The lost Twin Sister

This story is about a girl who found out she is a princess of magic but not only thats she has a sister to


2. what do you mean

Just so you know this is a dairy and a story so please don't hate me and I know some is in capture 1 but here is something else you didn't get in capture 1 ooh and some changes to ooh and just so you know it the first capture was a dream

I was on my way to college and I always had that feeling that I missed something and I did I didn't even know that I did so I just left to college even if I missed something but then I realized I had a sister but I didn't know who it was until now

I got to my room and I didn't only had alex ( my best friend) I had to others roommates and one of them was a girl with same last name as me johnson summer I was in a room with a girl who had same last name. we both screamed at each other when we saw at each other we said " you look just like me " and then the headmaster came and then she screamed and said " OMG is this really happening and both of you are in my school " " wtf are you talking about and why are you flipped out over that me and the girl are roommates and in your school??" " you tow are the princesses of magic

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