8. Thought~Cam

Thoughts are controlling they break me they make me they punish me with the curse of intelligence

false gods and ideas unimaginable

I think things through in 700 ways 

But in the end its just the same 

I still sufficate under the pressure

I still scar from past expirence 

I still write what I think

The filter that binds me saves me from what could be

It hurts to filter but it alters my future

Thoughts are not actions thank god

I would be burning and so would you from the sins we would have commited

make me dumb so i can be numb and not feel this agony

write what i believe and eradicate the rest 

Nullify my hunger and quench my thirst so i can still live in torment

The cycle goes on and I still live for those who care about me I may be beaten and broken but not all has been spoken about all of which destroy me I can deploy my decisions and tear up concious and write what i feel on paper

I can fake my emotions my life my expiriance and live as a whole new being my hardships all faked to the point of their reality lied so well even i believe them

Trust me not as I am but what your eyes see me to be When I do the same i see a demon with nothing but sins while wearing a mask of kindness

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