to stay at her parents’ house again, because she couldn’t stay there without thinking of them being Y/NandLuke.


And she’s been trying her damn hardest since then to actually move on. (But a part of her knows that she never properly will. And it sucks.)


- - -


Someone slides onto the stool next to her and Y/N pays no mind to them, eyes still focused on her half-empty bottle. Then they speak, asking for a Jack and Coke, and she’s tensing her shoulders, eyes shutting on their own accord.


Part of her wants to yell. Just turn to look at him and yell but then the other part of her is tired. So tired – and all she wants to actually do is ask him why to get closure before finally moving the fuck on and drinking till she’s trying to cope and not to forget, not anymore.


She ends up turning to look at him and she’s met with his blue, blue eyes already looking back at her, head tilted towards her, the corner of his lip curling up just slightly when their eyes connect – face the epitome of unsure. He looks about as tired as she feels, maybe even worse, and she wants to say that he’s got no right but. She can’t bring herself to say those words aloud.


She turns away, focusing back on her bottle. He’s opening his mouth like he wants to say something, but then he doesn’t. So she does. “Thought you didn’t like Jack,” she says, quiet and offhanded – and it’s startled him slightly, like he’d expected her to down the rest of her drink and then walk away without sparing him another glance.


(She wants to do that. God, she wants. But she can’t because even though she doesn’t want to admit it, he’s still got this hold on her, even after him up and leaving with no specified reason other than “you deserve better” like that validated shit.)


“’s an acquired taste.”


“Thought you said it was too sweet.” She mocks and Luke ducks his head, chuckling softly and she’s smiling and it feels like everything’s back to normal when it’s not. Y/N breathes a sigh, “What are you doing here, Luke?”


“You,” is his quiet reply, like that answers her question. She stays silent and he must realise that she doesn’t understand – doesn’t believe him, really – and Luke knocks back his drink, tongue darting out along his lips. “’m here because of you. To – to apologise. To – I don’t know. I just. Miss you. And –” he cuts himself off, shaking his head. “I don’t know.


She’s silent then, just looking at him even though he’s got his head ducked. Her teeth sink into her bottom lip, and when she speaks, she sounds far more tired and hurt than she’d thought she would. “Why?”


“I don’t know,” he shakes his head again, seemingly understanding that she’s not asking about what he’s doing there anymore. She’s asking about why he left – just like that. “I thought –” his voice cracks and he gulps, looking at her. “I thought you – no, I know you deserve better and I didn’t. I didn’t want to hold you down, and. I just – I don’t know.”


And there’s a million things running through her head, a million questions, a million accusations, but the one thing that comes out is an, “Okay.” Just okay in a defeated tone, accepting it, and accompanied with a nod – because she thought Luke wasn’t telling the truth and had found someone better, and if he didn’t want to tell her that then okay. (She was better off not knowing about the other person he’d found, to be honest.)


Luke snaps his head up, eyes wide. “Okay?” He repeats incredulously.


She shrugs a shoulder. “Yeah. Okay. I don’t know what you want me to say, Luke.”


“I –” he starts but then his throat not cooperating or summat, so he’s silent, just looking at her.


Y/N downs the rest of her drink, sliding off the barstool and throwing some bills onto the counter. She turns to him, though, looks him right in the eye because she needs to move on. “You know how people say that life’s like a – book? And like. There are chapters and shite, and. Yeah. Maybe – maybe we were just a chapter. And now that chapter’s come to an end.” Luke looks back at her, still wide-eyed and he almost looks sad, but Y/N’s convinced herself it’s just how he looks in the light. She takes in a deep breath, “Thank you, though, for a hell of an amazing chapter, Luke. I hope that – maybe one day – I hope that I’ll be able to look at a picture of you, and think of us, and… smile. I hope that I won’t cry anymore because you’ve started your new chapter and I’ve not finished closing ours yet. But I will. I will.


“Y/N –”


She shakes her head, and he falls quiet again. “Goodbye, Luke.”


- - -


Y/N puts out an ad in the newspaper the day after. An ad looking for a flatmate because the flat’s too big without Luke in it and since he’d moved his stuff out, it was basically hers and she couldn’t afford to keep it without a roommate.


She puts her e-mail address as the contact because she hates talking on the phone with a burning passion, and someone e-mails within the fifteen hours and they said they’d like to see the flat. So she responds, telling them to come ‘round the next day at ten a.m. and they reply back with a confirmation that they’ll be there.


There’s a door knock at ten a.m. the next day, three knocks in quick succession. Y/N takes in a deep breath, smoothing out her top and then going to the door with a smile on her face, only to drop it as her eyes grow wide.


Because Luke Hemmings stands there, one hand buried deep in his front pocket and his teeth biting down onto his bottom lip so hard that it looks like it might actually hurt.


“I’ll take it.” Luke says before she’s even greeted him. She blinks at him, still wide-eyed. He smiles slightly, something so close to adoration glinting in his eyes. Then he raises a hand, almost hesitantly, lips curling up a bit more. “Brought my own mug, too. Figured we could have coffee while discussing bill splitting and stuff.”


“Luke…” Y/N eventually manages to get out, some weird cross between a choked sob and laugh because of course he’d bring the fucking mug, but then Luke’s shaking his head, taking a small step forward, a small step closer to her.


“You said I started my new chapter, but I haven’t. And I don’t want you to close this chapter we’re on – because I’m still not ready to turn the page, either. So please. Please. Don’t turn the page.” His tone takes on a tinge of desperation and his eyes look like stained glass. Another step forward and he’s hesitantly dropping his forehead down unto hers. “Please, Y/N. I messed up by leaving, I know that, but I want to – make things right. I will make things right. Because you’re not just a fucking chapter. You’re – you’re the whole fuckin’book, Y/N.”

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