Memories Lost in Time

Katirina Hartford is a 16 year old girl from Gold Gait High. Everything is fine until she discovers a family secret. Soon she finds herself in a sticky situation in the past, trapped. She must find her way home and while fighting for her life and for the love of her life. There is mystery, deception, and high stakes. Will she make it home, or will she be stuck in the past?


3. The Ball


The Ball

Monday, October 19, 2015 - The Next Day


I wake up to the sound of my alarm beeping endlessly. I roll over and blindly feel for my phone, turning off the alarm, and promptly falling back asleep. Yet again, my phone reminds me to get up and this time I listen. Throwing off my blankets I get up and rub the sleep out of my eyes as I make my way to the bathroom. After a ten minute shower, I apply  mascara and am  ready for the day.

“Mornin’,” I announce as I grab a mug and bowl from the cupboard.

“Morning sweets,” mom said, while dad said, “Coffee? Eggs?” I am  already filling my mug.

“You know me so well.” I grab my coffee and eggs and sit at the table.

“Did you have fun with Cyn last night dear?” mom asks as she sips her coffee. Her dark brown hair is framing her face making her emerald green eyes stand out more than usual. Though my hair was longer than hers the color is the same. But I get my eye color and bone structure from my dad. Chocolate eyes, soft cheek bones, defined jaw, and prominent chin all cacome me from him. Dad joins us.

“Yes...Well it's was was weird,” I say to my eggs

“How so?” Dad's voice carries a hint of … annoyance? Or, maybe, curiosity.

“I don't know.” I pause, choosing my words carefully. “We were out and I fell and hit my head. It gave me a little headache but I'm fine now.”  I look up to meet his eyes, a perfect mirror of my own.

“I'm sorry to hear that sweets, are you sure you're OK?”

“Yes, I'm fine, mom.” I roll my eyes and tale care of my bowl. Snagging my keys from the dish, I give each of them a kiss on the cheek and head to school.



Friday, October 23, 2015 - Present Day

Golden Gait Academy, home of the Golden Eagles is my current place of learning. First hour consists  of Honors Bio followed by Honors History, Honors Writing, Spanish, Geometry, and finally Art. By the time lunch comes around I am half starved.

“Hey there, comrade,” says a voice over my shoulder. I grab my lunch from my locker and faced my friend Alexandra. In tow with her are Emily and Cynthia, and plus me is our group.

“Well hello there ladies, might I say were are looking damn fine today.” They all erupt in laughter as we make our way to the cafeteria for lunch.

“Sooo, who is ready to pick up their dresses for tonight?” I turn to Emily. I just giggle Every year in October, Golden Gait Academy throws a masquerade ball. The tradition started in the late 1700s and continues to this day. Every year the girls wear authentic ball gowns and the boys wear their tail coats. To be honest I hate the corset and petticoats but they do wonders for my hourglass figure.

“Ohh, I saw this little boutique on the end of Willington and Third. Its shoes are to die for,” says Cynthia. “We'll have to stop there after we get our gowns.”

“Good idea Cyn, and we can go for some afternoon tea after,” says Alex. We all gab about the ball and who is going with who along with other gossip until the bell for class rings.

After lunch the day drags on painfully slow. I am excited. My dress is  gold satin with black lace and embellishments. The corset and bodice are gold lace and the skirts are gold with black embroidery coming from the bottom like a black flame.

Final bell rang out our dismissal, I hurry to my locker to grab my purse and meet the girls in the driveway. We all decided to meet at the shop.

As I walk into the shop I immediately find the girls. They are all sifting through racks of dresses even though all their dresses were hand made and fitted.

“Okay ladies, who is ready to see zeir dresses?” Madam RossI, asks in her heavy French accent. We all squeals with excitement and practically run to the dressing rooms.

“‘ere is ze dress I ‘ave made for you Miss Emily. Fallow me to ze dressing room and you will be ze first to try your outfits.” Emily  sits down her purse and keys. Then disappears behind the curtain with Madam Rossi to the dressing rooms. Emily returns five minutes later in her dress. Emily's dress is a light blue and turquoise, sheer with a large petticoat and a silk underlining. Rather than a corset, she has a fitted sweetheart neckline and sleeves. At the top of the neckline and bodice is light blue lace. It has a lace-up back. All around it is a classic fit and flare. Emily’s long golden blonde hair is pulled back in a half up-half down with slight curls in contrast to her normally straight hair. The blue-turquoise color of the dress brings her blue-gray eyes to life as if they are made from the tropical ocean itself. But to top it off the swirling mask she wears  makes her facial features seemingly softer. Emily has an upturned nose, square jaw, and a round face.

“Well don't all speak at once,” she says with a grin.

“It’s perfect,” I say. The others murmur agreements and clap.

“You ladies can fix ze ‘airstyle as you please but I zink I looks razer lovely.” Madam Rossi announces as she emerges from behind the curtain. “Miss Alexandra, you are next. Come wit me.” And with that they are gone and Emily has taken her place on the couch.

As with Emily, Alex returns a short time later. Alexandra's dress is much like Emily's. Alex's dress is a magnificent orange. A soft welcoming color like a flame that you knew if you got to close you would be burned. This tells so much of her personality because Alex is a gentle loving person but cross her and you'll be sorry. The bodice is minimal, cut to end under the bust thereby achieving a high waist that defines the silhouette. The neckline is predominantly low, but fixed with lace.The fiddle-back bodice, with side, back and shoulder seams are placed to form a diamond shape. The dress opens from the front with drawstrings, while the skirts of the dresses have side openings. The fabrics looks lightweight, with embroidery and details that does  not interrupt the aesthetic flow.

“I love it!” exclaims Emily and yet again the girls starts to talk.

A moment later Madam Rossi summons Cynthia and she disappears behind the curtain only to return in a light pink gown. The waist resumes its natural position while the neckline becomes very wide and the bodice line takes on a highly distinctive V-shape. Her ankle length skirts become quite full and need several petticoats. There are embroidered roses along the corset. A silk ribbon hangs from the hip, guided tour opening to a sheer material. The sweetheart neckline carries off the shoulder sleeves. Cynthia's dirty blonde hair is pulled back by a ribbon and rose. Her lips are plump and her cheeks are slightly round. Her thin eyebrows just barely peak over the silver lace mask. Cynthia twirls in place and giggles, the others join her and whisper of their dresses.

Finally  it is my turn to try on my dress I walk behind the curtain and go into the first dressing room. Sitting in the dressing room is Madam Rossi.

“Come in darling I ‘ave ze dress ready for you, but first you must put on ze blindfold. You mustn't see it till you are done,” she states with no room for argument. After being blindfolded securely, I strip down.

“Step forward, raise your arms, suck it all in…” With a final tug she laces up the corset, and firmly fits the bodice, but not so tight as to cut off air supply. “Zere now sit down... Yes, yes. Back a bit, zere now, sit up straight. Now I will do your ‘air.” With that she pulls and ties my hair, curling what I hope are flyaways by my ears. I can feel the weight of my hair in what can only be a bun. Finally she takes off my blindfold and I stand up turning to face the mirror. I gasp.

“Oh. Oh, Madam Rossi this is magnificent, it is so much better than I hoped!” I say with glee. “It is just perfect, thank you so much.” She just smiles at me and she puts her stuff away.

“As long as you ‘ave fun at ze ball, zat is all zat matters.” She smiles and leaves the room.

I gaze at myself in the mirror. This dress accentuates all the perfect curves of my body and the colour suites me beautifully. My dress is a gold satin dress with black lace and embellishments. The corset and bodice are gold lace and the skirts are gold with black embroidery coming from the bottom like a black flame. A full-skirted gown reaching the floor, made of light fabric, delicately and exotically trimmed. At my waistline is a gold ribbon that ties in the back into a bow, whose tails flows down the back of the dress. It is off the shoulder with a decollete neckline. My hair is done in an elegant bun with a gold silk ribbon tied around the outside accenting my dark brown hair. The ribbon in my hair matches the ribbon around my waistline. Placing my black and gold mask on, I examine my face. The mask is  black that goes up to my eyebrows and down to the top of my cheekbones, obscuring my eyebrows and most of my eyes, but allows me to see. There is gold glitter around the eye holes and swirls above the border under the eyes, a Gold Crown-like design between the eyebrows. And from that space were three small black feathers no bigger than the pad of my thumb. All around the edge of the Mask is a swirling decorative border that accents the rest of the mask. The mask sharpens my cheekbones in contrast to the colors. My jaw and chin smooth and fade as the mask takes precedence over my face. With a deep breath I head to the front of the store to show my friends my appearance. As I walk out suddenly the talking stops and everyone gasps when I emerge from the curtain. So I twirl my skirts and slowly rest in place as I face the girls again.

“Well, what do you think?” I ask nervously. They run up to me and give me a huge hug.

“Wow Kati, you look breathtaking. You’re going to be the crown jewel of the ball.” The others come closer, giving similar comments about how happy they are.

After we paid for our dresses, we realize we don’t have time for tea after all. We have to head straight to the ball; it is already dark. Quickly I drive home and take pictures with my parents. I go up to my room and take a picture with the roses mom and dad got me. I print out the picture and tuck it in my jacket pocket as I get back in my car and drive to the ball.




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