The lost Twin Sister

This story is about a girl who found out she is a princess of magic but not only thats she has a sister to



You mean that she is my sister and where dose she even come from? " yes i'm youre sister and i'm from New York" how did you know?" Asked headmaster Grimmie " I had a dream about it and it was like this O was on my way to college and when I saw that I didn't have room with my best friend I was happy about it but when I entered the room me and Julian screamed at each other and you came and took me out for a walk and you told me that I was Julian sister and I had to shut up about it" there where more to tell but headmaster Grimmie interrupted me and said " Julian have you had one of these dreams too?" " yeah how did you know about it I didn't tell anybody that I had them" " because you're sister have them to and ooh god if anyone finds out about this like

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