11. Lost

Break the barriers 

and bust down the walls that conceal us all

live in harmony or die alone

suffering slowly

Under the mask that we once made for goodtimes and now they hide us in hard times and in the limelight they killed us as much as anything else we burned so silently cried so no one could here screaming so soundly the pitch was to much to hear 

Like they said never trust a perfect person never did I ever know it meant that they were hiding their pain instead of preparing to give some pain who every knew what he was going through but he and his eye among the painful spry Abuse 

Beaten and broken in every inch of his body cracked but flawless as a diamond Perfection is lost now that a life has been lost his soul in the hearts of who knew him crying while flying among the angels and demons that loved him 

Move on without me explore the Heartbeat of life beyond death replay the relay of life endlessly suffering the sufferable end of the life you once lead I may be  rambling but at least I express the depressed thought I must have fought unlike he who lost all his thought in one blow that is acursed so forever dead and never forgotten but lost among the feeling of falling among the damned 

(Express what is left in a few words though as pointless they are and none of my words make sense but try to understand what i'm writing)

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