Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


14. My Truck

I wasn't going to leave my truck behind, and I wasn't going to sit in Sam's car, listening to some god awful music. So we took my truck. I had to find Kevin, before anything else did. I was determined to find him. 
  "Gas is low," Sam said. "Here stop up here." I pulled into the gas station on the corner. 
  "How much?" the man asked. 
  "Just fill er' up," I said smiling. 
  "Diesel or regular?" the man asked. 
  "Diesel," I answered. I looked over at Sam, which he looked confused. "What?" 
  "The way you act with people," Sam said. "It's almost like the way Dean acts with people." 
  "No," I said sarcastically. 
  "$30, please," the man told me. I handed him a twenty and ten. I put the truck in drive, and left the parking lot. We mostly sat in quiet until we were on the outskirts of Runs. 
  "Where would he go?" Sam asked out loud. I didn't know if he was talking to me, or to himself. 
  "Get my laptop out of the backseat," I ordered, and pulled over. He got my laptop, and I grabbed my phone from my pocket. Flipping it open, I called the phone company. "What name would he use?" 
  "He used Henry Campbell," Sam answered. 
  "Hello?" the operator said. 
  "Hey, umm... my boyfriend he lost his phone, could you please turn on the gps? His name is Henry Campbell," I answered. 
   "Yes, ma'am, will do so," the operator told me. "You're all set, ma'am."
   "Thanks," I hung up, and opened my laptop. "What's the number?" 
   "890-789-6785," Sam answered. I pulled out my phone, and typed that in, then I typed it in to my laptop as well. I dialed the number, and waited for him to answer, as I got his location. Or rather the location of his phone. 
  "Who is this?" someone else (not Kevin) answered the phone. It was a girl, and they seemed to be at a hotel. I hung up, and pressed my foot to the peddle. 
   In the matter of a few minutes we were there. I jumped out. I grabbed my fake FBI ID. I grabbed one of my guns, and put it under my shirt. Sam grabbed his ID, and we went in. Sam stepped up ahead of me to the front desk, and asked the lady there some questions. 
 "Room 182," he whispered to me, and I nodded. "You go up there, and I'll stay here." I walked up the steps, more like ran up them. I stopped at the third floor, and opened the door. Room 182 was down the hall and to the right. I missed him, more than I wanted to admit. I walked down the hallway and there it was room 182. I knocked, and there stood a girl. 



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