2. White existance

Dying we all do it but what happens when we die? Many theories and religons surround this topic in fact we obsess over the fact that we will die someday. We find it said that someone dies and many shed tears but in most theories death is a happy thing. for example death leads you to nirvana, heaven ,etc. in my eyes i have many theories and ideas about death itself and I believe vaguely in each one. One of my theories is that after you die you are released from the mortal skin as in the mental torment and physical pain and that in the end you become truly happy for the first time and for the rest of your existance. Another is reincarnation where at the begining we all were one of two people who died and parts of their existance are in every one of us so in other words it means those two people inhabit our minds and your personallity is just one section of their existance. The last one im going to tell you is That after death we live a white existance (unknown existance) and all our souls do is replay our already finished story over on repeat and each time we die in the story we forget everything that had happened and we watch it again.

if you want more theories comment more below if i get 5 comments ill do more theories)

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