Harriette, love John

The circumstances which brought these best friends together are extraordinary. When Harriette Lawrence, Jonathon Parker, Rosanna Stephens, Florence Vitzhoven-Ellis, Rowland Carrington and Henry Thomas meet on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the Psychiatric Surgery of Dr Lawrence, Harriette’s Father, they have no idea of the good times and the not so good times they will have together as a six for the next thirteen years of their lives.
But there is a Judas among them, one of our super six is starting to show signs of going off the rails and does something drastic that will end lives as they know it. Now faced with this new situation the gang have to grow up much quicker than they ever imagined.


2. Hariette

A little girl stood out in the cold, she tried to smile but she was unable. The memories were too strong for her. In her hand she placed a single flower, a single perfect rose, the colour of the brightest and most vibrant pink she had ever seen, onto the soft, wet grass beneath her dainty purple dolly shoes. Her dress matched the sequinned pumps, the wind blew harshly, it made her legs feel like ice, though she was wearing both tights and little white socks underneath her frock, they were no match for the freezing breeze.

She stared down at the grass just in front of her feet, she did not want to look up, but she felt a sense of need to do so. She raised her eyes so they met the head stone, it was a cool white marble, and it bore the name Anna-May Henrietta Lawrence, the name of the little girl’s Mother.  

As she looked at it the memories came flooding back once again, all of them, not just the good ones of the little time they spent as a family, as a proper family, Mummy, Daddy and her. But she also remembered the worst memory of her entire life; it was that day, that terrible day when her life changed forever. She pictured their last conversation, when she was dying lying in hospital.

Even as she stood in the grave yard the clinical smell of the hospital burnt her nose and made her eyes itch. She blinked to stop the tears falling down her face, as she opened her eyes she looked around her, it was so real. It looked just like she was in the hospital.

“I love you Mummy,” the little girl whispered. She was holding her Mother’s hand, her cold pale hand. The woman was not able to smile back at her daughter though she longed to reassure her, she wanted to tell her that everything would be alright, but deep down the Mother knew it would not be.

“I love you Harriette,” her Mother whispered back, she struggled to keep her eyes open, suddenly they felt heavy, her eyelids were drooping, then the overwhelming urge to close her eyes became too much. That was the moment she slipped away into another life. Not another word was uttered by her Mother. The last thing she said was her declaration of love to her daughter.

At first Harriette was unsure of what was going on, she thought her Mother was resting, that her visit had made her tired and that she needed to sleep.

Harriette waited for several minutes, she began tapping her Mother gently on her arm, she did not respond. Then she tried tapping a little harder, the gentle taps turned into harder slaps, then smacks. She grabbed her Mother by her shoulders and shook her slowly at first then as her head began to lull about as Harriette became more and more scared. It was then that she realised that something was wrong

She was alone, the girl sat alone in the hospital room with her Mother’s corpse for thirty minutes before anyone came to her.

The Nurse said she was very brave, but Harriette disagreed. She thought it was her fault; she should have gone and got help. Called for a Doctor, maybe then her Mother could have been saved.

She felt a hand wrap around hers and then she snapped back into reality, she felt the hand of her Aunt hold her gently. She looked up into her Mother’s Sister’s eyes, they too were misty. Her Aunt Macy was a spitting image of her little sister.

She too felt guilty about her sister’s death; it wasn’t until she was declared dead that Macy could find time to come away from her job up north. Macy worked on the police force; she was one of the few female Detective Chief Inspectors in the country. She was a self-confessed career woman but she gave it up to come down south to take care of her niece, the job meant everything to her, but a family of her own was not something Macy had the luxury of, so she was  going to dedicate her life to her little sister’s little girl.

Her brother-in-law was an important man, he loved his daughter but he was too busy to look after her full time. Dr Charles Lawrence was a renowned Psychiatrist to the rich and famous and spent most of his time in his office away from home that meant he needed to be away from home a lot, whether he was having a session with a patient of going out to dinner with his famous clientele.

He just didn’t have the time to spend worrying about Harriette, although now he had another special lady in his life. His girlfriend Maria was becoming a more frequent visitor, though not when his daughter was around. Dr Lawrence was careful to sponge his daughter off to his sister-in-law whenever Maria was around. Harriet was far too headstrong; she would just rip Maria to pieces.

Macy held her hand and lead Harriet back to her car. They drove in silence as they often did when they had visited Lily’s grave.

As soon as Macy pulled up on the drive Harriette thanked her Aunt and jumped out of the car. She saw her Father’s car on the drive and knew he was home. She couldn’t wait to see him; she hadn’t seen him all weekend. She slipped her set of house keys into the lock. She didn’t call to announce her return; she decided she wanted to surprise him; he would be thrilled to see her.

She heard voices from her Father’s study, voices, more than one. The other probably belonged to one of his patients. She ran up the stairs and burst into the room.

She froze in the door way. Her eyes were fixed on what she saw. Her Father was sat behind his desk and a slender blonde woman was sat on his lap her tongue down his throat, her skirt hitched halfway up her arse.

“Father,” she said quietly. 

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