Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


25. how... do... I... kill... the Prince...

I stood up slowly. 
  "What did you do?" I asked. Wiping my face free from the salty tears that were still draining from my eyes. 
  "I wanted to ask you something," Balphagor told me. "Let's say I know someone who has the same problem as you, another one of my little monsters. I mean I'm making an army of monsters, but you see, I need a leader. Someone who's tried so very hard, only to plummet into darkness, at the last straw. I need a leader to lead my dark army of monsters. I need you to be that leader." I couldn't feel anything but anger towards him. "There's nothing for you here, I mean look at them. They're weak, they don't even love you. Not like I do... You see Jess... I may be a prince, but you and I were meant to do this together. I mean look at you... You're already turning into one of the rarest of impurities... Purple eyes, black hair. One of the rarest..."
 "Get out!" I yelled. He smiled, right before he disappeared. Dean suddenly sat up, and looked at me. I fell to my knees, looking at Kevin. My emotions were left blank. Was he really gone?
  "Sam?" Dean looked over. Sam hadn't gotten up yet. 
  "I can't believe I treated him like dirt," I whispered. "I can't believe I did that... The last words, I said to him was 'get off of me'. Jeeze, how stupid can I be?" That's when I felt the presence of someone else. I turned quickly, and saw Castiel standing there. 
  "Belphagor," Castiel said. "He was here?" I nodded, and relaxed. "You're crying? Why?"
  "It's Kevin Cas," Dean answered for me. "Sam too, but he's okay."
  "Puny humans," Castiel said. No expression shown on his face. 
 "I really don't think, I much of a human anymore," I said to him. "Or a hunter, for that matter." Castiel stepped pass me and crouched next to Kevin. He slowly touched his forehead. Castiel sorta fumbled backwards landing on the floor. I grabbed his arm though, and I felt pain seep up my hands. Black veins poked there way into my hands, and I let go. Shocked, and so was Dean. Castiel stood. 
  "Nope, not human, but not anything I've ever seen before," Dean said. Kevin's eyes flashed open, and he looked up at me. I stood up, and most certainly walked back to my bedroom. I was afraid, of something, but I couldn't tell what. 

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