Welcome Aboard The Forever Train

A realistic surreal story about trains. Or something like that.


1. All Aboard

The Forever Train slowed into the station and, after being awed by the glistening locomotive, she stepped on. Without stopping to look around, she ran over to a seat by the window and pulled herself into it just as the train started racing down the tracks once more. Her green eyes widened as she marvelled at the world flying past the window.

She turned to the old man with snakes of grey and white in his hair seated opposite her, who she hadn't noticed until now, and asked him "Why does it all go by so fast?"
The old man replied "Well, dear, time flies by when your having fun and before you know it you're old and grey and are having trouble walking up the stairs."
"What stairs? Where are they? Where do they leave?" She questioned eagerly.
"I can't say, right now, love. This is my stop."

The sun shone brightly as The Forever Train slowed into the pristine station. The sky was littered with a few white, fluffy clouds whose colour matched that of the station. Flowers of subtle hues complimented the scene well. The train stopped and the old man stood up. He picked up his bag before walking to the opening door.

"Why do you have to go? Please stay. I have so many things I need to ask you! Please don't go!" she cried.

The old man simply turned and smiled softly at her before stepping off the train.


And the train carried on.




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