He's Amazing but i'm not on fire

Dan and phil meets eachother for the first time but none of them knew what history they would make together


3. New friends

I didn't plan to be with someone that day, actually i wanted to be by myself, but the cafe was filled with people, so when the group of friends came in, I couldn't deny them the empty seats around me. 
The group of friends started to talk loud, like friends usually do, and i didn't even think that they noticed me before a blonde girl looked intense at me and asked if anything was wrong.
I didn't want to talk about what had happened to my brother, so i just said that there wasn't anything wrong, but she kept insisting that i should tell them what was wrong.
I started to get mad, because that was absolutely none of their business, so in a desperate hope for them to shut up i told them, that my hamster was dead.

they looked at me in a weird way that said, "Why didn't you just tell us to begin with?" 

I hadn't got a chance to drink my coffee so it was cold when i decided to go out of the cafe. But the guy, i went into's coffee was certainly not cold. I thought that he might was angry, but when i looked at him, he wasn't. Actually he said sorry, even when it was clearly me that went into him and not the other way around.
I looked down before i hurried out of the cafe and away from the man with the deep blue eyes.

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