9. Useless~Cam

Feel useless Fuseless like a nuissance To those who know you

Feel like a demon under an angel's skin Break myself to borrow a few looks tape myself back together look perfect from afar cracked and jaded on every seem in person

holes, cuts and burns pecuilar but familiar all the same You've seen this before you've felt this before but this time is different I think This time you are dancing on the edge even though you feel as though you have already fallen and burst into nothing but a mask and a bunch of memories

You'll smile to fill the holes in people's hearts You'll speak not for yourself but for the fearful You'll die not for greed but to feed another 

Broken and split as I am I will be your shield Weak as I am I will fight Sore as I am I will stand for you when you cannot Depressed as I am I will take the abuse 

Take shelter underneath my hollowed husk so that for once I can be 


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