Carry On My Wayward Son 5

A year after Jess goes to hell, she comes back, saved by Sam and Dean. But does she want to be saved? She is messed up from all the torture, and things the demons did down there. will she ever be the same?


12. Finding A Case

I wasn't giving up hunting, not just yet. Dean had given me a truck, from the bunker's garage. It was an old Chevy truck. It was a dark black color, and it had the most amazing seat design I had ever seen. I was in Jackson City, Missouri, when I stopped at a hotel. Three days after my last stop. 
   "One room please," I asked the service lady at the front desk. She had white hair, and wrinkles that shielded her eyes from me. 
   "Jefrey!" she yelled her voice was rough, and distraught. A boy about my age stepped out. "Help this pore girl to her room. Oh, and did you fix the toilet like I told you to?"
   "No, you never told me to," the boy said. 
   "Well get on that!" her tone sounded annoyed. 
   "Yes, mama," Jefrey said back. "Her miss, let me take your bags."
   "I got it," I told him. I had my bag in the backseat with weapons I had stolen from the town before this one. So I grabbed it from the truck. It had everything that I owned, well except for the weapons. After Jefrey showed me to my room, I settled in and grabbed my laptop. 
   When I opened it, I had an email, from Sam. It said:

  Dear Jess,
       Thanks for being cooperative, but I have some bad news. You see after you left, Kevin kind of decided to go out and find you. Now we have no idea on where he is, or where you are. We need you're help, and I know you might not want to since we kind of stopped you from hunting. If you get this meet me at Yorkville, Missouri. Dean doesn't know, and he shouldn't. Alright? Meet me at ten o'clock (at night), this Saturday in the diner on Clarks St. Hope to see you soon. 

I knew I had to go, but I needed rest and it was Friday. So I emailed him back to come to Jackson City, and find me at the Holiday Inn, on Baker's Road. 

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