Memories Lost in Time

Katirina Hartford is a 16 year old girl from Gold Gait High. Everything is fine until she discovers a family secret. Soon she finds herself in a sticky situation in the past, trapped. She must find her way home and while fighting for her life and for the love of her life. There is mystery, deception, and high stakes. Will she make it home, or will she be stuck in the past?


8. Lessons in Eitquette


Lessons in Etiquette

I can still feel the warmth in my cheeks as I walk into Meme’s shop.

“Katirina? Is that you? I'm in the back dear!” she yells to me from behind closed doors.

“Yeah Meme, I'm on my way in.” I walk to back behind the counter but before I open the door. I take a moment to myself. Taking three deep breaths and collect my thoughts. Smoothing my hair and dress, I open the door.

“Meme, where are you?” I yell into the dim candle light.

“Over here by the desk,” she calls from around the corner. “Did you enjoy your walk, child?”

“Yes, it was quite lovely. What have you done to pass the time as I've been gone? Did you enjoy book club with the ladies?”

“As well as I always do, dear.” She smiles warmly at me. “ Child, we need to talk.”

“Of course Meme. Is something wrong?” I sit down across from her ready for some more bad news.

“We actually yes, child, there are some things you need to know about the time that you are now.” she closes her book and and squares her shoulders at me.

, what is it ? Is there more trouble that I should know about?” i glance around nervously.

“Nothing like that, child,” she smiles at me “It's not a matter of danger, it's a matter of this time period that you’re in. May i ask the year you come from?”

“The year 2015” I answer.

“Mhm,” she nods, “And what of a gentlemen and ladies relationship?”

“Well if a guy likes a girl, he asks her out and the go on a date. Same goes for a girl liking a girl and a guy liking a guy. There really aren’t any rules, i guess.”

“Oh! Oh my, well that is definitely different than what we do here and now. You have much to learn my child.” My face became a giant question mark. So she started to explain. “First you must learn the art  of using a fan.” She stands up and moves to the desk, reaching in the drawer she pulls out two fans. “Using a fan is like having a conversation. Anyone who knows the language may communicate. Listen closely then i will demonstrate. Fanning fast means -- I am independent, Fanning slow means -- I am engaged, Fan with your right hand in front of face -- Come on, Fan with left hand in front of face -- Leave me, Fan open and shut -- Kiss me, Fan open wide -- Love, Fan half open -- Friendship, Fan shut -- Hate, Fan swinging -- Can I see you home?” she demonstrates each as she says them. Her hands moved gracefully over the fan moving it about her face. She looks at me pointedly and hands me a fan. “Now do this with me.”  

We went through the way of the fan many times until I did it right.

“Right, now, I shall give you the basic rules of our etiquette.” She gives me a pointed look and says. “A lady mustn't ever lose her temper. Always keep a level head and vocal manner. A woman with a sharp tongue is sure to assume a punishment upon her shoulders. Govern your voice and actions. Be gentle. Be patient. Measure your words with temperament and humility. Always remember that, valuable as is the gift of speech, silence is often more valuable. When silent you may pick up on more things, falter in speech, a cross look, a slight of hand, you may see things you otherwise wouldn't while arguing.” She walks back to me and sits across from me to continue. “When bowing, your head would be best; simply a mere lowering of the eyelids, affected by most people, is very rude; but etiquette does not permit a familiar nod, except between businessmen, or very intimate friends. In passing and repassing on a public promenade or drive, bows are exchanged only at the first meeting. When carrying an umbrella, package, or other items be sure not to allow them to bother others. Always walk to the right of the walkway so as to make room for others. When crossing a street or roadway gentlemen should make way for ladies and children first. Younger women always walk after their elders. Do not be alarmed when a gentlemen helps you out of your carriage without formal introduction. Most men will help a lady and move on no introduction needed. No man should ever smoke around a woman other than his wife and children. A true honest lady should go quietly and unobtrusively about her business when on the street, never seeking to attract the attention of the opposite sex, at the same time recognizing acquaintances with a courteous bow, and friends with pleasant words of greeting. That is most of what you must know the rest can be addressed when the time comes.” she takes a breath while i take in all i have to learn.  

“Is that all?” I ask through lowered lashes.

“Not nearly but as I said the rest can be learned in due time.” meme looks at me and smiles saying “I think that is all for one day child, I'm going to start dinner. You go wash up and all call when it's ready.”

I give her a thankful smile, nod and leave the room. Washing my face is a chore the water is cold from the pump and my hands shake slightly. I go to an uneventful dinner then head back to my room for bed. I put on the nightgown that Meme gave me and go to sleep. But sleep would not come. Tossing and turning I throw the sheets on the floor. At one point I hear the window open and the room chills against my fevered skin. Through my troubled sleep I dream.

The darkness behind my eyelids flickers, I am standing in a field of lavender. Taking a deep breath I take in my surroundings, the field goes as far as my eye can see. I turn to see a quaint little house, there sitting on the front porch was a woman wrapped in a earthy green shall. Her eyes emerald eyes light up at the sight of me and I find myself compelled to be near her. Her presence is comforting, and with a start I realise I know where I am. This was my Nona’s lavender field. As I approach the foreign woman she smiles at me, her voice floats across the air.

Come child we have much to discuss.” her voice was like a feather light touch to my ears. I climb the porch steps and sit when she waves to the seat next to her.

I have had my eye on you for some time daughter, you have the potential for great power because you have the capacity for so much love and good in your heart.” My face tightened in confusion and she continued on.

You daughter of my soul carry so much light and good that you have the power of a true enchantress. I have been named many things over my eons of life, you may call me Ahti. my name has many meanings, Ahti means one who sings sand into pearls. Do you know your spirit name my child?

No.” I fold my hands in my lap so hide my trembles

Your spirit name is Adara, it means one who is beautiful, one with a beautiful soul. I have a bright future ahead for you if you so choose. I would never force my will on anyone. You see child these gifts I have given you are yours alone, you may choose freely what you do with them, but know you go forth with my blessing.

What do you mean powers?” I ask Ahti

Her laugh was like the sound of tinkling bells of joyus tides.

You shall see, in time, my child, Though I may not be with you in a physical essence, You are a daughter of my soul, and I am within you always.” I started to push more questions in wonder but she spoke before I.

Come child there will be a time for questions later, now, you must return to your world.” with a warm embrace and a quick kiss on the forehead I was back in my bed.


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