Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


24. Slowly Sinking

I looked at Crowley, and I knew something was up. Because he had two hellhounds by his side. 
  "What's with the hellhounds?" I asked. 
  "You can see them can't you?" Crowley asked. 
  "I can," I said. "I just never told them."
  "Good, because I got a proposal for you," Crowley smiled. "You see these two," The hellhounds were almost as big as me. "Listen to me, any command I tell them."
  "Not if they're dead," I said smiling. "I mean wouldn't that hurt? You're dogs killed by your monster." 
  "Need I remind you, you're not my monster," Crowley said. "Go ahead, kill my hounds, just don't panic when I come back with more." 
  "Okay, you two," Dean said. 
  "Dean," I interrupted him. "I'm not waiting around for answers." 
  "Should I?" Dean turned to Sam. "I mean she deserves some payback right?" 
  "Go ahead," Sam smiled. 
  "Wait what's going on?" Crowley asked. "Boys." The hellhounds tensed at his sides. I twisted my hands into fists. 
  "Okay, Jess," Dean said. "Give it a go." I looked down at the dogs, that's when they both dropped and yelped in pain. 
  "No," Crowley said. "What are you doing?" That's when one of them barked at me. I twisted my hands more. They both hit the floor. Anger filled my vision, my mind went blank. 
   "Sorry Crowley," Dean said. I grabbed Crowley. That's when he snapped his fingers. Kevin screamed. I looked back, and saw Kevin hit the floor. 
   "No!" I screamed. Dean grabbed Crowley and pushed him against the bookshelf. I ran towards Kevin. He wasn't moving. I checked for a pulse, nothing. Nothing. 
  "What did you do?" Sam yelled, seeing how it hurt me. 
   "I just killed the prophet," Crowley smiled. I looked down at Kevin, and Crowley disappeared. I grabbed his hand, and tried to will it not to be true. That's when Sam hit the floor. 
   "Sammy!" Dean yelled. What was happening? I looked up, and saw Belphagor. He reached out for me. I cried out, and Dean jumped out at the prince. He fell instantly. Tears fell from my eyes. They were all gone, weren't they?
  "My little monster," the dark prince smiled deviously. 

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