At the End of Imagination

When Abigail is sent off to high school, she must leave her imaginary friends behind. This is what happens to imaginary friends when their owners forget about them. Written for the Endfic Contest on Movellas.


1. the end

All good things must come to an end someday. For 13-year-old Abigail Armstrong, it was the day she had to say goodbye to her imaginary friends Ardelle, Calvin, Erica, Davis, and Russell for good.

But this story isn't about how Abigail said goodbye to her friends. In fact, this story was about how those friends reacted when they knew the time had come for them to leave Abigail forever.

"I can't believe this is happening!" yelled Erica. "After all the crap we went through with trying to keep her away from her parents and making sure that she spoke to us and only us, we now have to leave her forever! How could this happen?"

"Uh, you do know that this day would come," said Davis as they watched Abigail talking to her parents, Terri and Darrell. "We should have known her parents would want her to get rid of us, especially after everything we put her through the last few weeks."

"But we don't deserve this," said Ardelle.

"Well, we deserve to be gone," said Russell. "I mean, look at what we did to her! We practically kidnapped her, in case you forgot. There's no way Abby's going to forget about that!"

"I've noticed," said Calvin. "But what I don't understand is that why we have to be punished? Abby was our friend and we’re paying the price for being her friend. What is this world coming to?"

"All right, you freaks, time's up," said the executioner as he approached the door of their prison cell. "Time for you to say your goodbyes now."

As Ardelle, Calvin, Erica, Davis, and Russell watched Abigail walking towards her new high school, they found themselves fading. They all knew that their time was up, and there was no use trying to fight the inevitable. After today, Abigail wouldn't need them anymore, not if she still had her parents around. 

"Well, at least we had a good nine years with her," said Ardelle as they stood in the Pit of Forgetfulness, watching as Abigail walked into the school and started speaking to the other children.

"I agree," said Russell. "It was fun while it lasted. But now it's over."

"We might as well say it now before it's too late," said Davis.

As one, they all said, "Goodbye, Abigail."

But this time, Abigail didn't turn around or look up, as she was now completely in a different place. Shewould be fine as long as other people surrounded her. While she would eventually forget about Ardelle, Calvin, Erica, Davis, and Russell and live her life, the group would never forget her as long as they lived. 

Which wasn't that long at all, since standing in the Pit of Forgetfulness causes any memory that falls into the pit to be completely forgotten. And as for imaginary friends who were pushed into the pit as punishment for not leaving Abigail when she were supposed to and kidnapping her, well, let's just say they were completely forgotten. 

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