Remain. [NaNoWriMo '16]

[Sequel to NaNo '15 novel Run.] Ruling the world isn't as easy or as fun as it sounds, especially not when a group of angry angels are thrown into the mix. What's worse is that Baxel is without his right-hand man, who just so happens to be the key to everyone's plans.


1. An introductory note.




This is a draft, just as Run. published on my profile for last year's NaNoWriMo was also a draft. The major problem here is that I'm lazy and never actually edited Run., so when I decided to make the sequel this year, there are some world building changes that should've been altered in that draft. They aren't. So for anyone with a good enough memory to actually hold me accountable for this - I apologize. One day, the things I write will make sense. Today is not that day. 


Things are subject to change.

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