Harriette, love John

The circumstances which brought these best friends together are extraordinary. When Harriette Lawrence, Jonathon Parker, Rosanna Stephens, Florence Vitzhoven-Ellis, Rowland Carrington and Henry Thomas meet on a wet Tuesday afternoon in the Psychiatric Surgery of Dr Lawrence, Harriette’s Father, they have no idea of the good times and the not so good times they will have together as a six for the next thirteen years of their lives.
But there is a Judas among them, one of our super six is starting to show signs of going off the rails and does something drastic that will end lives as they know it. Now faced with this new situation the gang have to grow up much quicker than they ever imagined.


5. Florence

“Come on Flo, eat up your pizza,” Myles sighed trying to coax his daughter into eating a slice of pizza; she had hardly eaten anything all day, well, all week. Actually now that he thinks about it, she hasn’t eaten a proper meal for a long time now. Florence shook her head vigorously.

She could hardly set her eyes on the disgusting pile of grease that her Father had presented to her and she was supposed to eat this monstrosity! She was repulsed at the thought of letting that thing go inside of her body and all the fat it contained “Please Flossie just one bite, it’s not that bad look,” Myles begged taking a huge bite out of the slice of pizza “Mmmm, you see, it’s nice,”

“I don’t want to eat it Daddy,” she said quietly.

“What do you want to eat then, you can have anything you want, anything at all. If you want a big chocolate cake, I’ll have Melissa bake you one specially, or what about a huge bar of chocolate, or a massive tub or cookie dough ice cream. That’s your favourite isn’t it?” Myles begged.

“It used to be,” she said in a mouse’s voice barely loud enough for Myles to hear.

“What do you mean used to be?” he asked.

“Do you know what ice cream is made of Daddy?” she asked sweetly.

“Er, ice and a whole lot of cream?” he said unsurely.

“No, it’s sugar, sugar and cream, full of fat!”

Myles looked at his child in disbelief. So this was the reason his daughter wasn’t eating properly. She was worried about her weight. God, she was so much like her Mother.

“And why are you bothering about your weight?”

“I didn’t say I was?” she exclaimed defensively.

“You did,”

“No I didn’t!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t,” she cried. She stood up from the table and ran up the two flights of stairs to her bedroom.

“Florence,” Myles called up to her but she didn’t want to hear it. Florence opened the door to her bedroom. She ran inside and shut the door and pushed her wardrobe in front of the door. She turned around and her eyes caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes filled with tears, she hated the way she looked. She stepped closer towards the mirror, her reflection got bigger… bigger and a lot fatter.

The tears ran down her cheeks, she didn’t move her hands to wipe them away. She wanted to watch herself in the mirror suffer; she wanted to see herself cry because of how she had made her body look. She ate way too much and the food was poisoning her body, it was making her fat.

“Floss, baby,” Myles called banging on the door.

“Go away,” she whispered. “I want to be left alone,”

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