He's Amazing but i'm not on fire

Dan and phil meets eachother for the first time but none of them knew what history they would make together


2. How it started

I stood at the trainstation. Waiting. I had just left from my parents' home. I didn't know where to go because I didn't want to go home to my apartment. All i knew was that i needed to go away.
My blood was still pumping like crazy in my body, and my brain was working at full power.
What happened at my parents' house?
Well, my parents told me that my brother had
committed suicide.  

Everything I had learned in life, I had learned from him. Everything from how to talk to girls to how to avoid getting in trouble from not having done my homework.

My world felt like a mess. People was just walking around not noticing anything. As if they would ever do that. 

I jumped at the first train i saw and hoped it would bring me to somewhere nice. Because I just wanted to be somewhere nice. That was actually everything i wanted at that moment. To be somewhere nice. I thought that if I was at a place somewhere nice, everything would be okay.

The train stopped in London and I got out as fast as i could. 
You know, when you feel bad you just want to have someone to hold you and say that everything is going to be okay. Well, i felt that way. But the only person i needed was my brother.
I didn't understand him. Why would he ever do such thing thing to me? Did he want me to feel bad?

In all my desperate thoughts i found myself standing in the middle of a small cafe. I sat down. I looked around but everything seemed quiet. Maybe this was the nice place i was looking for? 

I took my hand and felt on my hair i had used and hour to straighten this morning. Because of all the rain, there always is in London, my hair was starting to getting curly. I've always hated my hair like that. 

A kind lady stood in front of me. She had just asked if I wanted anything. I felt like i couldn't just sit there without getting anything so i ordered a coffee.I didn't actually want anything but right in that time, it was everything i needed.



 Thanks for reading this story. I'm not the best writer, or the best at English, so forgive me if i have misspelled something.

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