A Handful of Poems

"I wish to be the ignorant raindrop, sometimes, to think that it was my fault after all of this. Alas,/ It was all a bitter execution of will that led me to her, killed her, and soaked my world with tears."


4. Lies

I could feel the sweet putrid air as it pressed hard against my skin.

The wall’s pigment dripped in tired submission to the dusty tiling,

And my breaths shallowed, burning my lungs, as he showed me further in. 

So this is the place I had wished to be for so long, I thought gently.


He told me, “Wait there.” I waited there

I could hear the children’s dead laughter.

Outside these children drudged, unaware

I felt like their mother, their sanity.


The door opened.

She crossed the floor.

Heart, not broken,

Not anymore.


Open eyes.

She’s gone.

All lies.

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