A Handful of Poems

"I wish to be the ignorant raindrop, sometimes, to think that it was my fault after all of this. Alas,/ It was all a bitter execution of will that led me to her, killed her, and soaked my world with tears."


5. I Want to Run

I want to run.

The sun is rising.

No one would know.

My feet could travel far.

The air isn’t too cold, too hot.

All I need is my music; it will carry me.

No one’d stop me. I wouldn’t have to remember them.

I could forget it all and run, be cold and hungry and happy.

I’m going to run and feel the air in my hair, and it will dry my tears.

Why not try it? I’ve been stuck in the ocean so long. The beach might save me.

I know it would be good. I’m going. Leaving. I don’t want to remember her anymore.


She shouldn’t want me to run.

She would tell me to stay.

Say it was about perspective.

But she doesn’t want me to be sad, and this is the way, I know it is.

But maybe it is not.

I know that it isn’t.

I will stay for her.

I can’t leave.

She’s here.

I’m here.





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