6. Chapter 6.


“Come in.”


“Hi Professor.”


“Hello Emma. So, where do we start?”

“Oh, umm.. What about the high qualities?”


“Sounds good. Ok what you want to do first is-”


I’m glad Professor Michael made time for me. Especially when it’s something that i have it a little hard with. But with his help, i’m sure i’ll learn it! It’s still a little strange sitting so close to him. I’m only used to observe him from a distance, and now i’m sitting right beside him getting extra classes. I want to tell him how i feel. But i just don’t feel like i can yet. Am I ever gonna do it? Or will i forever keep it a secret?


“Emma, are you listening?”


“Huh?! Oh! S-sorry!”


“What’s on your mind? You seem distracted.”


“N-nothing! I-it’s nothing really..!”


I-I can’t tell him what I’m thinking! If i did then he will know how i feel! I tried to play cool, and shake it off. I could see that Professor Michael didn’t really fall for it. Bit it seemed he weren’t going to ask more into it. Does he know i don’t want to talk, and then just dropped it?


“Alright, then listen.”






I said thanks and goodbye to Professor Michael, for helping me with my math. Even though it got a little awkward, it was still fun. I got some extra time with him, and now I feel like i know him a little better. I’m just waiting for my bus now. There’s no one else here, everyone went home already. But it’s understandable too. Who would stay at school, if they could just go home. I wonder when my bus’ here. I sit in the little hut there’s right beside the busstop. As i sit and wait for the bus, I see that weird shadow like ling in the distance. I squeezed my eyes, to see if i could skim the face. But it was to dark. I just saw that thing stating and staring right at me. What is that? Should i call out to it? But would it come over here if i did? While thinking, the shadow slowly comes closer. It wasn’t just coming closer to the road, but i could see it was heading towards me. I began freaking out. If I run it’ll chase me! What am I supposed to do?! Right at that moment the bus came, and i ran inside. I sat down be a window, and looked out. But the shadow was gone. Am i losing my mind?! I swear i saw a shadow! Was it the same from the other night? Is it following me?! What’s going on!?!

When i got home i immediately locked my doors and windows. I took Kitty and ran up my room. I then locked the door, and took out my phone to call ashley. But right as i was about to press the call button. What if it is just my imagination? I mean, it keep disapiring, and humans can't do that. Yet again an animal.. Am I losing my mind..? I put down my phone. I’m not hungry today.. So i went to bed.




N-no! Leave me alone! Go away!! Someone! Anyone!! Please help me!!!


“AAARGH!!!” *Gasp* *Pant* *Pant*


“W-what..? Was it just a dream? … It felt so real though.. And that thing. I don’t even know what it was. It was human i think. But why where it trying to kill me..?”




“Oh. Sorry for scaring you kitty..”


I patted him on the head. God what an awful nightmare! I haven’t had one in a long time. Is it because of that shadow thing? Urgh.. My head hurts… I got up to get a glass of water. When i walked down stairs there were a window open. But i was too sleepy to notice. I got a glas and where filling it up. I suddenly noticed how cold it was.


“Brr.. It’s cold.. Why is it so cold in here?”


I began looking around to check the heaters. But they were all on. Hmm.. Strange.. Maybe it’s just me. I got my glass of water, but when i were on my way up stairs i saw the open window. I dropped my glass, and ran to the kitchen after a knife for protection. I swear i locked all doors and window!!


“Who’s there?! Come out! Or i’ll call the police!!”


There were no answer. I began walking towards my room, and got inside. I locked the door and sat still on my bed. I listened to any sound there may be. But there was nothing. Nothing at all..




Some days passed, and nothing else happened after that night. I was anxious everyday when i got home. I where scared about if someone where in the house. But there never were anything else suspicious after. I tried my best to live life as before, but i kept having that feeling like someone staring at me from afar.


“Emma! Are you even listening?!”


“Ah! S-sorry Ashley! I was lost in thought.”


I laughed a little nervously. But she just looked at me a little mad and tired of me, but quickly got the smile back on her face.


“What were you saying?-”


“As i were saying!”


And then she started to explain to me whatever it was she wanted to tell me. I looked at her, and looked like i was listening. But really, i weren’t. I still had that feeling. Just as i were about to turn around, to look behind me, the bell rang. We took our stuff and hurried to class.

I met my teacher on the way, got in and sat down.


“Hello class. Now take out your..-”


Her voice faded away, and once again my mind took over. I’m so glad my parents coming home tomorrow. I don’t know if i could hold a day more of this. I don’t like being home alone anymore. I looked out the window. It was beautiful. Summer really is beautiful isn’t it? I looked to the little playground in the distance. All the children are playing. They’re so cute. But what i didn’t see, where a strange dark figure in the shadow of the trees. When i then got my eyes on him, my face turned a little pale. ‘What the-? The figure where talking with one of the children. What is he-? The next thing i see where red. There came a little pool of liquid red on the ground, and the shadow disappeared. I turned away, and hoped it were just my imagination, but when i looked back, the blood and the child were still there.

I didn’t know what to do. Should i scream? Should i tell the teacher? But how should i tell her?! “Yeah umm.. Teacher? I just saw a little kid get murdered outside on the playground..” What wouldn’t she think?! I can’t just tell it like that! What do i do?! As i were freaking out silently on my chair, there were police sirens coming from outside. Someone had called the police. Thank goodness.. My teacher got over to the window to see what was going on. She saw the blood, and ran out of the classroom. Everyone ran to the window to see what was going on, but i sat still. I didn’t want to see the corpse.. I just sat on my chair trembling. One of the girls in my class saw me and asked what were wrong. I couldn't look at her. I just stared down in my desk. Not able to move…




“What did you see?”


The police were talking to me. Several in my class said they think i saw something. I just wish it wasn’t true.




“I.. I don’t know..”


“You have to tell us if you saw anything.”


“I don’t want to think about it.. “


“Please miss..”


“I-i.. I saw a dark figure.. Hiding in the shadows of the trees.”


I didn’t say anything for a while. Just staring at my hands.


“The next thing i saw, was the child falling to the ground, and the blood..”


“And what about the figure? Did you see the face or where he was going?”


“No.. It was to dark to see his face. And he just disappeared.. “


“What do you mean with ‘’Just disappeared’’?”


“That he just disappeared into the darkness.”


I looked up at the officer, tears in my eyes. He thanked for my time and left. I didn’t move. When about 15 minutes had passed i got up and left. I walked over to the crime scene, and saw the blood. How could this happen..? How could anyone do this to a child? One of the officers saw me and yelled at me to get out of there. I then walked away. I walked long and didn’t stop..


Where am i..? I finally looked up to see where i were. What is this place..? I looked around, not recognizing a thing. I’ve just been walking looking down on the ground. So i had no idea where i came from, or where to go next. How did i end up here? I don’t recognize a thing.. I was surrounded by old unfamiliar buildings. I tried to go the way where i thought i came from. But as much as i walked, there weren’t a single familiar thing. It was quiet. Maybe a little too quiet.. I heard a whisper kind of sound.


Hi there~..


“Who’s there?”


I turned around with a little shock. But there was nobody. There were a lot of different shapes of shadows, but non looked unfitting. Maybe it’s just my imagination.. I kept walking forward. The sound came again.


What is a pretty girl like you doing here?~”


I didn’t like the sounds. They began sounding like a voice.. What is it saying? I don’t understand it..


Wanna have some fun?!~.


I jumped back in surprise. I looked around me, to see where the voice came from. I saw the figure in the road in front of me. Staring at me. I couldn’t see the face. It was to dark. The eyes were bright crimson red. Staring directly at me..


Well.. Hello there..~

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