Harriette, love John

The circumstances which brought these best friends together are extraordinary. When Harriette Lawrence, Jonathon Parker, Rosanna Stephens, Florence Vitzhoven-Ellis, Rowland Carrington and Henry Thomas meet on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the Psychiatric Surgery of Dr Lawrence, Harriette’s Father, they have no idea of the good times and the not so good times they will have together as a six for the next thirteen years of their lives.
But there is a Judas among them, one of our super six is starting to show signs of going off the rails and does something drastic that will end lives as they know it. Now faced with this new situation the gang have to grow up much quicker than they ever imagined.


4. Rosie

The little girl sat on the floor, in her bedroom crying. The sounds echoed in her head, the noises and the voices of them, of the other children, taunting her, calling her names, making her cry.

But they can’t hurt her, not here, not inside her own home.  

“Rosie’s ugly,”

“Rosie’s fat,”

“Rosie’s stupid,”

“Stop it!” she shouted suddenly making herself jump. “Just stop it,” she covered her ears with her hands and pressed tightly but the voices still ran strong they still make fun of her.

“Please,” she whispered. “Just leave me alone.” But they wouldn’t the words kept drilling into her mind, burning her ears and her heart.

Rosie didn’t know what to do, she needed to make the voices stop, and she needed to get away from them. She remembered what a girl at school had said, Katie, someone Rosie thought had been her friend.

“Why don’t you just kill yourself?” she had snarled before someone else pushed her so she tripped over and fell onto the hard floor cutting her knee. She reached down and felt the cut, it was a scar now, but still a constant reminder of how her friend Katie thought of her, or what everyone thought about her. 

Rosie had ignored it at the time just like she had done with everything else they had said, but what if she was right. What if Katie wanted to help her? What if she should kill herself?

Of course, the answer was staring her in the face, people had told her often enough she wasn’t wanted, that no one would or ever will love her. Life isn’t worth living if you have no one to be with, she assured herself.

She needed to die, and then when she was dead the voices would stop, no one would say anything nasty to her again, no one would try and hurt her, or push her or kick her, it was perfect. But how?

Rosie had no experience in killing people; she had never done anything like this before or even thought about it. She thought about all the people she knew who had died, only her cousin’s friend had killed themselves. Rosie remembered that she had hung herself; she didn’t have anywhere to have herself from. And besides she didn’t like the idea of being found swinging. She knew her Mother kept a cabinet of tablets; she knew you could die of an overdose of tablets. She run into her Mother’s bedroom, her Mother was still out having lunch with a friend and her father worked late at the dealership most nights. Merryn, her little sister was still in playgroup and their Mother would pick her up in the evening.

The little girl opened her Mother’s medicine cabinet and looked inside at all the different bottles of medication. This is it, she thought, this is the end.

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