Lies, Love and Friendship | Book 1

America Weasley (or is she?) is a Pure-blood witch that associates with half-bloods, muggle-Borns and muggles. America learns that her real mother and father are dead and that she looks a lot like her mother but has her fathers eyes. Read to find out who she really is...


1. America Lily Weasley (or is she?)

Full Name: America Lily Weasley (?)

Age: 11

Year: 1

Appearance: Red hair, hazel eyes

Personality: Smart, sweet, helpful, caring, bubbly

Family: Unknown Father

Unknown Mother

Unknown Siblings

Patronus: Tiger

Animagus: Tiger

Birthday: 13/7/1980

Bio: Hello! I am America. America Lily Weasley. I am turning eleven tomorrow and I am so so excited. I'm getting my Hogwarts letter tomorrow as well! Mums calling me, bye!

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