The lost Twin Sister

This story is about a girl who found out she is a princess of magic but not only thats she has a sister to


1. the beginning

I was on my way to college, after my birthday, and I felt something strange inside of me, but I didn't tell my foster parents, because I didn't trust them. So I told my bestfriend Alex it, she wasn't scared at all, she was more worried about it, and then she called someone who had a strange voice, like a very deep voice and it scared me . When I arrived at the college I realized that I didn't have a room with Alex and I was happy,because she wasn't to trust after what I saw I don't want to see her again I only wants to see her if she wants to talk about what she is and who she was talking to that day I told her what I felt on my birthday.

When I entered my room me and my roommates both screamed at once, and the headmaster run too our room, she screamed too and then I asked them " who are you to?" "I am headmaster Grimmie and the is the princess of magic and here name is Julian Summer Johnson, who are you if I may ask" " i'm Clary Summer Johnson and this is my room so don't throw me out of the room. And why do we to have the same last names" she asked confused " I don't friking know i'm not god" said Julian " OK shut up you two. This is a normal college not a magic school " said Clary annoyed " there is were you are wrong, you didn't choose this college your parents did" said headmaster Grimmie " what do you mean i'm in a foster family, and I don't know who my parents are, and I remember they said they took me in when I was 3 years old" the headmaster looked at me and said " why don't we go for a walk? I need to talk to you in private, I know you real parents are but I promised them that I want tekl you when I meet you because you and your sister will be in great danger. " said Headmaster Grimmie" " wait you knew my parents and do I have a sister??? And are they alive, why are I and my sister in great danger , danger from who? " askes I confused " it is better if you don't know , and you are a princess and this school for royalty supernatural creatures just befor you come to the school you go through a shell and only royal supernatural creatures and you just passed like you didn't know about it " " i am just a normal girl i'm not some supernatural creature i'm not some supernatural princess of magic do you understand!" " no you aren't a normal girl you and Julian are twin sister!" " what!!??" The headmaster put her hans to her mouth quickly and said " don't you dear say anything about it to it no one can know it" " okay " answered I confused

When I came back to my room I walked to my bed besides the window and I saw my boy best friend and he waved to me though is he a supernatural creature ore what because Headmaster Grimmie said only royals supernatural creatures can come in is he one?? I thought I

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