5 member band


1. Pilot

Hey guys this is a new fan fic that will hopefully carry on a long with new chapters for the girl next door , this is a fan fic that will feature myself and some of my friends too , enjoy :)-Kieron

*buzz* * buzz*

"Huh?" I said half asleep while also rubbing my eyes .

*picks up phone, presses home button to turn on*

The phone read "2 missed calls and 4 messages from Joseph"

"Ugggghhhh Joeeeee ur being really annoying !" I said while unlocking my phone and checking the message

The messages read " hey" "what's up" "You ready?" "Wow you're lazy man we're gonna leave without you"

"Ohh crap, I totally forgot" I messaged Joseph back saying " Sorry dude be there in a min" as I sent the message I got washed and then got dressed into a pair of white jeans and a plain white t-shirt

*running downstairs*

"Well I'm late , I could be later , let's see what's on the news at the moment"I said while flicking on the T.V

The presenter said "Just incoming news from our team , famous band 5 seconds of summer are looking for a 5th member that can sing and play guitar"

*I jumped up in excitement*

"What the hell just happened , why do they need a 5th member , why am I even questioning this of course I'm gonna try and join the band"I said while looking up how to join the band

There was a video labelled how to apply for the 5th member of the band and the picture was of Michael Clifford, I clicked on the video and Michael spoke and said "Heyy fellow singers and guitar players , like our band ? I Know I do , aha well if you wanna join our Band all you have to do it meet us at the next meet up place, hope to meet some other fans their too !"As he said this I made sure to check my guitar was tuned and put it in the case

*left for Joseph's house"

"Hopefully he doesn't ask they don't know I like 5sos because I'm scared they might judge me about it" I said to myself before reaching Joe's street

*knocked on Joe's door*

"Hey Joe, I thought you were gonna leave without me ?" I said as he opened the door

"Hey Kieron , yeah we did and know we're back aha sorry" he apologised before I could say anything to him

"Oh crap , sorry I wasn't there , I woke up late"I said to him in a apologetic way

"Don't worry about it man their will be plenty of other times to go anyway"he said while assuring me

"Okay well , again I'm sorry but I need to go"I said trying to be patient with him

"Alright , well I won't keep you then , see you later"he said to me and then I started to walk off

At home

Well let's see , where did this lead too , oh yeah.

I walked into my house and I saw my mum standing there with a grin on her face "what are you grinning at haha"I said in a joking way

"Well I know you like 5 seconds of summer so I went out and got--"she got cut off

"Really! You got tickets!!?"I kinda shouted at her

"Yes I did"she said back to me

"Omg thank you so much"I thanked her

"It's okay, I'm glad you're happy !"she said to me

I took them from her and they read "5secondsofsummer Sounds Good Feels Good" I ran up to my room and put them in my room

*day before concert*

"Dudeee I cannot believe it's tomorrow"I said out loud but to myself

"What's tomorrow?"Joe asked me

"Oh , don't worry lol"I said to him

"Okay whatever"he replied

I sighed in relief that he didn't keep on to me as we carried on walking through the town.

We walked through the town , past the stadium having posters of 5 seconds of summer on the side of it, we just walked past it.

"Ugh well this is boring Joe"I said to him

"Yeah , it is" he replied

"I'm just gonna go home , bye joe" I said to him

"Okay , bye" he said as walking the opposite way

The next day

Well I didn't think it would be the day today , to go and see 5sos but to even meet them with these V.I.P tickets , I couldn't wait for the time to go , the hours felt like days , until it was time ... it was time for me to go and meet other people like me , be myself and another big plus listen to some awesome music.

Well guys this is it for the first chapter , hopefully it's not too bad it took a few days not gonna lie but I hope you enjoy , btw comment on this story if you want to be in this series :P Bye -Fanboy_4_5sos

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