The new Caracter

This is about the new character who lives the supernatural world. Who? Find out for yourself and indulge yourself with my book.


1. When You Thought It Was Over

When Sam and Dean helped destroying the darkness they thought it was over, but then they had another problem on their hands. Soon enough more, and more they had more problems, but it stopped with the killing of Rowena. Who they let gain more power while she was plotting their death, but it wasn't over. There was no way it was over.

I woke up remembering what my old friend had mentioned to me, and what they did to me. I never thought I was this powerful. But when people disappeared in my home town no one knew what was going on. One after the other. My brother was convinced that it was me, and told me if one other person disappeared he will get me help. I showed him one night it wasn't me by following the killers motives, and scent. We tracked his places, and his movement. I ran the man down, but I knew he wasn't working alone. Ben had proposed an idea and told me we can keep me a secret, and my father can come and help us with hunting. Not that we needed it before, but this guy was something we never fought before, and his kind got worse the older they got, but I wanted to meet my dad. One of the best hunters known in the world, but wasn't mentioned to the world. All I know is if I slip my world will be over.


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