Ghoul Despair

A young girl named Izumi Katsumi was born with a terrible infection in her left eye. The doctors didn't know what the disease was or where it came from. Her mother gave birth to her in an insane asylum so it could have been anything. Her mother was charged and arrested for murder. Now that the girl is sixteen, she has been transferred to a new city. In the past when she was in the other schools supernatural things started to happen. So she was transferred to different schools and the same things happened. She is transferring to Sakikaba High School. Will the same things start to occur? Or will it stop?


3. Fall

 Kousuki is sitting in class thinking about the little research he had done. He looks over at Rin who is sitting beside his girlfriend. They are making kissing faces and they mouth Izumi and Kousuki. Kousuki rolls his eyes and he smiles. His friends tease him alot since he doesn't have a girlfriend. They turn around and start chatting. Kousuki looks over at Izumi. She is reading a book. It must be the one she got yesterday. Izumi is wearing a black v-neck shirt with black pants. She is wearing black sneakers. He gets up and he walks to her. He looks over her shoulder and he notices that this book isn't romantic, its sort of creepy. He reads the line Then at that moment he knew that his friend was dead

 "This book is different from before." Kousuki says. Izumi sighs. 

 "Yes. I often go to the book store to get new books." Izumi says. Kousuki nods. 

 "You like reading I guess?" Kousuki asks. She nods. 

 "Its one of my hobbies." Izumi says. She turns the page and begins reading. 

 "Do you have any other hobbies?" Kousuki asks. Izumi points at the line she is on and looks at Kousuki.

 "If you want to know me, tell me one thing. Are you related to Kazuko?" Izumi asks. Kousuki looks at her in shock. 

 "How did you know that name?!" Kousuki asks. Izumi stands up and she walks to the door. 

 "Lets talk about this somewhere else." Izumi says. Kousuki follows her out of the classroom. Izumi motions for him to go outside of the school. He follows her. They walk outside of the school. Izumi looks at Kousuki. "The reason I know your uncle is because he was linked to my mother." Izumi says. 

 "Your mother? Wasn't she in an asylum?" Kousuki asks. Izumi nods. 

 "How do you know that?" Izumi asks. Kousuki takes out a piece of paper and hands it to Izumi. She unfolds it and it is copied from a website page. She reads the paper. "So this is recorded information. The names are crossed through, but this is the exact date my grandparents said I was born on." Izumi says. "It also says that the baby was killed by the doctor. It doesn't make sense. If the doctor wanted to kill the baby wouldn't he just abort it?" Izumi asks. 

 "I know. That's why I figured you would maybe know about this." Kousuki pulls out another piece of folded paper. He gives it to her. Izumi unfolds the piece of paper and she reads it. It has more information on it. It says that Kazuko was her birth giver. She looks at Kousuki. 

 "Why did you search my name?" Izumi asks. 

 "I didn't I searched Sakurai, and that's what came up. The asylum that was mysteriously burned down one day." Kousuki says. Izumi starts thinking. 

 "I know about the asylum. My mother died there and then it burned down the night after." Izumi says. She looks at Kousuki. 

 "Do you believe in demonic spirits?" Izumi asks. Kousuki gives her a thoughtful look. 

 "No. I believe that when someone dies that God decides their fate and they go to heaven or hell." Kousuki says. Izumi starts thinking. 

 "I do." Izumi says. Kousuki looks at her with concern. 

 "You believe in such non-sense?" Kousuki asks. Izumi quickly looks at him with a cold glare. 

 "You're disgusted of my beliefs?" Izumi asks coldly. Kousuki shakes his head. 

 "That's not what i'm saying. I'm saying that its non-sense. Why do you believe in such things?" Kousuki asks. Izumi looks away and her expression changes. 

 "That's not what I tell just anyone. You're the first I told about my mother and my belief." Izumi says. Kousuki nods in agreement. 

 "Why did you ask me about my uncle then?" Kousuki asks. Izumi looks at him. 

 "I believe they are linked in the mysterious fire of the asylum." Izumi says. Kousuki looks with interest. 

 "You believe that they are linked with the fire?" Kousuki asks. Izumi nods. She looks away from him. 

 "We'll take a little adventure to the grounds of the asylum. Some parts of it wasn't burned. Only the first floors were." Izumi says. "They also rebuilt it, and then the construction works told everyone not to sent patients or doctors to it." Izumi says. 

 "Why?" Kousuki asks. Izumi looks at him with a serious look.

 "It was haunted." Izumi says. Kousuki's eyes widen. 

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