The lost Twin Sister

This story is about a girl who found out she is a princess of magic but not only thats she has a sister to


4. dear diary (4)

                                                              TWIN SISTERS


dear diary.

i´ve had the wiredst dream ever, it was about Direction and something that I was a princess of magic

and I had a sister, a twin sister that's just wired and I haven´t even stared there yet, it is still two weeks left of summer break.

But my life has always been so wired so i´m not surprised I have always been in a children-home so I never really had a family but I don´t care about it, I´m just exsided for going to Direction it is the best school I ever heard of. Well I just hope that there will me cute guys everywhere I go because I don´t wanna think of Elliot who cheated on me so I reallt don´ty want to meet him.



I was on my way down to the living room then out of no where I fainted and all was black then came a girl who looked just like the girl from my dreams and she asked me “ whats your name?” “my name is Clary Fairchild Johnson, why, and whats your name? if I may ask” my name is Julian Fairchild Johnson” then a women came she had blonde hair it was set up like a queen have there hair and had a very pretty dress and she said

“ help us,help us, I cant talk long but find each other because togheter are you stronger, my beautiful daughters goodbye”

then she dissepeard and we

(both) “DAUGHTERS??”

(Clary)“WTF am I adopted? It can´t be real this is just a dream”


when I woke up again I was in the hospital I didn´t know how I ended up there , but then I saw my mother

(Clary)“mom is that you?”


(Issa)“yes honey i´m here”


(Clary)“am I adopted? Mom”


(Issa)“how did you know that?”


(Clary)“because when I fainted I saw a girl that I had dreamed of before and then I saw a women that said my beautiful daughters and she ment me and Julian and my last name is not summer when she asked me whats my real name is I said Clary Fairchild Johnson so don´t say it is not true because that women have been in my dreams befor and vornd me about the bullies that she knew there names she is not fake.”


(Issa)“yes your real name is Clary Fairchild Johnson and yes I am not your real mother I am you aunt and I don´t know where your twin sister is, when your mother commanded me to take you and your sister away I had no right to say no because she was my queen.”


(Clary) “ what do you mean that she was your queen Issa!

Clary never said Issa to her only when she was pretty mad at her and in the same time very scared. 



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