5. Chapter 5.


Finely! my favorite subject!! I get to see Professor Michael. But will it be awkward since yesterday? I still find it awkward though. But will he? I walk in my own thoughts to class, without even knowing i’m going late. Wait what’s the time? 10:45?! Shit i gotta run!! As i ran to class, i ran into someone.


“Ow.. Oh! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”


“I’m fine, are you?”




I looked up to see the person i ran into.


“Professor Michael?!”


“You seem quite surprised. Were you in a rush? Perhaps to class?”


He looked at me with a small smirk on his face. And i smiled embarrassed back.




“Then you better hurry, or your teacher’s gonna be mad.”


He then gave me a little puff towards the classroom. And i hurried inside, and sat down. Just as i sat the bell rang, and Professor Michael came in.


“Alright class! Today we will discuss some math techniques.”


I sat almost stiff as a board. I think that was the first time he ever touched me.. or am i just thinking too much about it? I shaked my head to try and clear it. I then tried my best to concentrate in class, to make Professor Michael proud.






“Class dismissed!”


Everyone always hurry out the classroom to either talk to their friends or get to the next class. I always sit back a little, mostly in Professor Michaels classes. But today i tried to hurry out the class. But right before i could.


“Emma. Could i talk with you for a sec?”




I walked up to his desk.


“Yes Professor?”


“Did i weird you out by offering my place for you to stay till your parents get back? I feel like you’ve been avoiding me.”


“What? N-no! I’ve just-...”


“You seem a little speechless. And I am sorry if that is the case..”


“Well.. It was really sudden, but i appreciate it! I’m glad that you think about me that much, and that you would let me stay at your place. But it’s not necessary, really.”


“Is that true? Well i’m glad.”


I smiled to him and were about to leave.


“Oh, one more thing Emma!”


I turned around looking a little confused.


“I got you test. And i must say, it’s really good.”


“Really?! Awsome! I was so nervous about this one, i don’t quite understand everything in it.”


“If you want i can help you after school.”


“Really?! And it wouldn’t be a bother?”


“Not at all.”


“Thank you!”


I turned around to face the door, and ran to meet Ashley on the roof-top.


“See you later Professor!”




“Ashley! You ever guess what!!”




“I got an A in my math test!!”




“Mhmm!! what did you get?”


“I haven’t gotten my test yet. But anyway, did anything happen with you and Professor Michael? Did you tell him you like him?!”


“What?! No! I can’t just tell him out of the blue like that! But he did say that he could help me with my math homework.”


“Cool! Anyway let me tell you about my class!”


As me and Ashley talked to the bell rang doing we both ran to Art class. I love art, I’ve always loved at since i was small. Me and Ashley always sit together.




“Hello class, my name is Mrs. Lake. I am your new art teacher.”


“What happened to Mrs. Anxer?”


“She got a new job. But don’t worry, we’ll still have fun!”


This Mrs. Anxer seems nice. I talk with Ashley about her, and then get to painting. Me and Ashley have this painting we’ve worked on really long. So we always know what to do.

As the time go by, me and Ashley get some more talking and painting done.


“It’s beginning to look really nice!”


“Yeah! It’s taken a lot of time too though.”


“Totally worth it when their done!”


Me and Ashley always stick together. The class is over soon and then i only have one more class for today. As we keep painting the bell finally rings.




“Remember to wash the pencils before you go!”


If someone don’t clean up after themselves, then me and Ashley always stay and clean it up. And the teacher is always grateful for it. As we both go our separate ways, i head to english. I hope Mrs. Balcer is here today. I walk into the class and see Mrs. Balcer sitting at her desk. I smile and find my seat.


“I’m glad you’ve gotten better Mrs. Balcer!”


“Oh, well thank you Emma. You’re always so kind.”


I smile at her, and take my notes out. I wonder how this test is gonna go. We have a test now and i hope it’ll go well. Mrs. Balcer knows it will go well. But i’m still nervous, after these past days. As class start, we get the test and start. So far so good. It wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. I understand every question. I’m glad. I finish the test, give it to Mrs. Balcer, and head out the class. I’m glad we’re allowed to go out when we’re done with a test. Also for my classmates sake. They’ll probably be able to concentrate more. I were heading for the roof-top. I like to sit op there and just relax. Ashley have class, so it’s only me. As i open the door i see Professor Michael sitting on one of the benches. I tried to hurry away, but it was to late. He saw me.


“Emma! Why don’t you come join me?”




I went over and sat beside him. Not right beside him. Actually quit some space between us. I didn’t want to go too close.


“So why aren’t you in class?”


“We’re having s test, and i’m already finished it. So i came up here to look at the view.”


I looked up into the sky, admiring to clouds and the sun. I love summer. It’s such a beautiful time.


“You must be really smart huh? Since you can finish a test that fast.”


“Well, um-”


I began blushing a little. This is the first time where it have only been me and Professor Michael talking. It’s a little strange, but also nice. He saw me blushing, and said really quit.


“So adorable.”


“Huh? Did you say anything?”


“Hm? No.”


I could swear i just heard him say something. I just didn’t hear what. Hmmm.. We sit in the same position in some time. It was nice just sitting here with Professor Michael.




“Hm? Yeah?”


“Have you heard anything suspicious in your house lately?”


“What do you mean?”


“I’ve heard there’s a creep going around in people's home lately. I just wanted to make sure that nothing have happened.”


“Hmm.. Nope not what i know of. Thanks for the concern though.”


“It’s no problem.”


We sit quiet for a little longer. I didn’t want to tell him about yesterday. It was probably nothing anyway.. The bell rang and school was over. I where on my way to my class to get my things. But Professor stopped me.


“Emma, do you want that extra help after school now?”


“Umm, sure!”


I smiled happily.


“I’ll just get my things, and come down to your office.”


“Yes. I’ll wait.”


I hurried to class and got my things. I then walked a little fast to Professor Michaels office. I stood in front of the door, and knocked.


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