He's Amazing but i'm not on fire

Dan and phil meets eachother for the first time but none of them knew what history they would make together


5. Don't go that way please

"You know just as well as me that you don't have a hamster" he looked at me with a little judge on his face, but I could still se some sympathy in his deep blue eyes.

"And what if I don't have a hamster?! It's none of your business" I did not want to tell this strange man, that seemed to know me even though he had never met me, what had really happened, so I started to walk away from him.

"Excuse me but uhm... You don't want to go that way" he said a bit nervous

"I can go where I want" I said while I kept walking

"Seriously, you don't want to go that way" he said a bit more confident

"Why?? It's not like someone is going to kill me" I turned around to look at him.

"It's just... There's a lot of bad guys down there and... I don't want you to get hurt, and about that umh... Killing thing... Just please don't go that way, okay?" He looked extremely nervous

"Why would you care?! You don't even know me"

"You're right... I don't know you, but I know who you are. You're a Howell right? Now please don't go that way"

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