Ghoul Despair

A young girl named Izumi Katsumi was born with a terrible infection in her left eye. The doctors didn't know what the disease was or where it came from. Her mother gave birth to her in an insane asylum so it could have been anything. Her mother was charged and arrested for murder. Now that the girl is sixteen, she has been transferred to a new city. In the past when she was in the other schools supernatural things started to happen. So she was transferred to different schools and the same things happened. She is transferring to Sakikaba High School. Will the same things start to occur? Or will it stop?


1. Girl of Despair

  It is a dark and eerie night. In an asylum for mental criminals there is a woman giving birth to her child. In the emergency room there are three doctors trying to hold down the mother of the child. The male doctor that is beside her has light brown hair with blue eyes. He is wearing a doctors coat and black pants. The doctor at the woman's feet has black hair and red eyes, and he is also wearing a doctor's coat. The one holding down her hand has brown hair with green eyes. The mother keeps fighting and yelling. Sweat runs down her forehead, and her white hair is drenched in her sweat. She kicks one of the doctors and the doctor steps back. The mother bites one of their hands. She leans up and then the beside her holds her down. 

 "Mrs. Kasumi we need to go through with the procedure!" The doctors holding her down yells. "You're going into labor!" The mother shakes her head and tries to fight the doctor, but he is to strong. "Is everyone okay?" The doctor asks still holding down the mother. The mother looks at the doctor with an insanely smile. 

 "My baby isn't anything to me! Kill it if you want I don't care!" The mother yells. The doctor looks back at the mother. 

 "We're not killing your baby Mrs. Kasumi. We don't do abortions in this asylum." The doctor says. The mother grits her teeth. 

 "Then i'll kill it myself!" The mother says. She grabs a knife from the set of tools. He raises it in the air pointing it at where her stomach is. The doctor grabs the mother's wrist and prevents her from stabbing herself. 

 "Are you insane?! You'll kill yourself!" The doctor says. He takes the knife away from the mother and tosses it on the table. He pushes the table away from the operation table. The mother reaches for the knife. 

 "You call me insane? I'm the perfect person for insanity!" The mother says, following it up with a sinister laugh. The doctor holds her down. 

 "Alright get ready!" The doctor says. The mother starts screaming in pain. After some hours of fighting and yelling the mother gives birth. The doctor is holding a baby girl. The baby is crying and the mother is unconscious because of the pain. The doctor looks at the baby's face. He smiles. The baby opens it eyes and he sees that the left eye is red with infection. He sets the baby down and he orders the other doctors and nurses to come quickly. They rush into the room and he points to the baby. The see the redness in the baby's eyes. 

 "Doctor it could be an eye infection." The nurse says. The doctor pushes a scanning machine over the baby. 

 "It could be but i'm making sure it isn't anything worse." The doctor says. "Hold the baby still." The nurse holds the baby's left eye to the machine. The doctor is shocked at what bacteria is in her eye. "I never seen anything like this before." The doctor says. The nurse looks in the machine as well. 

 "Its unusual and strange." The nurse says.

 "You doctors don't know whats wrong with her?" The mother says. She leans upwards. She looks at the baby. 

 "No, its nothing we've ever seen before." The nurse says. The doctor picks up the baby and holds her in his arms. The nurse has short brown hair with a nurse type of shirt on. She is wearing a white skirt. The mother looks at the nurse. 

 "You doctors don't know my history. And you know what, you never will." The mother takes a knife from the table beside her and she slits her own throat. The blood spews everywhere and the mother falls backwards on the operation table. The nurse is covered in blood and half the room is too. 

 "What a disgrace." The nurse says. She looks at the doctor. 

 "Its alright. We'll have the undertakers here tomorrow." The doctor says. He sighs. "Its been a long night Miku, Take the night off." The doctor looks at the baby. She is sleeping in his arms with her little hands clenched on his jacket coat. "I'll give this child to her grandparents." An hour later the doctor arrives at the baby's grandparents house. An elderly woman opens the door. She has gray hair put up in a bun, and some pajamas on that are pink. She blinks her eyes and looks closely. She sees the doctor standing on the doorsteps holding a baby. 

 "This is your granddaughter." The doctor says. "Your daughter died while giving birth." The elderly woman gasps in shock. 

 "H-Hotaru!" The elderly woman says. She grabs her husband's shirt sleeve while he approaches the door. 

 "What is it now Kaori?" The elderly man says with a sternly tone. He seems a bit moody to be awaken at four'o clock in the morning. He has gray hair that looks shaved off. He is wearing a white shirt and a patterned pair of pajama pants. He looks at the doctor standing on the doorsteps holding the baby. 

 "This is your granddaughter. Your daughter died while giving birth." The doctor says. He hands the sleeping baby to the elderly man. He looks at the baby. It only has one eye since the doctor took the eye out and replaced it with a fake one. The elderly man rubs the baby's head with his thumb. His mood drastically changed when his eyes met the baby's. He sees that she has silver eyes. 

 "Her eyes remind me of Itsuki." Hotaru says. Kaori looks at the baby. She nods. 

 "Lets call her Izumi." Kaori says. Hotaru nods. They step backwards and Kaori closes the door.


 Its been sixteen years since the horrific night. Izumi Kasumi is now at the age of sixteen. She has been to several different schools. Every time she gets to know somebody something unusual, strange, and supernatural things happen. Most of the people she gets to know dies, or they die from their injuries. Izumi has been isolated from the other students to prevent it from happening again. There is a boy who lives in this town and his name is Kousuki Sakurako. His father is a lawyer who has won fifty-eight cases since he joined when Kousuki was only three. Kousuki is the popular student in school. Most of his friends have girlfriends, but he isn't interested in dating right now, he is more focused on his schoolwork, which he has trouble doing since all his friends encourage him to do things with them. Kousuki's mother is an attorney who also makes a lot of money, so Kousuki is rich and popular. Most of the girls have a thing for him since he is handsome too. The girls also try to get him to date them, but Kousuki tells them that he needs to finish his homework or hit the books, which is a bawled face lie, he actually tires to do his schoolwork, but his friends keeps annoying him to join them.

 It is a Monday morning and Kousuki is still in bed sleeping. both his parents left early to go to work. His alarm clock on his phone buzzes and wakes him up. He looks and the table where he laid his phone and he taps the snooze button. The sound goes off. He gets the pillow out from under his chin and he sits on the edge of his bed with his feet on the floor. He looks back at the mirror where his cloths are at. He has blonde hair, three strands goes a little pass the bridge of his nose, and is a bit messy at the moment. His eyes are light brown. He is currently wearing a white shirt that has a type of popular drink logo on it. He stands up and the mirror shows the rest of his body. He is wearing black sweatpants, and on his wrist is two black bracelets. He walks over to the mirror and he changes cloths. He takes off his shirt revealing his abs. They aren't noticeable, but you can still see he has abs. He is wearing two necklaces one has a dog tag and the other has a seashell. He picks out a black shirt and he puts it on. He puts on a white button up shirt, and he rolls the sleeves up. He changes his pants to some black pair. He already had socks on so he walks to his door where his shoes are, and he puts them on. They are dark purple and black tennis shoes. He walks downstairs and he grabs his bag and walks out of the door. He unclips the house keys and he locks the door. He turns around and sees his best friend's car sitting outside his driveway. The car has no roof, and it is a newer model of a sports car, the car is red. Kousuki walks to the metal fence, and he opens the gate. 

 "So how long have you been waiting here?" Kousuki asks. He tosses his bag into the back of the car. He opens the door and he gets in. 

 "To be honest I just got here." His friend says. He has brown short spiky hair with sunglasses covering his eyes. He has on a baseball jersey with it unbuttoned, and he has on a blue shirt to match his teams color. He is wearing black jeans. 

 "You must have just gotten this car then." Kousuki says. He puts his elbow on top of the door. His friend starts the car and the drive down the street. Kousuki's hair flows in the wind. 

 "Yeah, remember today is the third month. Don't you remember when my dad told me he'd get me a newer car in three months? Dude its March he said it in January." He friend says. His friend looks at him while at the same time keeping an eye on the road. 

 "I must haven't realized the months pass. Sorry Rin." Kousuki says. He scratches the back of his neck. They pass a girl with white hair and wearing a white dress with red lines on it. It has a red tie. Kousuki looks at her as they pass her. He motions for Rin to stop and Rin steps on the brakes. Kousuki gets out of the car. He walks to her and Rin notices the girl walking alone on the sidewalk holding her notebooks close to her chest. She has part of her hair covering her left eye. Her hair is shoulder length. The eye that can be seen is silver. She walks by Kousuki like she didn't notice him. Kousuki walks to the girl. 

 "Hey, do you need a ride to school?" Kousuki asks. The girl stops and she doesn't look back or move. 

 "No, i'm fine with just walking." The girl says. Her voice his shallow and sounds deathly low. . Kousuki does say a thing. He bites his lip. He loos back and walks to the car. He gets in and Rin looks at him. 

 "So what was that about?" Rin asks. He starts up the car again and he steps on the gas petal. 

 "I asked her if she wanted to ride to school, but she said no." Kousuki says. His mind ponders on what just happened earlier. 

 "Oh. Well she might be going to a different school. You just never know." Rin says. Kousuki looks at his friend with concern. 

 "Wait wasn't there suppose to be a new student by the name of Izumi Kasumi?" Kousuki asks. Rin looks as if he is thinking.

 "Oh that's right! She is called the Girl of Despair." Rin says. "So everyone was asked to not interact with her." Kousuki's mind still ponders on that strange girl. 


 Two hours later Kousuki is buying a drink from the vending machines in the hallway. He waits for the dropping sound and he looks to the side of him and notice the same girl walking down the hallway, but this time empty handed. He doesn't notice he drink fall and he walks to her. 

 "I forgot to ask what is your name earlier." Kousuki says. The girl stops beside him and she looks at him. Her skin is deathly pale. 

 "It's Izumi Kasumi." Izumi says. "You must be Kousuki Saukurako."

 "Yes I am. How did you know that?" Kousuki asks. He bends down and gets his drink.

 "I heard your name during role call." Izumi says. Izumi looks at Kousuki and she looks serious. "I appreciate what you're doing, but it would be best not to talk to me anymore." Kousuki's eyes widen. Izumi walks down the hallway. 

 "It would be best not to talk to her anymore?" Kousuki quietly asks himself. He walks to the North Wing. He sits in class wondering about Izumi. His friends are chatting. "Do you guys know why we aren't suppose to talk to Izumi Kasumi?" Kousuki asks. His friends become quiet. The girl in the group looks at him. 

 "She is called the Girl of Despair. Every town she's been at people start dying or supernatural things occur. Like in the library at Sakigari. The bookshelf fell over and nearly killed the students. It happened when she left the room." Yasu says. She has brown hair that is in a ponytail with brown eyes. She is wearing a black button up shirt with a white skirt. 

 "So why is the reason we can't? Kousuki asks. 

 "The reason is because. She is cursed." Yasu says. Kousuki's eyes widen in shock. 

 "Sh-she is cursed?" Kousuki says. The group nods. 

 "So don't talk to her. Or you might be tomorrows news." Yasu says.

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