Ghoul Despair

A young girl named Izumi Katsumi was born with a terrible infection in her left eye. The doctors didn't know what the disease was or where it came from. Her mother gave birth to her in an insane asylum so it could have been anything. Her mother was charged and arrested for murder. Now that the girl is sixteen, she has been transferred to a new city. In the past when she was in the other schools supernatural things started to happen. So she was transferred to different schools and the same things happened. She is transferring to Sakikaba High School. Will the same things start to occur? Or will it stop?


2. Death Bell

 It is in the morning and Kousuki is riding with Rin. His hair flows in the wind. He sighs. 

 "What is it Kousuki?" Rin asks, as he drives. He has a white t-shirt with a baseball team name on it. He is wearing black shorts and the same shoes as yesterday. 

 "Its about that girl Izumi." Kousuki says. "She is so lonely." Rin stops the car at a red light. He looks at his friend. 

 "She is the Girl of Despair, of course she is lonely. She is cursed or something." Rin says. He checks the light and it is still red. 

 "It doesn't matter, people treat her as a disease its not right." Kousuki says. He looks at Rin with a serious look. 

 "Look it doesn't matter about that. She is bad news, and she harms people." Rin says. He looks at the light and its green. They go down the street, and into the school parking lot. 


 It is in the middle of the day, and Kousuki is sitting on top of a desk. He notices Izumi is quietly reading a book. She often looks outside the window to look at the scenery. She is wearing a black long sleeve shirt. It has a bloody rose on it. Her skirt is black with a white belt. She is wearing brown boots. She sees the birds flying off the trees and into the sky. She looks so peaceful. Kousuki gets off the desk, and he walks toward Izumi. He stands behind her. He leans forward to look at what she is reading. The book's text seems to be a romantic type book. He reads the line: He kisses her with passion and she puts her hands on his chest. Kousuki reads the next few lines. 

 "That's an interesting book." Kousuki says. Izumi hides the book under her desk. She turns her head to him. 

 "It is." Izumi says. Her voice is still deathly low. Kousuki grabs a chair that is behind him, and he pulls it in front of him. He sits on it backwards with the back rest facing toward his chest. 

 "Whats it called?" Kousuki asks. Izumi looks away from her. 

 "Undying Love." Izumi says. She slowly takes it out. "Guys like you shouldn't read these type of books. The genre is romance. Don't you guys like action and stuff with lots of violence?" Izumi says. She bends the tip of the page to mark her place. Kousuki smiles. 

 "Yeah you're right about that." Kousuki says agreeing with Izumi. She looks at Kousuki with concern. Her left side of her hair still covers her left eye. 

 "Why are you so interested in talking to me?" Izumi asks. Kousuki looks at her. 

 "You seem lonely. So I want to get to know you better." Kousuki says. Izumi looks down at her desk with a sad expression. 

 "Thanks for being kind again. I said yesterday you shouldn't talk to me." Izumi says. 

 "I know what happened at the other schools you went to, but I believe it wasn't you. You always went to a different school in that city, not a different city. Maybe that city you lived at before was corrupted, and it just happened." Kousuki says. Izumi looks at Kousuki. Her expression hasn't changed. 

 "Its not that." Izumi says. Her voice is serious. Kousuki looks at her with interest. 

 "Then what is it?" Kousuki asks with concern. Izumi turns her head forward as to not have heard him. 

 "I'll keep that to myself. Its none of your business anyways." Izumi says. Kousuki closes his eyes and he sighs. 

 "Alright fine." Kousuki says. He gets up and he pushes the chair underneath the table behind Izumi. He walks back to his group of friends. Izumi sighs. 

 "I hope he doesn't come back. He might start the curse again." Izumi says. She starts reading her book. 


 It is night and Kousuki is laying on his bed. He has on a black long sleeve shirt with white sweatpants. His mind ponders on Izumi Kasumi. He rolls on his side and his hair covers his right eye.

 "I need to find something out." Kousuki says. He gets out of bed and walks to his computer desk. He sits down on the computer chair and he starts up his computer. He searches the city name Sakurai. The first website that shows up is the recent deaths. He clicks on that one. The death toll is 670,000,000 hundred million deaths, and injuries. Most of the people died from their injuries. He started reading about an article about an asylum that was mysteriously burned down sixteen years ago after January 14th. All the doctors and patients died. The asylum was called Hell's Gate Asylum. Everyone linked to that asylum died. The former workers, former patients, and also the owner at the time died too. Izumi's name was listed on the list of births. Kousuki clicks on her name. It shows her birth certificate. Its says: Name: Izumi Kasumi. Gender: Female. Date of birth: January 14th 2001. Kousuki's mind ponders on her birth certificate. He sees the name Kazuko Sakurako under birth giver. He tilts his head in confusion. "Kazuko is my uncle. He died two nights after Izumi's birth. My father said his brother worked as a construction worker, and that he died because of an accident." Kousuki says. "But how is he a birth giver? Did he quit the job?" Kousuki asks himself. He clicks on the name. It shows a list of documents on his medical research about the aggression of the brain. He clicks on relatives. He sees a family tree of the Sakurako's bloodline from 1823. He sees his name under Yuzuki and Yumi Sakurako which is his parents. He scrolls through some of his uncles researches and he skims through the articles. A article called Woman or Devil? catches his attention. He reads how a satanist gave birth to a girl. The names are crossed out with a black line. Kousuki just assumes its to protect their identity. He reads how the mother committed suicide after she gave birth. He keeps reading about how the doctor also killed the child, but the line seems to not go with the sentence it seems someone edited the documents. Kousuki keeps reading. His mother calls for him. He exits out of the browsing window and he walks to his door. He opens it and he goes downstairs. His mother is standing beside the stairs. 

 "Your friends want you to go with them to an ice-cream store." Yumi says. She has blonde long hair that goes down to her back. Her eyes are light blue and she is wearing a pink shirt with an apron over it. She is wearing blue jeans. 

 "I'll go with them." Kousuki says. He walks back upstairs and he puts on his socks and he puts on his shoes. He goes downstairs and out the front door. His friends are waiting in Rin's car. 

 "Hi Kousuki." Ayumi says. Ayumi has light brown hair, with blue eyes. She is very beautiful. She is wearing a tightly fit blue shirt that shows how big her breasts are. She is wearing a black mini skirt. Kousuki gets in the car. He smiles at his three friends. 

 "Hi guys." Kousuki says. They wave to him. Rin is wearing the same cloths as this morning. Rin's girlfriend who is in the front seat has brown hair that is in a pony tail and has three strands covering her forehead. She is wearing a baseball team jersey and black sweatpants.  Kousuki lays his head back. Ayumi starts texting on her phone. Rin starts to drive off. Kousuki looks at his neighbors house as they pass them. He thinks about the asylum and how his uncle worked there. "If my dad told me that he was a construction worker, but the documents say he was an asylum doctor, is my father lying to me?" Kousuki thought. Kousuki watches the scenery as they stop at a red light. Kousuki sees Izumi walking on the street. She has on a black dress that is similar to the one yesterday. There is a red ribbon tied at her waist. It makes a bow and is on her back. The collar is red. The skirt of the dress is black with red roses around it. She is wearing the same boots as today. She is holding a book close to her chest. Kousuki watches as she enters a book store. He looks ahead. 


 Kousuki and his three friends are at a ice-cream ally. He is licking his ice-cream. He got the chocolate fudge flavor. Ayumi got vanilla. Rin got cookie dough, and his girlfriend Kurenai got the same as Rin. Kousuki looks out the window and he sees Izumi again. She is walking in front of the ice-cream store. She is holding a different book. The wind blows her hair and she moves a strand over her ear with her hand. Kousuki watches as she disappears from his view. He looks at his friends who are giving him a funny look. 

 "Do you have a crush on Izumi Kasumi?" Ayumi asks teasing him. Kousuki gives her a serious look.

 "Eh, no. I don't even know her. I just know her name." Kousuki says. He continues to lick his ice-cream, and his friends laugh. 

 "Are you practicing for her?" Kurenai says teasing him. Kousuki's cheeks turn a rosy color at the thought of it. They laugh again, but much harder. 


 Kousuki is laying in bed and he is looking at the ceiling thinking about the asylum. His phone rings and he grabs it and he taps the accept icon. He holds it up to his ear.

 "Hello?" Kousuki asks. 

 "Kousuki i'm going to be working late, and your mom just called saying she had to also go into work. So make sure the doors are locked and you aren't using up the electricity." Kousuki's dad says. 

 "Yes sir." Kousuki says.

 "You mother said your dinner is on the table. And also no parties." Kousuki's dad giggles. Kousuki smiles. 

 "Alright no parties." Kousuki says. His dad giggles.

 "Okay, see you tomorrow afternoon then." Kousuki's dad says. 

 "See you too." Kousuki says.

 "Bye." Kousuki's dad says. He hangs up the phone and Kousuki puts his phone beside his bed on the table with his lamp. He gets out of bed and he walks out of his room, and downstairs to the kitchen. He sees the bowl his mother had fixed. It was ramen noodles with teriyaki chicken flavor. The type of ramen noodles Kousuki liked. He picks up the bowl and he twirls his fork in the noodles to make them tangle around his fork. He takes a bite. 

 "Mom never fails to make the best ramen noodles." Kousuki says. He takes another bite.

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