1. Hide

You can always hide behind a mask of lies 

but if your hurt you can't deny who you are or originally were 

You can only burn at the stake for what you've done and who you've hurt

You can only hurt to become perfect 

you can only strive to be perfect even though you are too blind to reconize that you already are 

You can only move on and rot away with your lies and deception 

it becomes harder and harder to hide when people get to know you and as they start to know the more you scare them and you will be left alone at the end of the story like everyone else 

And for now all you can do is want something you can't have because you can never stop wanting no matter how You try to lie about it and say you're happy you can never truly be satisfyed you can only crave for more untill you are nothing but a slave of greed and time will be the thing you seek eventuallly but in the end it the thing you long for will only kill you

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