7. Chapter 7.


Well.. Hello there..~


The figure! The thing standing in front of me, was the figure that had been following me the past days. All this started when i saw it for the first time!


“What do you want?! Why are you following me?!”


Now, Now. Don’t get mad~


“I want you to answer me! What do you want?!”


There came silence between us.




The next thing i know is that it’s running right towards me. I quickly turn around and ran. I ran as fast as i could. Million thoughts running through my mind. What is that thing?! What do it want?! Is it that thing who murdered that child?!? Why is this happening?!?! I ran and ran. Not even watching where i was going. Not looking back. I saw some light and ran towards it.

I finally got into the light. I were still running and my eyes hadn’t focused the light yet. Sudenly i stopped, i haven't processed what happened. But everything went dark..




“Mm-.. H-huh? W-where am i..?”


I woke up and felt something cold in my forehead. What’s this? Where am i? I looked around, trying to focus. My vision were blurry, and it were really light. When my eyes then finally focused i took in the senararry. It’s a living room.. I don’t recognize it though.. I heard a door opening and a figure walked into the room.


“Oh. Emma you’re awake. I’m glad.”


It’s was Professor Michael. He gave me a sweet smile, and walked over to me.


“You hit your head quite hard there.”


“What do you mean?”


“I found you laying on the ground unconscious.”




“You have a big mark on your forehead. I tried to wake you, but nothing helped. So I took you with me home, to treat you.”


“T-Thank you, Professor.”


“Please, just call me Michael.”


He smiled at me. And i smiled back.




Some hours passed, and i had taken over the sofa in Professor Michaels house. He’s so sweet for taking care of me. Though, i better get home soon.. I got up to go find him. Right as i were about to open the door, the door opened from the other side.


“Oh, Emma. You shouldn’t be up. You should be resting.”


“I’m really grateful, of how nice you’ve been, but i have to get home. My parents are coming home tomorrow and i have to make ready at home for them.”


“Oh, umm..”




“You got a massage on your phone while you were unconscious. I’m sorry but i accidentally read it.”


“What? I got i massage?”


I went to get my phone. And just as he said, there were a massage on my phone. “Dear Emma, we’re sorry but we won’t be home anytime soon. The bussines trip is going so well, that we have to stay here a week or two more. Your sister is staying at her friends house till we get home, so you don’t have to worry about her. Love mom and dad <3 i can’t believe this.. What do i do now? I don’t want to be home alone for a whole week more.. I started shaking a little, and Professor Michael saw it.


“Emma? Are you ok?”


“*Sub* N-no.. *Sniff*”


“Emma? You’re crying.. What’s wrong?”


“I.. I-I don’t want to be home alone for a week or two more. *sniff* I’m scared..!”


“Emma.. Why didn’t you tell me? You could have stayed here.”


“I d-didn’t want to burst into your home like that..”


“Don’t be silly. It was me who invited you to begin with.”


He smiled at me. I looked at him, and the tears came back.

“Thank you..”

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