4. Chapter 4.


Schools over. Woaw, what a day. I know it’s only monday, but i’m already exhausted.. I where sitting in the buss on my way home, while looking out the window i thought about the day. Professor Michael invited me to stay at his place till my parents come home, but i can stay at his place! I mean, what if he has a girlfriend and then when she would come over i was there. What would she think!? But on the same hand, i don’t actually know if he HAVE a girlfriend.. I couldn’t get the past few hours out of my head.


“Urgh..! Just gonna get some good night sleep.. Hopefully.”


Once again i tried to clear my head, but didn’t work. I saw a shadow like figure at the corner of my eye, outside the window. It looked awfully familiar. Gasp! The figure from the other night! I looked eagerly back after it but it was gone. So it wasn’t just my drunken imagination? I wonder what it is.. As the bus drove, my thoughts kept swirling around in my head.




“Finely home!”


I stood in my doorway taking of my shoes and jacket. Kitty came out to say hello to me, i smiled and patted him on the forehead.


“Well hello to you too kitty.”


I took him up in my arms, and carried him with me out to the kitchen.


“What to make for dinner tonight? Hmmm.. What do you say kitty?”


I looked at kitty, and he looked back at me.


“You don’t know either huh? Well then, let’s make chicken i know you like that!”


I took out the chicken, and begun gathering the things i needed for the chicken. I took out my favorite spice. Chilly, my favorite! I was about to take the “meat knife”. God mom is pecky with the kitchen tools. I smiled to myself, and as i were about to take it, strange.. it’s not there. I looked around, but couldn't really find it. Wonder if it’s in the dishwasher.. I looked but it wasn’t there. Weird.. Welp then i have to use one of the other knifes, sorry mom. I didn’t think more to it, and began making dinner for me and kitty.




“Dinners readyyyy!!!”


I sat the dinner on the table and sat down to eat. Kitty got a little bowl with some chicken on the floor. God i’m hungry! As i were about to eat i heard a sound. What was that..? I stood up to find out where the sound came from.


“Kitty.. was that you.. ?”


I looked at the floor, but he was sitting and eating. So it’s not kitty.. But what else could it be? I walked out to the front door.  There were nothing. Did i lock the door? I checked if the door where lockt. But it wasn’t. Shit. I stepped back a little. I stood still for a minute, and then walked to the door and locked it. I kept walking around the house slowly, almost like i was creeping around, to find the noise.


“Hello..? Is someone there?..”


There were no answer. Of course nobody answers! If you were in a stranger's house and they asked if anyone were there, you wouldn’t come out like “here!!” I kept searching the house. But there where nobody. I even checked all the bathrooms, and my sisters room. Coess it was just my imagination. I walked back to the table to eat. And before i knew it, i were laying in bed sleeping.




The next morning, i’m heading to the bus. I see Ashley and call out to her. We talk all the to the school. When we get there we say our goodbyes. I head to class. What class is it again? I see one of my classmates and ask.


“Hey Braden, what class do we have now again?”


“Oh, hey Emma! We have geografi now”


“K, thanks!”


Geografi, yay.. I hate geografi, it's sooo boring. I’d much rather have history!... Or not. I walked to class, and found my seat.




“Good morning class, today we’ll-”


Ah, Mr. Ash. He’s a cool enough teacher, but the class is still boring. At least he TRIES to make it more interesting. I look around to see Stefany. Hey she probably know if Professor Michael have a girlfriend! But will she think i’m weird if i ask? I sit and think for some time, and found what i should say.


“Hey Stephanie? Can i ask you something?”


I where whispering to her, and she whispered back.


“Sure, what is it?”


I’m so glad that Stephanie is one of the kind popolare kids.


“I have this friend that likes Professor Michael, and she want’s to know if he have a girlfriend, but she’s to afraid to ask. Do you know?”


“Hmm, let me think.. No. No i don’t think he have one. Actually, i think he last had one for some years ago, she cheated on him, so he dumped her. His heart were broken, so he haven’t had one ever since.”


“Woaw.. That’s so sad..”




“What are you to girls talking about?!”


“Um, n-nothing Mr. Ash!.. Thanks for the info Stef.”


“No prop.”


She blinked one eye to me. And we both got back to class.




“Hey Ashley!!”


“Uh, Hi Emma! What’s up?”


“Guess what!”




“I just found out that Professor Michael don’t have any girlfriend, and aren’t looking for one either!”


“Oh cool!!”


Me and Ashley jumped up and down. We were both really excited! We then went to the roof to talk some more. I told her why he doesn't have a girlfriend, and that Stefany told me.


“Stef told you? huh.”


“Yeah. I have no idea where she know it from though. But i’m glad i know! Now i know i may have a chance!!”


“Yeah! But didn’t you say he still wasn’t looking for one?”


“Well, yeah but.. There’s still a chance.”


“Yeah! I believe in you!!”



Next class was about to start, so we went our separate ways. i headed for the history class. The 2 most boring classes right after eachother. Sigh. Just gotta get it over with.

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